Holly Winchester walked down the stair and as always, Dean was nowhere to be found, "Damn it Dean" she said and punched the wall. She stormed through the house and grabbed her phone. She dialed Dean's number. She was furious, "Where the hell are you?" she yelled as he answered the phone.

"Working a case"

"Did you forget about your son's baseball game….again?"

"No I didn't. I will be there. What the hell is your problem?"

"Did you forget we had counseling this morning?"


"That's all you have to say?"


"Screw you Dean!" she yelled and hung up the phone. Everyday was they same thing. Dean was there for everybody else but her. She had tried to do everything she could to save their marriage but nothing was working. It was to the point they were both tired of trying. The only thing that was keeping them together was their 8 yr old son Will.

For an 8 yr old, he had been through so much in the past year. He had to stand back and watch his fast die only to come back four months later. Also he had to watch as he father did everything he could to save his Uncle Sam. Luckily everything worked out but at what cost? It was more than any little boy should have to handle.

Sometimes Holly would sit around thinking about how much easier things would be if they just cut their losses. Not everything was meant to last.

Later that night, Holly finished up the dishes and put them away. Will had already gone to be and Dean was sitting back with his usual glass of whiskey. Holly turned off the kitchen light and walked into the living room, "Thank for the help Dean." She said and placed her hands on her hips.

Dean just looked up at her for a second before turning back to the T.V, "You're welcome"

"Don't be a smart ass Dean."

"Don't be a bitch Holly" he mocked.

Holly just sighed. She knew where this was going and she couldn't do it anymore, "This isn't working anymore Dean." She said and he turned to her.

"What the hell are you talking about?'

"Us….me and you. I can't do it anymore Dean."

Dean stood up and walked over to her, "So what are you saying? Do you want out?"

This had to be the hardest thing Holly ever had to do but she knew that is was the best. Will should not have to live in a home where his parent did nothing but fight, "Yes" she said and looked up at him.

Part of her wanted him to say something. Maybe tell her he still loved her or something but she knew that wasn't true. He fell out of love with her a long time ago. That's what 9 yrs of marriage can do to you, "I will go stay at Bobby's" Dean walked around her and up the stairs. He never asked to work things out and he made it known he didn't want too. Nothing is meant to last forever.

Two Years Later

Dean looked across the table and saw Will playing with his food. This was Will's favorite place to eat when he came to visit Dean and it was unlike him to not eat. Dean knew something was wrong, "Will are you ok? You haven't eaten anything."

"I'm fine." He said and continued to pick at his food.

"William…don't lie to me." Dean said.

"It's really nothing it's just that…well its Mom."

"Ok what about her?"

"She is marrying Jack in three months."

Dean began to choke, "What?"

"I wasn't suppose to tell you so please don't say anything dad."

"She told you not to tell me?"


"Well me and her will have a talk about that tomorrow but do you not like Jack or something?"

"Its not that it's just…Dad he a dork."

Dean had met a few guys Holly has gone out with including Jack and they were all dorks. Even though they had been divorced for two years, he never thought she would marry anyone else so soon, "Be nice Will" Dean said.

"She still loves you Dad I know she does"


"No Dad she does and you still love her."

"Will! That's enough….finish your dinner."

"Fine" Will said and looked down at his plate.

Dean felt a little bad for snapping at him. All Will wanted was for them to be a family again, "I got some good news."

"What?" Will asked never looking up.

"I got a job and an apartment closer to you so we can hang out more."

Will looked up and smiled over at Dean, "Really?"

"Yep…I move in two weeks"

"Dad that's awesome"

"I thought you would be happy about it."

The rest of the night Will was on cloud nine. He was going to get his parents back together if it was the last the he does.

The next morning Dean drove Will home and walked him to the door, "Mom I'm home!" Will called out.

Holly walked down the stairs and kissed him, "Did you have fun?" she asked and he just looked at her before heading up the stair to his room. She turned back to Dean, "What the hell was that about?"

"I don't know. Maybe it's just you getting married."

Holly just looked at him. She didn't want Dean to find out that way, "I told him not to tell you."

"Yeah so I heard. Were you planning on telling me?"

"Yes I was but not that it is any of your business." She snapped at him.

"We still share a son together Holly."

"I know that and I was going to tell you."

"Well I don't think Will is happy about it." Dean said and leaned against the wall.

"Will is still living in a fantasy world where his parents are still together." She said and crossed her arms.

"Maybe... but just so you know, I am moving here."

Holly's eyes widened, "Wh…what?"

"You heard me. I am moving here to be closer to Will."

"What about Sam?"

"Sam is taking some personal time and plus, Will is my number one priority."

"At least someone is?" she said and looked away.

"What does that mean?"

"Just what it sounded like Dean."

Dean knew what she meant, "I am so fucking sorry I was out there trying to say the world and I didn't have time for tea parties!"

"Regardless to what you think, you are not Batman!"

"Well I should be."

"And why is that?"

"Because we both are kickass and have great abs."

Holly just rolled her eyes, "I have things to do today so if here is nothing else."

"Fine but I will be back in two weeks." Dean said before walking out the door. The thought of another man in his son's life bugged him but the thing that bothered him most was the fact that in three month, she would no longer be Holly Winchester and that hurt him.

Dean got in the car and opened the glove box. He pulled out his wedding ring and looked at it Forever Yours was inside of it. To him, that said it all. She was still his no matter what.

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