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Zetsu took hold of his thighs and half-lifted, half-bent him back and buried his face in his ass, licking happily before grabbing that 'fuzzy peach' bottle and dumping more on Sasori- just to lick it all off again.

Really- it tasted like a candy- like peach gummi rings!- and he started to titter and pulled back at that one thought. Rings..

Then dove right back in, clawing at Sasori's thighs a little. "Such a good boy, Sasori- staying so nice and quiet- keep it up and that gag might go away.."

The thought of that awful gagball coming off was so very pleasing. He stayed silent and tried his hardest not to even breathe through his nose too hard. Oooh, this felt good, but it also felt awful at the same time. "n..." He quickly shut himself up, that sound was too quiet to hear, right? Besides, it probably mixed in with the breathing or something.

Zetsu glanced up, and smirked, and quickly returned to his task at hand for a minute or two longer, before pulling back and smacking and licking his lips.

"Good kitten! - you heard that noise- It wasn't so loud and he stopped himself - NO noises, not small noises- he stopped it, didn't he?- ...yes.- then the gag comes off and he gets to lick the blueberry stuff off us now." With that, Zetsu climbed onto of Sasori and began to unbuckled the gag and pulled the offending thing away quickly, tossing to some corner of the room. "Better?"

Sasori nodded and started panting, then quickly looked up at him once he caught the 'lick the blueberry stuff off him' part. "H..Huh?" So he would have to lick that shit off Zetsu? Well...He DID have a cat tongue (cat tongue is also an idiom used to define a gentle tongue!~).

Zetsu immediately began talking to himself as he started unttying Sasori, then stopped for a moment- "But I liked the ribbons! - we can stand over him, can't we?- but I want to be lazy- then we'll hold onto the ribbon and keep part of it around his neck- that sounds fair for us not him- if he pulls away he'll gag, if he stays where he belongs he'll be fine, how is that not fair?" They continued to untie him, then kept the ribbon around his neck, and loose around his wrist, doubling the rest of it around his own wrist and gave it a slight tug. "Does this cut off your air supply?"

Sasori let out a short breath of air when the ribbon squeezed his neck. "Yes, kind of." It felt like a leash - which made him feel like even more of a cat. If he could move the ears on his head, they'd be twitching. Then that gave him an idea, a stupid one, but a seemingly cute one at the least. He stuck his tongue out flat and curved his mouth so it looked like a kitten's mouth.

Zetsu blinked, his mouth dropping open a little- that was cute. And incredibly arousing. After laying back he yanked on the ribbon and pulled Sasori all the way to him, ontop of him and loosened the ribbon once more, "Make that face again, and give us a mew- or paw at us, or curl- show us how cute you can be, pet!"

Now Sasori was beginning to regret ever making that face. Now he had to make the face again and meow, paw at him, or something cat-like again. He did so and curved his mouth again like a cat's. He made a high-pitched "Mew~" Trying his best imitation of Strawberry from Tokyo Mew Mew or Dex from Chiko Chika. He already curled up like a cat all the time, so he curled into a ball ontop of Zetsu, nuzzling and rubbing his head against his chest - like a cat. "I think we've become aiulophiles... I think so too. But beastiality is not so bad- not as bad as necrophilia- HA- and he still has a beautiful human body- let's put it to use!"

and he emant it- Sasori was beautiful, adorable.. delicious and touchable.. Without further ado Zetsu grabbe dup the bottle of 'bubbling blueberry cheesecake' lube and began to dirzzle it on himself- it tasted so like candy, Sasori must love it, atleast in comparison to the meat.

Sasori tried his best to keep the kitten face on - he would have to lick that stuff off of him. Well, it was time to put his 'cat tongue' (gentle tongue) to use He took a quick lick at where Zetsu poured the shit on himself. Well...At least it didn't taste bad. A little odd - but still not a bad taste.

Zetsu smirked and with one finger began to smear and doodle the lube at first over his cheskt and stomach and stretched out- he'd leave his cock for last. "Be a good kitty now.." He crooned, running his figners through Sasori's hair briefly- smearing the sweet sticky lube through until his hair was stringy in places. He'd so nibble his hair later..

Sasori licked the stuff slowly off his chest, leaving a streak where he licked. He let out some small "Mews" with ever few seconds. He could get used to meowing- It wasn't all the bad.

Zetsu grinned cheesily and nodded a little, combing his fingers through Sasori's hair more and sighing in pleasure- he loved being given so much attention.. even if he knew it was forced. "Nnn- lick our nipples kitten, and touch us too- give us a good ol' fashioned pawing! hahaha-" This was just great. Surely neither Madara nor Pein would miss Sasori if he just went.. missing.. and Zetsu 'found' his ring on the ground outside the base, and they had to get a new member to replace him, right?

"Hiding him if we steal him might be a problem- we can't just put him in a pocket.. Leader might get pissed if we take him- I don't care I want him and noone is going to stop that. Your-Our funeral."

Sasori rolled his tongue over Zetsu's white side nipple first. He wasn't sure if they felt pleasure together or felt it different for each side, so after about five seconds he went over to the black side. He then sat up and started to 'paw' at Zetsu's chest - in other words, he ran the furry gloves slowly down his chest and stomach.

Each side did simultaneously share and not-share sensations- it was rather hard to explain.. if one wanted to keep it to himself, he could.. but sharing it was just as easy to do- and even though currently they were sharing it wholeheartedly, having the attentions given to both sides independently was so.. so respectful.. and pleasurable.

"Mmmwhat a good kitten- Come here and kiss us- you're such a tender, sweet thing-" lot of his hostility and need to 'control' was wavering- Sasori was doing so splendidly.. and he was so cute.

Sasori leaned up and pressed his lips hard against Zetsu's. Being called these names (Cute, sweet, and so forth) only embarrassed him. If only Pein sent everybody out on missions more - if the brat saw him like this, he would NEVER hear the end of it...that, and he might get angry for 'borrowing' his stuff.

Zetsu fondled Sasori here and there as they kissed- caressing his chest and pinching his nipples, rubbing his thumb over his cheek, caressing and squeezing his soft, round ass- there so much to enjoy and explore on his new muse, and such a sensitive body at that!

"We'd have to confirm that he'd want to be kept you know- " His black half interrupted the kiss quickly, and his white half reached out and gently pushed Sasori away y the shoulder, frowning. "But I'm horn-oh all right- If we steal you and hide you will you stay hidden and stolen?"

There was no sense falling head over heels for the perfect toy only to find it wanted to run away when all was said and done.

"Uuuuh...I'm pretty sure I'd be discovered sooner or later." Pein usually checked every member's room, and people would get suspicious indeed. People just don't...disappear. They're usually remains or some sort of witness to the death. Even Zetsu couldn't say he ate the remains since the only time Sasori would use his humany jutsu he was alone in his room.

Zetsu gave a huff and his white side tittered out "Fuck establishment!", causing his black side to yank Sasori up against him and crow with laughter and grabbing the bottle of bubbly blueberry cheesecake lube and pushing it into Sasori's hands. He pointed downward toward his erection. "We'll discuss this later- suck the cream filling out of this candy pole."

Sasori's face turned into a deeper shade of red - that was a pretty blunt way of telling him to suck him. He stared down at the bottle - was he supposed to pour it on him? The bottle was half empty, so with a quick turn of it upside down he poured the rest down on the spot where Zetsu pointed to.~ "Will I get screwed in return for this?" Hey, Zetsu wasn't the only one who could ask and say blunt things.

He was already asking about that? Zetsu pulled the ribbon a little bit, grinning. How impatient- and ready of him.. There had to be a way to keep his hands on this particular specimen of love..

"Gladly- of COURSE- any position you can think of- but we'd rather have you from behind this time- more control over the thrusting- but you won't be topping us- I'm sure you understand- we don't do that sort of thing." Just to clarify... A broad smile and he thrust upwards a little as the sweet, slippery stuff was poured over him- it was cool and it felt wonderful.

Sasori nodded as the color of his face turned back to normal. He scooted down and took a nice, long lick at Zetsu's dick - then it occured to him he said to suck, so he took him into his mouth and sucked as hard as he did last time, which was hard as he possibly could. Though once thing did bother him - he just hoped he wouldn't have the same terrible experience like last time.

Zetsu let out a shaky sigh and lay his head back on his arms , gazing up at the ceiling and feeling like a rock star- it felt so good- that mouth was so hot, and warm, and so SOFT- what a perfect mouth. "If you promise to never question our judgement again those paws can come off so you can touch us." His hands were soft too.

Zetsu thrust up into his mouth every now and then but there was no repeat performance of the forced-deepthroating, nor did he strangle him with the ribbon..

He took him out for a second to say "Of course, I promise~" then continued to sucking with added licking. He couldn't say how good he was, but he was doing his best. He was just happy not to be going through the hair-pulling and choking.

Zetsu let out a groan, then was silent- he was loving this. He almost didn't want to come- but he was so very close, and he wanted to see Sasori swallow it all down.. "Nnn-almost, kitten-keep going-"

Sasori continued to suck with a smirk on his face when Zetsu groaned. Was he really that good? But...He was close he said- He did not enjoy the taste of that white shit at all. Though, if it was to satisfy his Zetsu, it was something awful worth taking. ...Right?

"Saso-rii~" Zetsu came in Sasori's mouth in short, hard bursts- that mouth was wondeful!- and his hands went down to take hold of Sasori's head- fingers tangling in his hair and not roughly, or forcibly pushing his head down in the process.

Sasori made a disgusted face but forced himself to swallow it all. It wasn't as bad as the first time, but not the most delicious delicacy in the world. He did cringe from Zetsu touching his head, but eased up a bit when nothing started hurting. He sat up a bit to look at Zetsu. "You...just...the way you said my name..." Actually, he had gotten used to being called 'doll', 'kitten', or 'pet', so the hearing his name did suprise him a bit, but hearing it like that...

'maybe thats how Zetsu feels when I say his name.'

Zetu propped himself up on his elbows then, and smirked at Sasori. The look on his face was so sexy.. "Like what you heard? Come on here." He jerked his head back a little, licking his lips and rocked his hips a little.

Sasori climbed onto Zetsu. "Come on" Before as in the riding. With that little thought, he began to wonder if it would hurt as bad the second time...Hopefully not. He didn't enjoy pain at all.

"Damn right, beautiful. Have fun with it this time.." He reached for that 'fuzzy peach' lube and squirted just a little into his other hand, then coated his own cock with the stuff. This way it would not hurt Sasori at first, and the sex could go much faster. Tossing away the now-unneeded bottle, he held up his lube-wet hand to Sasori's mouth. "Clean it first- or clean it slowly while you take us- that's a better idea- thanks!""

Sasori quickly grabbed on to Zetsu's thighs, then with a tight squeeze and his eyes closing, he quickly sat onto Zetsu's cock, the lubey made it slide in easier. He let out a high-pitched moan and his nails scratched Zetsu. He began licking the flavored lube off Zetsu's hand while slowly rocking his hips.

"Ahhh, Sasori- you really are learning fast- I guess we can leave this to you as well, like that blowjob- It's so lazy for us like this- but it's such a great view, and he's so tight, and so- ooooohh feel him roll that sweet, pretty ass on our cock- hahaha you said that out loud!"

He could thrust into him, or hold those slender, soft hips and pound him like a slut, but the kid(not a kid but he looked like one and that was good enough- HA!) was doing a great job.. and he'd only started.

Sasori started bouncing himself up and down as fast as he possibly could- this way was tiring. He let out long and loud moans. "AaaaHHAAahh~~ Zetsssuuuuuuuuuuuuu!~" With every ten or so bounces, he would grind into Zetsu, letting out a louder moan. His grip on his thighs tightened.

"S-Sonofa-Shit Sonofabitch-" He couldn't HELP thrusting up in to Sasori now- the way Sasori worked him now was incredible. "Gah- Kid!" He cried out, clenching his teeth, almost cringing in pleasure as he held off a sudden urge to take hold of Sasori and top him and abuse him without restraint.

"Keep saying our name, beautiful- tell us yo-Sasori! Fuck!" He was bouncing on him like a rabbit!

"AaaHAhhhnnn~~ Zet- Aahh!~ Zet...AaHhh- ZETSUUUU!~" Sasori moved his hands up away from his thighs and clutched onto Zetsu's back. He hadn't even been touched there yet and he was already near coming. "Zetsssssuuuuuu!~~ Ahhnn-Zettsssuuuuu!~~~" He disregarded being called a kid- he was thirty-five years old.

Taking hold of and digging his nails into Sasori's thighs, Zetsu started to pound him harder, in nearly perfect rhythm to Sasori's bouncing on him- and came in him hard. "Giveme-kid-Oh-sonofabitch-Sasoriii~"

This was the best sex he'd ever had.

Sasori let out a loud screamy moan as Zetsu finished inside him. He came not even a few seconds after. He clutched onto Zetsu even tighter, clinging to him like a magnet. "Zetsuu..." He couldn't hug him as tight as he wanted to with the gloves on, but it would have to do.

Zetsu wrapped his arms around Sasori tight, his chest heaving as his head dropped back, mouth open and panting hard, his white side flushed a bright pink(a rarity!). He didn't say anything, just laid there and held his little pet tight to himself. He doubted there was a single thing that could make this better- unless he abused him with little toys after this to see how loud he make him scream..

..but that was for.. whenever he got his breath back and stopped feeling like a baked noodle.

Sasori was panting like an over-furry dog during summer. He slightly nuzzled his head on Zetsu's chest. He felt like passing out...which he sort of did. He wasn't quite conscious but then again he wasn't unconscious either. Just a bit...dizzy-woozy-weird-lightheaded.

About about 5, 6 minutes, Zetsu said to himself finally, "Mmmm, this kid is ours- he ain't going nowhere," his breath still a little light and shaky. He was hot, sticky, everything smelled like sweat, sex and candy, and he was hopelessly spent for the time being.

Sasori let out a small groan and looked up at Zetsu. "Why do you keep calling me a kid?" He was thirty-five, nowhere near the age of a kid. He may have LOOKED like a teenager, but he was not a kid. He closed his eyes. He felt all warm inside- and it wasn't because of Zetsu's cum.

Zetsu rolled his shoulders and cracked his neck before shrugging at Sasori and squeezing him tighter. "You look like one, and you're just as soft and and pliable-delicious-fuckable- as one, so that's what we're going to call you."

He settled more comfily into the bed. "You tired, pet?" He wasn't sure if he still wanted to play, or crash out.

He nodded. He was tired as hell. His sleep was interrupted, AND he just got fucked. They could continue tomorrow, right? Even though some members would be back from their shit-ranked missions, they could just be...sneaky about it, couldn't they?

Zetsu patted him on the back and sighed, closing his eyes. "'night pet."

**The next day**

"Sasori no Danna! I'm back, un!" Deidara jiggled at the doorknob, uselessy trying to open the locked door. "Come on, I'm back! Un!" Maybe he was sleeping? Did puppets even sleep? Now the artist began to wonder this.

Sasori let out a groan. The brat's voice was so abnoxious. He let out another groan. Why did his ass hurt so ba-

"Ah! Z-Zetsu?" His eyes were still closed, he didn't have much willpower to open them.

"Zetsu, un? What do you want Zetsu for?" Deidara's voice yelled through the door.

"Go away, brat!" Sasori yelled back at in a harsh tone.

Zetsu sat up and almost knocked Sasori off him- and started to laugh. Oh, this could go one of two ways and one of them could be VERY funny if played right, but he had no idea if he'd end up pissing Sasori off if he- "Why do you think he wants me, are you jealous, blondie?Hahahahaha you DIDN'T-"

Sasori let out a small "eek" and grabbed Zetsu's face indicating him to shut up. The last thing he needed was the brat going around telling everybody that...

"...U-un?" Deidara's voice became shaky and dry, "J-Jealous, un? Why would I be jealous?"

Sasori sighed. Great. Now he could just hope that Deidara didn't take it in any kind of 'inappropriate' way.

The look Zetsu gave Sasori was so cold, calculating, and amused. He grabbed his hand and yanked it away and barked out, "You know what I'm talking about, blondie. Secrets, secrets~! I like these toys- where did you ever get them? The peachy stuff tastes great- I want more of it!"

Deidara would either.. scream, flee to his own room in despair, or demand to be let in(and then get tied up and violated, or forced to violate Sasori).. or.. any myriad of other things.. He had no idea, and he didn't care. Riling up the blonde was as fun as riling up Hidan.

Sasori banged his head on the backboard of the bed. Motherfucking plant.

Deidara just stood there, wide-eyed. He let out a nervous laugh, "He...Heheh...You're kidding, right, un?" If he was, how would he know about that stuff? This was BAD. And with Sasori? Wait...He was a puppet, how would something like that be possible? He just backed up away from the door, his eye twitching. He side-stepped to his room and locked the door, screaming like a maniac.

Sasori gave Zetsu a deathglare. Why the hell would he even tell anybody, ESPECIALLY the brat about that? He huddled up into a ball, burying his face in his knees.

Zetsu pouted at Sasori, but it was hard to look disappointed or sympathetic or guilty at his reaction when his black half was twitching and veritably seizing with delight and hilarity at the sound of Deidara screaming.

"Think he needs a hug? HA which one?- Dunno really- Heheh, would it be cheating?- on which one? -HEY WE NEVER- I thought about it- And.. how is that cheating? - Infidelity is infidelity whether it's in your head or not.- How moral of you." He tittered and leaned back against the headboard beside Sasori.

Sasori turned his head to look at Zetsu. He wouldn't...Would he? If Zetsu DID cheat on him, then about ten batches of poison would be going into his system. That or scuicide...most likely the 'poison the plant' idea. He buryed his face in his knees again. Zetsu's talking was only making him regret things.

"I think we're making someone upset- do you think hogtying the blonde and letting the kitten- NO!-well, that would be nice to watch-See what I mean?- We could lose our pet- Then let's fix things, I have an ide-AAAH THAT is nasty.. but okay."

Zetsu whiled on Sasori, on all four and took him by the ankles and yanked him down halfway under him and took him by the wrists and pinned his arms over is head. "We love you." That would make him feel better- the verbal assurances always worked, and he'd show him how much he cared with soem of those interesting toys he'd stolen from Deidara.. and maybe present him with a hogtied Deidara when all was said and done anyway.. so he could say 'thanks' for the toys.

There was no way Sasori would EVER do anything like that to Deidara (not a SasoDei fan)! Not ever! Though, he did blush at the sentence 'we love you'. It made him feel all warm inside, though he couldn't imagine what Zetsu wanted to do with him. Though, he HAD to say this: "Do anything to the brat that you did to me, and I'll poison you." He was being serious. He didn't like sharing.

There was no way Sasori would EVER do anything like that to Deidara! Not ever! Though, he did blush at the sentence 'we love you'. It made him feel all warm inside, though he couldn't imagine what Zetsu wanted to do with him. Though, he HAD to say this: "Do anything to the brat that you did to me, and I'll poison you." He was being serious. He didn't like sharing.

His eyes and mouth shot open in mock-surprise and he nipped him on the nose. "If you really feel that way then we won't- but if we do ever bring you a present it won't be construed as 'cheating', you got that?" He wouldn't bring him Deidara then- as attractive a sandwich as that would be, he had to respect his pet's needs... oh well, that could be discussed and figured later.

"You wanna get.. explored?" He could think of many toys useful for such an endeavor, and others he could use for pleasure/torture.. "Vibrators, those beads, an eel, that long wiggly rubber ting with the ridges, an eel, one of those bullets on a cord, three or four of those bulle-THAT might hurt- or make him very happy- an eel, the long glass toy,- Why do you keep saying an eel?-...Because I want to see it happen.- He'd SCREAM- he'd cum buckets- he-well, yeah.. he would.. but that's an eel!- A long candy dick then? Make him taste so swee- we did that last night but with lube- an eel or something equally invasive and pleasing inside!" He crossed his arms and huffed and looked at Sasori for input.

Sasori stared at Zetsu in horror and twitched his left eye. Toys and...what was that about an eel? He'd rather not have a slimey, squirmy, thing wriggle up his ass. Something was seriously wrong with this plant. Another question popped into his head- where would he get the eel, anyway?

Zetsu took Sasori's not-answering as approval for whatever decision he made. "We'll be right back- It won't be as bad as you.. as we both think... I hope- Your'e both cowards!" Zetsu hopped off the bed, grabbed up his cloak and pulled it on and then sank through the floor with a stout, threatning "Don't go anywhere, kitten!"

After about 30 minutes he returned, sopping wet, holding, of all things, a long flailing eel and grinning like a bastard on his white side and scowling, teeth bared on his black. "The motherfucker won't- HOLD IT!- I am, they're supposed to be wiggly- If our kitten screams and dies it's your fault- Just think of the sounds he'll make and the come we'll get to lick-drink up!- It's almost too frustrating to be arousing~ catching that thing was HELL-AHAHAHA IT WAS GREAT!"

Sasori just continued to stare. His face had 'what the hell' written (not literally) all over it. He backed up to the back board of the bed, cowering almost. He had already figured out what the eel would be for. That totally disgusted him. What if it bit him while INSIDE- That would hurt like hell! What if it wiggled all the way inside and he couldn't get it out?

...It would be more likely to trip down a flight of stares while strapped to the floor- but still!

Zetsu proceeded to remove his cloak(which clung while wet) and still hold on to the madl-yflailing ell in the process, which proved to be difficult at best until panting with the exertion and from so much swearing, he flopped back on the bed and held the green and gray eel to himself(it was still flailing as if it were on fire- such an active little guy!) staring up at the ceiling.

It really had almost been 'not-worth-it'.. The little bastard kept slipping, and wriggling, and it was so cold it made his fingers numb and it was slimy and hard to hold on to.. Still-

He tilted his head back to look up at Sasori, and grinned. "How do you want it? On your back, on your stomach, doggy style, do you want it to go all the way up and then ride us- That might stretch him too full- It would feel really good and he'd be able to take it- If you say so.. " It was going to happen whether Sasori wanted it or not.. and as Zetsu waited for a response, he had the feeling that the answer would be a flat-out 'no'... and he'd have an excuse to rape him with the hing..

Sasori shook his head fast. "N-No! There's no way that thing is going near me!" It was slimey, and wiggly, and weird looking, and EEEWWWW! It was like a giant worm! The way it was wiggling was kind of...uninviting, too. It look like it would hurt, or feel weird. He continued to shake his head. "No...Just no!"

Zetsu smirked like a predator and scooted on his back closer to Sasori. "You're taking this bitch or you're going to get eaten alive, you get that?- He doesn't want to, let's not and say we did- Imagine the sounds and the way he'll come- That is VERY appealing, you do have a point- Think of him holding on to us as we stuff it in, his tight, hot body rocking and moving as he screams for more-Grab his ankles- Such a good boy you are-I'm not Tobi you fag"

Keeping a death grip on the eel who'se flailings had not relented in the slightest, but had instead increased at th epressure of being held so tightly, Zetsu reached out with his white hand and yanked Sasori over and down and had clambered ontop of him. "We might have to split to do this if he kicks around too much- and that eel is-SHIT HOLD IT" and the eel fell away(more like squirted out of his grip and sailed majestically through the air toward the door) and Zetsu almost fell off the bed reaching for it, splitting down the middle as he did so.

Regardless of whether or not Sasori ended up struggling he'd more than two hands to control their little 'tool'.

Sasori struggled a lot then stopped. He had to face it- he was pretty much fucked. He had a feeling there was no getting out of this. But when Zetsu was done, he'd break that eel's neck then his...or theirs in the case being now. eels even have necks?

But that wasn't the point- the point was that he was going to have a slimey, squirming, aquatic-worm-thing wiggle up his ass. Now he was beginning to have regrets, and now this was just a plain rape.

Zetsu split off from himself completely- and for anyone who couldn't appreciate the science and ingenuity of such an ability- it was probably disgusting, even terrifying.

His black half remained on the bed, glaring for a moment as his white half threw himself bodily after the ell which now thrashed away, and halfway out under the door, before turning to Sasori and pulling him into his lap roughly and turning him around, both arms taking hold of Sasori's, his legs going around Sasori's and forcing them apart and holding them there. It was an uncomfortable position, but needed. Sure, Sasori had stopped struggling, but this was a necessary precaution- he might start screaming and lose his shit once his better half returned with the eel.

Which he did, shortly, a look of triumph on his face as he pounced on the bed before his better half and Sasori. "Great, you have him all ready for us." He pushed Sasori's legs open a little farther, and then nodded up at his other half to lean him back. "Go back a little, lift him up." He brought the eel forward and first dragged the struggling thing down Sasori's chest- it was cold, slimey, slippery, and wiggling violently as ever.

Sasori squirmed and shook a little at the eel touching him- EEEWWW! It was cold, wet, slimey, and looked like a worm (didn't he already mention that?). He was utterly creeped out by this, and it was obvious to tell. His face was paler than it was, a lot paler. Like sickly-old women pale. He was scared, disgusted, and downright regretful altogether.

...He better enjoy this.

Zetsu dragged the ell down Sasori's chest and stomach, even rubbed the thing all over his cock and inner thighs- leaving a shining trail of eel-slime, before positioning the eel's squirming head against his ass and pushing it in fast- and the eel did the rest of the job by itself mostly, burrowing deep into Sasori's hot ass, barely needing any pushing or help.

"Whoo- lookit that fucker go!" "I think he likes you, kitten." "This is hotter than I thought it would be.." "Just wait and see if it goes all the way in without hurting him- we can fuck him if it does!"

And the eel was far from causing any pain- it just wriggled and slithered deeper and deeper, it's undulating body filling every of of the hot passage it had been thrust into.

Sasori tried to arch, but instead he just squirmed. "This- Aaah~~ Just feels plain - Oh~ WEIRD." The squirming, the sliminess, the- EVERYTHING. His face went from a pale white to a deep red, with a few seconds it did begin to feel a bit good- but this was still disgusting and he had something that was like a worm (worm mentionings again?) in his ass.

The eel was long- squishy, flexible, slippery and cold- and almost 2 1/2 feet long- and more than half of it had worked it's way in, nuzzling and burrowing deeper, then turning around on itself and doubling itself inside until it's tail disappeared into him as well. Every time Sasori moved, it redoubled it's efforts flailing and moving, keeping him stretched full.

Meanwhile Zetsu's dark half loosened his hold on Sasori enough to scoot farther up the bed and pull him with, to make room for his white half, who now had his hands on Sasori's hips and was sucking him as hard as a tootsie roll and followed them up the bed, not even bothering to stop.

Sasori squirmed more, "AAAah!~~" The wiggling of the eel inside was just plain weird- and Zetsu had BETTER be able to get it out. And the sucking was probably the only -normal- thing about this. He still was disgusted by the fact he had a worm-like (Okay, we get it, it's like a worm) thing up his ass.

His white half still sucking diligently, and now caressing Sasori's sides up and down, and his hips, and thighs, his black half began to kiss and nibble on Sasori's neck, talking to him in a low, husky, seductive drawl all the while. "You like that, pretty kitten? Mmm, how full are you, it it hitting all the right spots inside? I'm almost jealous- Ahh" He sank his teeth into Sasori's shoulder and began to suck, his arms around him and his hands now squeezing, fondling and caressing Sasori's upper chest, his fingers tugging and caressing his nipples.

Sasori let out a scream at the bite- that just plain hurt. But the pain was flooded over with pleasure soon enough. The eel was beginning to becom enjoyable and the sucking was already enjoyable. He let out another moan, still squirming. This sure the hell felt different.

Dark Zetsu pulled back long enough to say to white, "Help lift him up, I want to fuck him after all." And he took hold of Sasori under the arms and lifted as White Zetsu lifted him by the legs, and dark thrust himself up into Sasori, all the way, and let out a strangled groan, "Sonofabitch that feels so damn WEIRD BUT OHHhhh-good!" "Told you so, now be careful not to drown the thing in come before I have my turn-omf" and he returned to his task of giving the best blowjob yet.

After this, the eel will write a 300 page book on gay sex and beastality then he will lay in bed with his eel wife and children in his swamp home, remembering the wonderful men who changed his life.

There's more to cum!...Er..I mean come!