Mouseygirl: My first Mpreg fic ever! It shall truly show the struggles of accidental pregnancy in men and add my bouncy light humor to become one of my best fics yet!

Maria-Gem: I happen to think that guys having babies with other guys is creepy, but that's just me.

Mouseygirl: Whatever… You wouldn't be saying that if it were your sibling that was born that way! What if Sapphire was a Sonadow love child?

Maria-Gem: Ouch. Good point…

Mouseygirl: Anyway, As mentioned in the summary, this is a SonTails Yaoi story. The story takes place in a world where Sonic characters are not payed by SEGA, so they have to provide for themselves. Sonic and Tails live together in the same apartment because Tails isn't old enough to live on his own yet.

Maria-Gem: This story is based off of a RP that Mouseygirl and her younger brother, Rat1113 did. His username is "Clockwerkguy" He writes Club Penguin Fanfics.

Mouseygirl: Without further ado, here is a chart of where everyone lives in this story.

Green Hill Apartments:

Sonic&Tails- Building A, second floor, Aptmt # 110

Amy Rose- Building A, second floor, Aptmt #109 (This makes her right across the hall from Sonic)

Shadow- Building C, ground level, Aptmt # 15

Knuckles&Tikal- Building B, third floor, Aptmt # 303

Hill Top neighborhood:

Silver and Blaze- 1542 45th st

Babylon Rogues- 2563 56th st

Cream,Vanilla&Cheese- 1543 45th st (next door to Silver and Blaze)

South Westopolis (The bad part of Mobius):

Rouge- Fourth floor, Aptmt # 5, 6785 Shady Ave.

Chaotix HQ- 6789 Shady Ave.

Downtown Emerald Hill (List of places there + importance to the story ):

Pizza Hut (Owner: Vector)

Lucky Mart (Tikal goes there a lot for whatever reason)

Alfy's Pizza (Vector's competition )

Babies 'R' Us (Obviously… Mpreg story ppls)

Silver Grove Cemetery (Shadow is convinced that Maria is there...)

Le Fancy Restaurant (Made famous in "The Next Sonic: Truth or Dare" Also, Amy tries to get Sonic to go there)

Chao Chao Hero Gardens

Cu-tee Chao Garden

Fuzz Fuzz Dark Garden (Every place needs Chao Gardens)

Baby-sweet Chao Care (Where Cream leaves Cheese when she goes to school)

Emerald Hill General Hospital (Ummm… Duh!)

Club Rouge

Espio's Tavern (I dunno, Espio just deserved someplace!)

Mouseygirl: Wow, that was long! Any words, Rat?

Rat: I take no responsibility in this.

Mouseygirl: He's helping me write it tho… I don't own Sonic the Hedgehog or any related characters. I made up the world that they live in. Also, the concept of Silver working at Pizza Hut and Vector as his boss belongs to Shadow759 and Silverknux91. Or whatever. Also, I do not own any other things mentioned in this game.

"Sonic…. Soooooooniiiiiiiiic…. SONIC!"

Sleepy, emerald green eyes opened and observed the sky blue ones staring back at them.

"Tails… get… out… of… my… room!" The blue hedgehog shoved his smaller friend off. Tails giggled and climbed back on top of his friend.

"I got somethin' to tell youuuuu!" the little fox said in a sing-song voice. Sonic groaned.

"If it's about the power bill again, I already paid it!" Tails then grinned.

"No, better! You probably don't remember that thing we went to about a month ago at Club Rouge and then Espio's, but some funny things happened that everyone is too scared to tell you about. So I think you should probably go to the doctor today. I already made you an appointment!" Sonic groaned and shoved Tails off of him again.

"Look, Tails. I know you worry about me, and that's good, but I'm perfectly… Uh-oh…"

Tails jumped off automatically as Sonic rushed out of the room. The blue hedgehog came from wherever he'd been about two minutes later.

"Yeah… maybe you're right, Tails. What time?"

"In about five minutes… I know you don't like waiting…"


Tails looked around the waiting room at the Emerald Hill Hospital. Cream was holding her mother's hand and holding a shoe box with some cloths in it. The little fox noted that they seemed to rise up and down slightly… as if something inside were laboring to breathe. He also noticed that Cream seemed to be crying silently while Vanilla comforted her.

"What happened, Cream?" Tails wondered, walking over to the girl and her mother. The young rabbit looked up from the box with tears in her large, brown eyes.

"I-it's Cheese… my chao… he got beat up by one of the dark chao at the chao daycare where I take him every day! I don't know if he can hold on any longer!"

Tails looked into the shoe box and saw the little neutral chao, breathing heavily, his eyes shut tight in pain. The fox kit gasped as the he noticed yellow chao blood seeping through the cloth that covered Cheese's wounds.

"Wow… that's pretty gross, actually." Tails shrugged as Cream wondered,

"How come you're here, Tails?"

"I think that something very interesting has happened to Sonic, so I made him come here."

"Really? Like what?"

Tails blushed and smiled.

"Well… maybe… he might be pregnant? With my kid?"

"Tails! Don't be silly, Mr. Sonic is a boy!"

"You're right, Cream. I don't know why I came here."

Sonic then came running- no CATUPULTING out of the other room. The blue hedgehog was more of a pale-ish color than before, and he was breathing hard. He then caught sight of Tails.

"You… little… RAT. You knew, didn't you? Now the doctor says it's too late! 'LLKILLYOU!"

Tails' ears folded back against his head as he stepped up to face Sonic. Cream scooted closer to her mother. A weak "Chao Chao" from Cheese broke the silence. Tails brought his two namesakes in front of him defensively.

"I had a feeling… Please don't kill me! I guess we have something new to deal with?"

Sonic rolled his eyes and sighed. Their life HAD been kind of boring since Eggman gave up being a bad guy. Now he was the manager of an Alfy's Pizza restaurant in Downtown Emerald Hill.

"At least it's better than the Tails Doll."