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Ben wasn't paying any attention, and also not realizing that Kevin's 'big clod of a foot' was bound and determined to trip the younger boy at some point today.

Poor guy, he didn't even see it come'n.

Ben fell head first right into the darn door.

The raven haired boy automatically grips his sides from his own fits of laughter on seeing Ben hitting the door so hard.

The Hero gets up and glares at his friend.

"Duuude! That was so not cool!"

Kevin calms his laughing and grins darkly at the boy.

"Not my fault that my big toe has a mind of it's own!"

What? Did Kevin honestly think Ben was that stupid? Please. Only morons would believe such a story.

The younger boy was obviously furious.

"Big toe? Big toe! Come on man! It was your whole freaken foot!

Kevin looks to his foot and slaps on a fake expression of amazement.

"Oh, would you look at that. There is a whole foot attached to this toe!"

Ben hated Kevin, and his big toe with a mind of it's own...

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