Kevin: *Picks up phone* "You're lucky I'm in a good mood today, Benji."

Ben: "Thank goodness you answered! … I need your help!"

Kevin: "On second thought, I'm kinda busy."

Ben: "Come on! It's a matter of life and death!"

Kevin: *Slight panic* "Who's, Gwen's?"

Ben: *Rolls eyes* "No! Mine!"

Kevin: "Oh… Then the answer is still no."

Ben: "But you don't understand! I've been viciously attacked!"

Kevin: "…"

Ben: "Kevin?"

Kevin: "Go on."

Ben: "Go on, what?"

Kevin: *Chuckles* Convince me that it's worth my time to come over there and save your sorry butt."

Ben: *Sighs* "Fine… Okay. So, there I was, in my own kitchen, making one of my famous smoothies. You know, the ones that I usually make thats made of chocolate, ginger; with a little bit of avocado in it, and a splash of-"

Kevin: *Interrupts, sighing* "Does this story of yours have a point to it, Ben?"

Ben: *Rolls eyes* …"So, I saw this mouse running across my floor, and I tried to get to it before it escaped underneath my cupboard and everything, right? And without warning? The dumb thing went all like, killer psycho on me! I mean, it totally went all crazy eyed and everything! You should've seen it, Kevin. Man… It totally took me by surprise! Then I ran into the cupboa- I.. I mean, I didn't even have time react; to even go hero to save myself! Not to mention that I gotta black eye because of it! *Heavily sighs* "Sometimes my life can be so unfair…"

Kevin: *Snorting under his breath, laughing* "I bet it can."

Ben: "Okay… Will you stop being so predictable?"

Kevin: *Continues to laugh* "Sorry, sorry. It's just that… Your stupidity highlights my day, ya know?"

Ben: *huffs in aggravation, rolls eyes* "Right."

Kevin: "Seriously though. A Psychotic Ninja Mouse? .…Come on, nobody in their right mind would believe in somethin' like that! What is it? Attack of the bad 1980's cartoons? What's next, Killer My Little Ponies?" *Snickers*

Ben *Sighs* "You believe in other alien life forms, Kevin. How is this any different?"

Kevin: "That kind of stuff usually comes from more of a reliable source. Not from a guy who seems to overdose with smoothies on a regular basis; hallucinating about super powered rats, and other off the wall stuff like that. Besides, we all know how you got that stupid black eye of yours in the first place. I mean, did you really expect me to believe in your stupid and moronic story? Not to mention you have millions of super powered aliens attached to your wrist."

Ben: "But... Kevin.. I."

Kevin: "Sorry, man.. Like I said a few minutes ago; I'm busy. So, if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go hang up now, and laugh at you behind your back."


Ben: *Angrily stares into the phone* "I hate you, Kevin."

Hero's phone vibrates, he looks and notices a text message from Kevin.

Text: "Yeah, but you don't really mean it. My awesomeness radiates coolness."

Ben: *Eyes widen* "How did he kn-"

Phone goes off again.

Text: "Awesomeness Ben.. Radiating… Remember that."

Ben: *Glares, closing his phone, and sighs* "Yep. It's official. I totally hate the guy.

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