The Journey Begins (Pilot)

(There is a shot of a small town street. A girl- Allie- is jogging to the tiny Post Office in Leipsic, Delaware.)

Allie: Excuse me; I was wondering if there was any new mail for the Ellington Family. That's E-l-l-i-n-g-t-o-n.

(Post Office Attendant turns to check mail; Allie is carrying three rackets.)

Attendant: Yes, here is.

(Allie scans the mail with speed)

(Shot of Ben standing at a black mailbox in Chicago, Illinois. He is looking at his watch and seems to be impatient as he looks down the street.)

Allie: (Clears her throat and the attendant looks up with annoyance.) Um, are you sure that this is it?

(Shot of Jessie getting off a school bus in Dalworthington Gardens, Texas and running to his driveway's mailbox. He is wearing a tennis team t-shirt).

(Shot of Leah walking into the kitchen casually in San Diego, California and scans through a pile of letters. Once she sees a manila envelope, she begins to rush.)

(Shot of Mike in a detention classroom after school in Long Beach, California. He is impatiently texting his sibling to check the mail at home. There is a large tennis bag overflowing with clothes, shoes, and rackets on the floor next to him.)

(Shot of Jen wearing a rain jacket in the rain. She is running out to the mailbox in Seattle, Washington).

Attendant: Yes, that is all the mail that was… Oh, I must have missed this. (She hands Allie a thick, manila envelope and Allie practically rips it out of her hands.) MUSIC STARTS

To the music of: "Heaven Can Wait"

By: We the Kings

Allie slowly, but surely opens the envelope.

Ben smiles at a mailman and hastily rips open a manila envelope.

Jessie drops the rest of the mail from the mailbox and rips a similar envelope.

Leah rips open the envelope.

Mike's phone vibrates saying "New Message"

Jen reaches the mailbox and finds the manila envelope in the rain in a poor neighborhood.

(One by one, there is a shot with each of them saying "Oh my god".)

(One by one, there is a shot with each of them saying "yes" or "this is everything I ever wanted".)

Their Letters

Allie: This is incredible.

Parents: Allie, are you sure you want to do this?

Allie: Yeah! Look at what this letter said: (She reads letter aloud)

Dear Applicant,

We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted to the Bollettieri Tennis Academy in Bradenton, Florida. You have been recommended and accepted due to you're extraordinary talent that had been noted. The Bollettieri Tennis Academy has grown throughout the years since its start in 1978 by Nick Bollettieri, the School's founder. Today, it stands as a world-known academy for all with notable tennis ability who wish to continue and further their training.

The Bollettieri Tennis Academy has educated many of today's stars on the PTA Circuit. This includes Andre Agassi and the William sisters. We strive to assist every student to reach their own personal best. The NBTA utilizes 35 hard courts, 16 clay courts (one red clay court), and four indoor courts. The NBTA stresses discipline, responsibility, and effort and aims to develop its students on and off the court.

Please note and fill out the packets included. These will be due no later then July 7. The costs for education and housing for the term is in the following letters. All students will attend the Bradenton Academy for high school education during the weekday. For financial aid information, please visit our website or call us at the number given.

Congratulations and we hope to see you soon!


The Board of Admissions

Allie: (To herself.) This is everything I ever wanted.

The Meetings

(Shot of a group in front of the Housing area in Florida.)

Parents of Jessie: Now, remember, your older brother is in the room down the hall…

Jessie: (Smiling) Mom, I know! I'll be fine.

Principal: (Walks to the microphone on the podium set up outside.) Welcome Class of 2013! We are so excited to get to know each and everyone of you!

Jen: (Whispering) Yeah, right

Principal: So instead of me going on about the history of this magnificent school, who wants a tour? (The teens in the crowd cheer.)

The Girls

(Leah walks into her room. Allie comes in behind her and Jen is already inside. Jen has claimed the bed by the door. She is wearing all black and her hair is tucked underneath a baseball cap.)

Leah: (Looks disapprovingly.) You have got to be kidding me. Are you really my roommates?

Allie and Jen nod. Leah smiles at Allie, but looks disapprovingly at Jen again. Leah drops her bags on the middle bed against the wall. This leaves the bed closest to the porch door for Allie.

Allie: (Extending her hand to Leah and smiling.) So, my name is Allie, well, Allison Ellington, really, but I prefer Allie.

Leah: (Ignoring the hand.) I'm Leah O'Neil.

Jen: And my name is Jen Oswald.

Allie smiles, Leah ignores her.

The First Practice 3

Coach: Alright, my name is not important to any of you. You will call me Coach. Welcome to the NBTA. This is your first day of tennis practice. Some of my students call it hell. (Laughing to himself.) We'll go easy on you because you just got here. So can everyone give me five laps around those three courts right there. And, yes, I know you just had lunch. I don't care. So if you are going to get sick, which many of you most likely will, please, just step to the side of the courts so that you don't get in anyone else's way…Well? Why are you still standing there?

Everyone begins to run. Fast forward a half hour later.

Leah: (Breathing heavy.) God, I can't…I can't do this. (She falls.)

Allie: C'mon, Leah. Keep going! He might…

Coach: (Yelling.) GET UP! NOW!

Leah gets up, slowly. Jessie (feeling bad) comes up from behind, trying to distract the coach.

Jessie: (Gasping.) Um, so coach, are we actually going to use our rackets?

Coach: Keep your mouth shut! Hey, are you an Oswald?

Jessie nods.

Coach: Should've expected that coming.

Their First Friendship

Allie and Leah at a table in the café:

The two see a group of girls laughing and wearing revealing clothing. The group is with a group of confused boys.

Leah: Listen, Allie, I want you to know that I'm not like those girls. They're complete bitches.

Allie: What do you mean? (She looks awkwardly at Leah and takes a sip of a drink)

Leah: Well, to start, I'm a virgin.

Allie spits out the drink

Allie: Whoa, (coughing). Sorry about that, I thought I just heard you say that…

Leah: …That I am a virgin?

She shrugs

Leah: This might sound a little weird… (She looks to see that they're alone)…I kinda think that saving yourself for one special guy is cool.

Allie: Oh…um, wow.

Leah: Anyway, the whole point of this was to ask you…um…do you want to be friends. (She looks down in embarrassment as Allie smiles)

Leah: You know: you would be my number two; I would be you're go-to girl for whatever…

Allie: I'd like that. (She sits up) And as you're new friend, I would like to be honest.

Leah: (Now more comfortable) Shoot.

Allie: Well, I really misjudged you. I guess, I saw you constantly making out with Jessie and I thought that you were…well, a slut.

(Leah laughs)

Leah: No, I'm honestly not. I mean, Jessie and I have known each other for a really long time.

Allie: Oh, I'm sorry.

Leah: It's okay. (They both laugh)

Leah: Anyway, new friend, I was wondering if you understood the Biology homework at all.

Allie: (Getting up to reach for her bag) Yup, I have it right here. Hey, did you get the Algebra notes?

Leah: Yeah, they're easy. But, in exchange I think you should help me out on the court. My backhand needs work.

Allie: Wait, I thought I'm already giving you the Bio homework?

Leah: Yeah, but the Algebra notes are equal to the Biology and the backhand.

(Allie starts laughing as there is a zooming out shot of them from they're table)

END of scene