Unknown Past

The six are among classmates in one of the Academy's classrooms waiting for the bell to ring. When it does, a woman (TEACHER) stands in the front and begins calling names to take attendance.

Teacher: Alright, settle down. Now, I have no idea who any of you are, so please raise your hand when you hear your name. (She reads half the class) 'Jennifer Oswald'?

Jessie: (Laughing) It's 'Jessie Oswald'. (The teacher looks back at the paper and shakes her head as Jen walks into the room).

Teacher: No, no it specifically says 'Jennifer Oswald'.

Jen: Oh, I am sorry that I am late- that's me, ma'am. (There is total silence). Is there something wrong with that?

Teacher: (Looking up from her list). No dear, I didn't realize we have twins in this class.

Jessie: (Laughing lightly). That's not possible.

Teacher: Why, of course it is, Mr. Oswald. How could you say such thing in front of your sister? (She looks down at the list again and murmurs to herself). At least I know which one you are.

(Jen, having heard the conversation, stares in disbelief at Jessie for a minute. The teacher then asks her to take a seat. Jen sits next to Jessie.)

Mike: (Whispering from behind Jessie). You never said you had a sister.

Jessie: (In disbelief) Trust me, you are not the only one surprised.

The bell rings and everyone leaves the classroom except for Jessie and Jen. They sit in silence first, then Jen turns to Jessie.

Jen: The neighbors always did talk about someone named 'Jessie', I just never knew that they were talking about you.

Jessie: I have no idea what you are talking about. (He stands up and turns to leave).

Jen: Jessie, wait. (Jessie stops, facing the door). Do you have a mom?

Jessie: (Still facing the door). Of course I have a mom, everyone has a mom! What kind of question is that? (He pauses). But, I've never met her. (Jen jumps up and Jessie faces her).

Jen: Jessie, tell me please, who do you live with?

Jessie: My dad, why?

Jen: (Taking out a picture) is this him?

Jessie: (Almost fainting) Oh my god, yeah.

Jen: Then you must be my twin brother because that's my dad too; I just have never met him.