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Zoe finished up doing her makeup . She looked into the mirror. "Why does every time I look in the mirror I look horrible? Why can't I look like Mimi? Or her friends at least."

Mimi Tachikawa was known as the 'Popular'- No wait, the Most Populest girl in Shibuya high. She knew everyone who was a somebody. Everyone knew her, who wouldnt? She was also known as the most spoiled, the most bitchiest and the most vain person you could meet. But yet people envied her like there was no tomorrow. Her friends were Sora Takenouchi, Hikari "Kari" Kamiya and Yolei Inoue. Thought Sora and Kari weren't bitchy or mean. They were actually nice to anybody even Zoe!

"Izumi! Dépêchez-vous être en retard pour l'école " Her mother yelled (She said hurry up you'll be late for school)

"Je m'en vais!" Responded Zoe. (Which means I'm going) she quickly grabbed her bookbag and headed outside.

"Adieu maman" She waved goodbye, opened the door and walked off.

'This year will be my year. No more shoving, no more bullying or any other stupid things! I was a freshy last year so I didn't know much! But I now the rules now' She thought.

Just as she was walking to school she saw Takuya Kanbara closing the door. They lived in the same street. Now, you'd think that they're either best friends or lovers no? Oh no.
In fact they were the opposite.

"God. Why does he have to live on my street? Seriously!" She tried walking faster so he wouldn't see her.

Takuya smirked. He saw her and man he couldn't wait to mess with her! He absolutely hated her. Why? well you'll find out sooner enough!

'Hm think she can out walk me, let's see about that. Just wait until we get inside.' He thought.

Zoe looked back and saw that he wasn't walking behind her. That's a good sign! Zoe never understood why exactly she hated him or he hated her. He started it anyway!


"I'm so nervous, agh." Zoe looked at her friend, Jeri.

"It's a good thing you know me and Rika eh?" She smiled.

"True true. Still.." They slowly walked inside.

"I'll show you all your classes! Good thing I get to show you around." Jeri smiled. "Here's your schedule. You have 5 classes with me and 3 with Rika"

"Aw man. I wish I had all classes." She frowned.

"Look on the bright side we have lunch together!"

Out of nowhere somebody pushed Zoe into the ground.

"Takuya! Can you show some respect?" Jeri rolled her eyes and helped her up.

"Well she was in my way!" He looked at her. "She's new ain't she?" Jeri nodded. "Well, newbie, get this straight your in my territory don't be in it and we won't have any problems! But, if you want I'll make an exception, since you're hot, we'll let it slide!"

Zoe looked at him. "Excuse me? you think you're so tough! Hmph!" She glared.

"Ah a chick with attitude, even more hotter. I'll pick you up at 7 tonight? I'll drop you off after school" He tried flirting.

Zoe couldn't believe it. Who in the hell did he think he was! She faked a smile. "Oh for sure. Let me give you my number, 12- Not happening." She kicked him in the nuts. "Hm, who's territory is it now, oh my bad, no one." She walked away with Jeri.


'Yup, his fault! He first shoved me, didn't say sorry then flirt with me? please.! He's an asswhole. Did I mention the worlds biggest player, shit, he dates girls, fucks them and goodbye. Few hours later hello new girlfriend for the day/hour. Plus he bullies me. I just can't stand up for myself that's why this year is going to be different.' Zoe walked up to her locker and opened it.

Takuya came in a few minutes after her. When he did, everyone stared. Especially the girls. He was a player, yeah but the hottest player. Next to his friend Kouji. Though Kouji cant actually keep a girlfriend.

"Call me," he winked at some girls. Then went to his locker which was of course next to her.

"Great, its you." He rolled his eyes.

"Don't talk to me!" She retorted.

"As if I wanted to, loser." He put his things inside of his locker. Mimi came up to him.

"Hey, baby." She pushed him against his locker. "I missed you." She kissed him deeply with tongue. Takuya kissed back adding some more tongue. He couldn't stand this girl but he had to admit she was hot . Great body too.

"Gross! Get a room!" Zoe closed her locker. Making them pull apart.

"Taky, you didn't tell me she was your new locker 'buddy' " Mimi made a face. "I feel so sorry for you."

"So do I" Takuya replied.

"What about me!" She almost yelled. "I have to see you guys rub against each other which by the way is DISGUSTING."

Mimi gasped. "Is she talking to me? I KNOW she isn't talking to me!"

Zoe got pissed.

"Mimi lets leave. Obviously someone is PMS-ing today." He put his arm around her and they left.

Zoe was about to go after them. When Rika stopped her.

"Whoa,whoa Zoe! Don't do anything crazy on the first day of Sophomore year!" She said.

"I know its just that.. Ugh! I just cant stand them. See if this locker were their face they'd be so fucked up. I'm not even playing."

Rika chuckled. "I'd like to see that. But anyway, let's just go to class. Jeri is some where around the school helping out some new kid"


At lunch with the guys;

"How was your summer Takuya?" Kouji asked eating some of his chips.

"Boring. I was with my family the whole time."

"Sucks." Said Tai.

"Yeah, though just two days ago I got three girls on the same day."

"Threesome? Sweet!" Takato smirked.

"That's our boy getting some action" Davis laughed.

"You know what would be sweet, him getting with Zoe" Tai said. The guys just started laughing like crazy.

"You think I can't get with her?" Takuya looked at him. Tai nodded.

"Or get in her pants!"

"Wanna bet," the biggest player asked

"Hell yeah. If you lose the next day after she breaks up with you, you have to walk around naked the whole day."

Takuya smirked. "Alright. When I win, which I will you will.. be my slave for the whole school year."

"Sounds like we have a deal." They shook on it.

"This is gonna be easy."

Takato snorted. "Yeah right. Don't cha remember she hates your ass and so do you"

"Doesn't mean I cant "change"." Takuya was determined to win. Pft, he knew he was.

"Okay okay." Kouji said sarcastically. "Go ahead, try something right now."

Takuya nodded and got up, walking towards Zoe when Mimi stopped him.

"Hey, baby, where are you-"

"Move," he passed through her.

His guys started laughing. "REJECTED!" They screamed.

"Ugh!" She stomped her feet walking away.

Takuya tapped on her shoulder. Zoe turned around. "Oh its you." She turned back around.


"Leave me alone! What, are you going to trip or accidentally push me to the floor." She sneered.

"No. I just..wanted to talk."

"And I'm just leaving." She got up and walked out. Takuya cursed and walked back to his guys. "Not one word or I'll break you." He warned.

Davis laughed. Takuya shot him a death glare Davis looked away quickly. "That's what I thought."

"Not so easy is it," Kouji teased.

"You'll see. She'll be with me by the end of this week." He looked at Tai "You will be my slave after wards." Tai rolled his eyes.

With Zoe

"That was way weird." Jeri said to Zoe. They were at their lockers. It was at the end of the day;

"You're telling me. He prolly has somethin' up his sleeve. Maybe to shove me around."

"See this is what I dont get. You let him do it. Its like your his bitch or something. Stand up for yourself for once, Zo" Rika reasoned. "I do it all the time. He never messes with me. Nor Queen Bitch"

"Zoe." Takuya greeted her.

Zoe groaned. "What the hell do you want."

"I wanted to ask if you'd let me walk you home..?"

"Don't count on it." She replied.

"Come on. Look-" He got cutted off.

"Listen to me. I told you since we met I don't like you nor I ever will. Your a jerk who bullies me around." Zoe looked him in the eyes. "This year.. it will stop. I'm not your bitch nor your little hoe. Go ahead bring in your one out of one million girlfriends to beat me up and we'll see who's going to be laughing then." She stormed off.

Jeri, Rika plus Takuya's mouth dropped.

"Bye!" They ran after Zoe.

'So she finally stands up, hm this might be fun. Let's see who's going to be laughing when I break your heart just like my other 'girls' ' He thought.

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