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Kagome couldn't believe her eyes. Though she should have saw this coming. Inuyasha never loved her the way she loved him. Now it came down to this. Her hiding in the bushes watching them whisper sweet nothings into each others ears and sharing an occasional kiss. Kagome strained to hear their conversation. She was behind a thick bush on her hands and knees with her ear facing their direction.

After a fiery kiss Inuyasha caressed Kikyo's cheek, "Kikyo… I love you. And I want you to love me too. Just… tell me what to do. I'll do it." Inuyasha gave her another peck on the lips. The wind blew, their hair intermingled. Kagome felt like she was going to gag at the scene. Yet she quieted her raging emotions of betrayal and sadness to hear Kikyo's answer.

"Oh… Inuyasha… I want my soul back. My copy has it. I want it. Will… you get it for me? I mean… she's weak and useless. Shows too much emotion." Kikyo was hesitant.

Inuyasha don't agree! She's been trying to drag you to hell for the longest! Kagome inwardly screamed. Her eyes widen with tears. Would Inuyasha kill her to gain love from Kikyo? Is he that cruel to her? Did he have no feeling whatsoever for her?

Inuyasha paused. Sure, he didn't care for Kagome the way she cared for him. Yet, they were still friends at the very least. He would agree for now and stall this off. Maybe they could find another way to revive Kikyo in that time, "She's my shard detector, Kikyo. Sure she's weak and emotional. She's still the only one that and she can purify the jewel. When she does I'll turn human for you," Inuyasha grabbed Kikyo's cold hands, "Then I will kill her so you can be with me, Kikyo. I love you." Inuyasha gave her a loving, lasting kiss.

Kagome was too disgusted to stay any more. Kagome spent a total three years in this era. Was it only to be murdered by her first love? Kagome scooted back before turning and jumping up. She ran as far as she could towards camp. She stumbled slightly in her haste to get back.

When she arrived she saw a knocked out Miroku and an angry Sango. Shippo was cuddled to Kirara as he drew on his papers. Her eyes scanned the premises. She spotted her yellow bag and ran over and grabbed it.

Sango looked at her wearily, "Kagome… what's wrong?" Sango shifted her giant Hiraikotsu in which she had recently pounded Miroku with, "How was your walk?" Sango spoke again. Kagome swirled around a froze. Trying to think of a plausible lie.

"Nothing's wrong, Sango." Kagome looked through her bag, "Nothing at all. I was just checking our supplies and I thought we'd need some more. I want to visit my mom as well. Since we are near the well." Kagome hated lying to Sango. However, if Kagome told Sango she was running away in fear of her life Sango would stop her.

Sango quirked a brow, "Alright. Be quick or Inuyasha will throw a tantrum. I'll knock him out so you'll have some time." Sango assured her best friend who was like her sister. Kagome nodded with a small smile. In the background a befuddled Shippo sat. He could smell Kagome's deceit and anxiousness. Before he could question Kagome she was gone.

Shippo was worried for his surrogate mother, "Sango… I… uh… have to go pee!" With that being said Shippo scurried off. Sango was confused with her friends recent behaviors.

Shippo snuck behind Kagome. He could smell the saltiness in the air. It must be something Inubaka did. Shippo thought and secretly pounced up on her backpack. He squeezed into the flap. It was pretty empty but some clothes and books served as cover.

He heard Kagome's sob as she walked slowly down a worn path to the well. Kagome didn't know what do anymore. How dare Inuyasha? Yet she couldn't find it in her heart to hate the hanyou. No matter how much of a baka he was. She couldn't hate Kikyo either. Kagome was just too pure and forgiving. She knew she shouldn't have tried to come between two loves. She did it anyway. Look where it got her.

Kagome heard a rip and looked down. Her skirt had ripped on a twig. The green cloth dangled lazily. The wind blew and it slipped to the ground. Kagome knew she needed different clothes. Men gawked at her constantly. So much even she felt indecent.

Kagome continued and shifted he backpack. It was heavier than she could remember. She shrugged it off and came towards the well. She entered the clearing where the well was situated. Kagome nicknamed the well her time machine. In a way it was.

"Just to think… I'll never go back." Kagome whispered but Shippo caught it. He didn't know whether to jump out and stop her before he get stuck in her time or go with her so that it could persuade her to go back. He opted to stay put. Kagome huffed as she jumped over the well.

A bright light surrounded her as well as magic. Shippo felt a tingle run through his body. He was passing through the well!

The light receded and Kagome found herself at the bottom of a well. Kagome smiled and climbed up the well. She lifted a leg over the edge and then the other. She took a deep breath. She was inside the shrine. She went up the steps and was greeted by the purr of her cat Buyo. Kagome opened the shrine door and inhaled. This era's air was poisoned. Not as crisp and clean as the feudal era.

Kagome shrugged and walked to her home. She opened the door, "Mom, I'm home!" Kagome yelled out waiting for a response. She heard rustling and her mother came from upstairs. She quickly walked over and hugged Kagome tightly. Kagome did the same. She couldn't remember the last time she was in her mother's arms. She missed the comfort that came along with being wrapped up by her mother. "Hi, mom." Kagome muttered and pulled away.

Mrs. Higurashi noticed the change in her daughter, "Kagome, dear, what's the matter?" She led her only daughter to the table and sat her down. Kagome stayed silent as her mother pulled a chair over to sit closer to her daughter. She pulled Kagome's hand into her own. Kagome's book bag was on the floor next to her. Slyly, Shippo slipped out and waited under the table to hear the situation from his surrogate mother.

"Mom… Inuyasha wants to give my soul to his love, Kikyo." Kagome sighed and looked down. She refused to cry, "He called me weak and emotional. So I decided to leave. Stay here. I'm going to seal the well… forever." Kagome looked at her mother. For a moment shock ran over her face and then seriousness.

Mrs. Higurashi closed her eyes and shook her head, "No, Kagome," She opened her eyes, "No. You have a destiny on that side of the well. You can't run from it." When Kagome tried to look away her mother grasped her chin and forced her to look her in the eye, "You are strong, Kagome. You are my daughter. Don't let your childhood crush stop you from doing what you were sent there to do." Mrs. Higurashi stood. "You may stay for dinner. If you don't go back and fulfill your destiny then by the Kami Kagome, I will throw you down the well myself." Mrs. Higurashi left no room for argument. "You will go back."

Kagome forced to keep her mouth from dropping. Her mother usually agreed and guided her through her decision. Never did she tell Kagome what to do. Kagome smiled, at least her mother knocked some sense into her.

Yes, she would prove Inuyasha and Kikyo wrong. She will be strong. "Alright mom, Let me go gather some supplies. I'm going to use a different bag as well." Kagome felt confident now. She picked up her bag. Strange. It was lighter again. Kagome trotted upstairs and towards her bedroom. She reached for the doorknob when she heard a ruckus from within.

Kagome opened the door, half expecting to see a human-eating demon. Kagome gasped at the sight of Shippo on her bed waiting patiently. Shippo jumped up.

"You can't leave us! I never told you… but… you're like my momma… I don't want to loose you." Shippo sniffled back tears. Kagome was still in the shocked stage, Shippo continued, "I'll get stronger if that's what it takes! I'll be brave! I'll to bed on time! I'll clean after myself!" Shippo's tears were visible in his eyes, "I don't want you to go, momma!" Shippo looked at her with pleading eyes.

Kagome put a hand over her chest as she held back her own tears. She lowered her head, "Shippo… I… can't go back to Inuyasha." Kagome's chest began to shake unsteadily as silent cries racked through her.

Shippo's eyes widen and he jumped off the bed. He ran over to Kagome and climbed up until he was perched on her chest. With both hands on her cheeks he lifted her face up to meet his, "Then you can travel without Inubaka. Just take me with you." Shippo begged and tightened his hold her cheeks. Kagome flashed him a sadden smile before hugging to kitsune.

Kagome found comfort in the little kit, "Of course, Shippo. You're right. We can travel. I can be your momma and you can be my son." Kagome sobbed into the demon boy. Shippo petted her head to offer comfort to his adoptive mom. Shippo, over the years, grew a tad stronger. Not strong enough to take down a demon but to aid in battle. Kagome hadn't been maturing her powers since she was always behind Inuyasha and he protected her. Not no more. They had to get by without the hanyou, demon slayer, and monk.

After the cries were through Kagome went to her bag. She dumped everything out on her bed. She threw her school uniform in the trash can. She wouldn't go the last few days of school. She turned and picked up a silky, black button up blouse. It had short sleeves as well and the buttons were a white color. It molded around her skin as well as a form fitting pair of jeans and black strap up sandals that'll make travel and fighting easier. She put in her hand made soap and shampoo. She really didn't like worrying her mother about shampoo all the time.

Kagome had a yellow duffle bag. It strapped across her torso tightly. She put in a nice sized first aid kit. Then she went downstairs, while Shippo tried to get enough candy from the candy jar, and outside. She walked over to the shed and opened it. Her grandpa wasn't in the shed. She wandered where the old geezer was as well as Souta. Kagome pulled out a Coleman Trispace tent in a box. The box would take up some room in her duffle bag but oh well. Kagome took it and strapped a sleeping bag to the side of the duffel bag. Kagome brought canned food instead of Inuyasha's favorite… ramen.

Shippo just sat back and watched her pack the necessities. It was then her mother called them down for dinner.

Shippo bounded down alongside Kagome. Mrs. Higurashi, surprised, fixed another plate. "Who's this, Kagome?" She asked and smiled warmly at Shippo.

"Oh! Shippo is a child fox demon. He's my adoptive son." Kagome explained and sat down to eat. Mrs. Higurashi still smiled at Shippo as she placed a plate in front of the nervous demon boy.

"Well… you can call me Grandma, little one." She pinched his cheek and sat to eat as well. "Souta and father went bowling because Souta got good grades this year. They plan to go eat afterwards." Mrs. Higurashi mentioned and Kagome looked up.

"Yeah, I was meaning to ask you. And…" Kagome stared into her mother's eyes, "Thanks mom. For pushing me in the right direction." Kagome smiled and her mother smiled back.

Her mother was proud of her daughter, "No problem. Just never give up again, Kagome." Her mother continued to eat. Shippo and Kagome ate their fill as well.

Once they were done and cleaned up Kagome bid her mother farewell, "I might not be back for a while… but I'll be back, promise." Kagome turned and looked at Shippo who was on her shoulder. He hated the outdoors. It reeked of things he couldn't describe. Kagome giggled at his expression. Before long they were in the shrine and hopping down the well.

Shippo let out a laugh of enjoyment as they descended until the light vanished. Kagome had a harder time climbing up with her new duffle bag but eventually made it up. Not to mention Shippo has gotten a tad bit heavier over the years. Kagome made it to the top of the well panting for breath. She sat on the wells edge for a while.

With a glance at Shippo, Kagome looked in the direction opposite of Edo. She took a deep breath, "Here we go Shippo." Kagome stood and walked away from her old life, away from Inuyasha.

Meanwhile a silver haired taiyoukai was heading toward a certain somebody to resolve his problem. If anyone, this particular person could help him out. He swiftly made through the corridors to a dark, mysterious door. He rapped on it until he heard a raspy 'come in'. He went inside and saw all the potions and objects scattered around. He ducked below some shingles holding glowing vials of goop. He went towards the middle where there was an old man in a meditative stance, lotus style.

"Ah… Lord Sesshomaru. What is it you seek?" His raspy voice fit his appearance. He had a long beard that covered his mouth and was bald. His clothes were too loose and he had a staff with a spinning golden ball on the handle.

Sesshomaru stiffened and looked icily at the man. Despite his appearance the elder was powerful and his aura demanded respect. "The other lords are becoming disturbing. Demanding a heir from This Sesshomaru. I do not wish to take a mate." Sesshomaru tone demanded what he wanted done be done. He swore he saw a whisk of the man's mouth turn upright through the white beard.

He bobbed his head slowly, "Tell the lords they shall have a heir. But first, give Fuddah some of your blood." He grabbed a wooden bowl and held it out. Sesshomaru blinked and slit his palm with a claw and allowed blood to pour into the blood. Enough so the small circle at the bottom of the bowl was covered. He then pulled his hand away and licked his wound, sealing it with his healing saliva. The man reached over, his eyes shut, and grabbed some herbs. He sprinkled them in and began to mix them together.

They mixed and turned a white color with a milky texture to it. Sesshomaru narrowed his eyes, "What do you plan?" He asked to be sure he'd go along with it.

"Fuddah has turned your blood into your semen. Don't you worry, Lord Sesshomaru. Fuddah shall find a suitable woman. Fuddah cast a spell." He waved his hand over the semen and it glowed red momentarily, "She shall not rid herself of the child." Fuddah explained and picked up a medallion with a wooden circle on it and what looked like twigs snaking around the chain. "I shall use my magic to find your… birth mother… young one." Fuddah said to the semen he was pouring into a vile.

Sesshomaru watched for a short while before turning and leaving. Sesshomaru actually trusted Fuddah to do what needs to be done.

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