By, Kevin Durrenberger

Poor little Annabel, sweet as can be,

Was playing in the yard, lying next to a tree.

When Germans came to take them away,

Her parents fought and wanted to stay.

Stuck in a tiny boxcar with many others,

Hearing the cry of children screaming for their mothers.

Only a little food, and putrid water,

A terrible smell and many crying daughters.

Finally the train stopped, letting them out,

Many people scared and filled with doubt,

The soldiers told them work would set you free.

Little Annabel began to miss her tree.

Annabel began to become weak.

All the energy from her began to leak.

Her dark brown hair matted with dirt,

Her body was thin and there was a rip in her skirt.

Soon Annabel got too weak to work,

She was afraid of the problems that might lurk.

Someone told her she was going to die,

Annabel fell to the ground and began to cry.

At the top of a hill there was a tower,

It spit putrid smoke out every hour.

The tower was getting closer and looked as big as a giant.

Annabel was a mouse and wasn't being defiant.

Inside they told them they were taking a shower,

Annabel did as they asked for she had no power.

She entered a small room filled with many others,

They screamed many times, but it came out smothered.

At the top there was a hole,

Something fell through that looked as smashed white coal.

Annabel began to feel sick,

For her death was not quick.

Annabel wasn't old enough to have a choice,

No one ever heard her voice.

The Holocaust was a terrible event,

"Death by fire" is what it meant.