Emmett P.O.V

Since it was my senior year I had to do an internship for the month of June. Sadly, mine was at the elementary school down the block. Usually little kids shied away from me from my massive size. I walked through the door and they directed me to a class room. The teacher greeted me and said I would be working with 3rd graders. Great, 8 year olds. Note my sarcasm. The bell rang and all of the kids flooded into the classroom. I sat in the chair in the back of the room. They walked in and hung up their stuff. The teacher Mrs. Brookes sat everyone down and told them to be quiet.

"Okay class, we have a new friend today. He is going to be with us for the rest of the school year. His name is Emmett; I want you guys to be really nice to him." She said.

I stood up and walked to the front of the room. Walking to the front I looked around. Something was off, I looked at each and every little kid. My eyes stopped at one little girl. Her skin was really pale but you could see faint yellow spots on her skin, faded bruises. Who would give this kid bruises. I quickly snapped out of it and walked to the front.

"Hey, I'm Emmett. Don't be afraid to ask me questions. I'm not scary." I said. I smiled. Mrs. Brookes told the kids to open up to a math page. I watched while all the little kids struggle except one little girl. The one with the bruises. She finished the work quickly and sat at her desk. I asked Mrs. Brookes about her. She said her name was Isabella Swan. She was really smart but didn't talk to anyone. She was teased about not having friends.

"Okay class, it's time to review the work. Who would like to do the first one on the board? Bella? Will you do it for us?" The teacher called. Bella nodded and stood up. She walked to the board and picked up a piece of chalk. The problem was 52-34. Bella quickly wrote the problem on the board and answered it. I quickly did the math in my head and Bella was correct.

"Good job Bella." Mrs. Brookes said. Bella nodded and sat back down. I kind of zoned out while the rest of the students went up and did other problems. Soon enough it was Lunch. Kids brought out bags of lunch and went out to the cafeteria. Bella strangely stayed in the classroom. She walked up to Mrs. Brookes and asked her a question.

"Mrs. Brookes, can I get harder work. The stuff in this class is too easy." Her voice was so soft I could barely hear it.

"Well I guess I could give you harder work. I will give it to Emmett and he will help you." She said. Mrs. Brookes left the room and came back with the 4th grade books. She handed them to me. I beckoned Bella to come closer. She was a little shy and hesitant at first, but slowly came up.

"Hi Bella, I'm Emmett." I said softly.

"I know, you introduced yourself in the beginning of class." She replied. Well, someone here was a smart-alec. I gave her a grin.

"Okay, in the 4th grade book it has multiplication and division. Do you know how to do that already?" I asked.

"Yes. That is easy. I can already do integers and exponents." She replied. That was Pre-Algebra work. Why would an 8 year old know how to do 8th grade work.

"How do you know how to do that? That is middle school work." I asked confused.

"My father has math books laying around the house, I read them." She replied.

"Well okay. Solve this problem." I grabbed a sheet of paper and wrote down a pre-algebra problem. 7(2/7+3x)=7(5). Bella grabbed the sheet and pencil from me. In a few seconds she had down the answer: 11/7. I was shocked. The kid had done it right. She even explained her work. I got up and walked to Mrs. Brookes desk.

"Mrs. Brookes, this kid is a genius. She just did pre-algebra, look." I basically shoved the paper into her face. Mrs. Brookes looked at the paper with an appalled face.

"Oh my. This is remarkable." She said. I turned around and looked at Bella. She had pulled up her sleeve and was rubbing at a big black and blue bruise on her arm. It was in the shape of a fist. I quickly made sure I had a picture of it in my head. I would have to ask Rosalie, Carlisle, and Edward about it later. Mrs. Brookes said that I could leave the school now. I said bye to Bella and left the school. I hopped into my truck and floored it all the way to the hospital. I pulled out my phone and called Rosalie and Edward.

"Meet me at the hospital now." I said into the phone. I hung up and threw it on the other seat. Soon enough, Rosalie and Edward were there. I blocked my mind from Edward and walked in, knowing they would follow me. I made a left and walked into Carlisle's office.

"Carlisle we have a problem." I stated. Carlisle looked up.

"What happened?" He asked.

"Look, you know how I started my internship today at the elementary school today. Well I had 3rd graders. The first thing is there is this girl, Bella Swan. She is like a genius or something. She is 8 and she can do pre-algebra. It's crazy. The second part is that she has yellow marks on her neck in the shape of fingerprints. She pulled her sleeve up when I wasn't looking and was stroking a huge black and blue bruise in the shape of a fist. This is the final thing. I felt this unimaginable pull towards her. I was so angry when I saw the bruises. I don't know what the hell is happening." I said. Rosalie's face was of anger. Probably from the bruises on the kid's skin. I showed Edward what it looked like. He took a step back.

"Well Emmett, there is only one Swan, Charlie Swan the police chief. I don't know what to say about the bruises though. Could he be hitting or abusing this child. I don't know. And the genius part, that is amazing. Look, tomorrow if it gets worse, just bring her to the hospital. I will take care of it.

"Okay Carlisle. Look I just don't want to see this kid hurt. It's killing me." I responded. Carlisle nodded and we all left for the house. I was going to do something about this kid, if it was the last thing I can do.