It all started with Karen's death. Delia had taken her suicide the most efficiently. His precious daughter was there was Karen shot herself. Yet, she seemed to linger around her. I was devastated, Karen had been my life for years. He had a gaping hole in his heart for missing her. But he had two things to be grateful for: Delia and Alex.

That was three years ago. Alex was now walking and Delia was growing into a lovely young woman. Something was buried deep inside Gene's mind. Subjects that Karen had spoke about involving their daughter. Karen brought up the fact that Delia seemed to act in a very anti-social way towards people her own age. Gene hadn't wanted to acknowledge the way Delia acted. He assumed it was shyness, as Delia got older, her attitude become more nasty and bitter.

She was nice enough to strangers and to Gene, but you couldn't help but notice the glossy hate that always seemed to be in her eyes. Or the odd way she would treat anything to do with Christianity, she would avoid it like a plague.

There was once another thing that got on his nerves. Gene, since the day of Karen's death, had not seen Delia react with one iota of grief or despair. She behaved as if absolutely nothing happened, as if her mother never existed.

It caused Gene to wonder how deep his child's love was. Or, as it seemed, how shallow it was. Right after Karen passed on, Gene assumed Delia was in shock from seeing her mother die. He also hoped that was the reason she didn't seem sorrowful. After three years, he saw that she was never going to miss her mother. In fact, Delia had taken on the roll of mothering Alex.

She seemed to love her baby brother more than anyone in the world. Alex was seemingly the only thing she loved.

But Gene was found to be wrong. She did love and admire other things. Although he was about to find out Delia had a much different definition of love than he had.