Fossil Fighters

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Ch.1-The rookie

The small white speedboat slashed through the sapphire ocean crests smoothly as it skimmed past the water. A male of fifteen stood at the back of the boat, gripping the metal railing connected to the top of the boat's side as he gazed to his right and allowed the ocean breeze to ruffle his spiky, dark amethyst hair. The male was five foot nine and had detached ginger eyes with a deep apathetic disinterest in them. He wore loose black cargo shorts with a silver chain hanging from the left pocket and a dark, blood red T-shirt; a small blue backpack sat on the floor of the boat by the boy's right side.

"So, you headin' to Vivosaur Island, kid?"

The boy glanced behind him to spot a male in his early thirties loping toward him.

The man had shaggy brown hair, gentle obsidian black eyes, and wore a blue T-shirt with red flower prints dotted here and there and beige summer shorts; he was only two inches shorter than the teenager.

The boy nodded as he turned to face the boat's captain, leaning his back against the railing.

"Where you comin' from?"

"Pteran Island." The boy answered in a soft, defensive voice. "About a thousand miles from Vivosaur."

"Let me guess…" The captain crossed his arms over his chest as he smiled. "You're on your way to become a Fossil Fighter, aren't you?"

The boy stared at the blue, cloud filled sky behind him as he replied, "Yeah. That's my goal."

"It takes bravery to go all the way to Vivosaur Island on your own." The captain said, holding out his hand for the boy to take. "My name's Captain Travers. What's your name, young man?"

"Toshi." The boy slowly grasped Travers' hand in return. "My name is Toshi."

"They call you Toshi, eh?" Travers grinned as he retracted his hand. "That's a great name! I can easily picture a famous Fossil Fighter named Toshi."

"Hm." Toshi stared to his left. "Famous…" He shook his head after a few seconds of thinking. "I don't aim to make a name for myself."

"If you're out to become a Fossil Fighter, I imagine you're a big fan of dinosaurs, right?"

"Yeah." Toshi shifted his attention back to Travers. "You could say that."

"Which do you like better, then: Carnivores or Herbivores?"

Toshi pondered his response for a while before he finally announced, "Carnivores, because they're powerful."

"All right." Travers nodded. "What type do you prefer: Big and strong? Or Small and quick?"

Toshi smirked as he quickly answered, "Big and strong."

"Tyrannosaurus, the fiery king of all dinosaurs or Tarbosarus, the purple-skinned jaws of death?"


Travers smiled as he once again nodded. "I'll remember that. The Tyrannosaurus fan, Toshi." Travers gazed toward the front of the boat. "Looks like we're about to arrive at Vivosaur Island." He remarked as he headed back to the wheel house.

Toshi immediately whirled around and stared ahead of him, the wind blowing his hair back, as a large Island slowly came into view; an Island shaped like a Tyrannosaurus head.

Toshi stepped onto the stone dock that had three sharply curved rock scythes on either side of the dock that threatened to close in on the teenager at any moment and slung his backpack over his right shoulder. He gradually surveyed the area around him, his lips turned upward in a tiny, determined smile.

The Fighter Area, as a sign nearby declared, had neatly bricked roads, three buildings standing side by side a few feet apart from each other, and several trees surrounding the area. A small, dome-shaped building with a red roof sat in-between a larger building that seemed like a hotel on its right and a gigantic, dome-shaped colosseum building with an open door and an exact copy of the dock as an entranceway on its left.

"So long for now, Toshi." Travers called from the wheel room. "I wish you the best of luck!"

Toshi silently waved as Travers' boat pulled away. He then gazed ahead as he started to walk.

"Welcome to Vivosaur Island!" A voice chirped.

Toshi quickly stepped back as a girl in her twenties suddenly appeared in front of him.

The girl had long, chocolate brown hair, eager gold eyes, and wore a dark maroon skirt and a beige T-shirt.

"This is the Island where the dinosaurs of past ages lie underground!"

"Yes, welcome!" A second girl popped up next to the first.

She had blonde hair the same length as the first girl's and deep mud brown eyes. She wore a blue skirt and a yellow T-shirt.

"I'm Beth!" The first girl announced.

"And I'm Sue!" The second girl said proudly.

"…Toshi." Toshi responded slowly, wondering if these girls were crazy.

"This is Vivosaur Harbor, Vivosaur Island's only port." Beth explained in a calm tone. "New people arrive every day. Some are just fans of dinosaurs, but others are new Fossil Fighters in the making."

"We work here as support staff for the Fossil Fighters." Sue agreed with a nod.

"To become a Fossil Fighter, you'll need to visit the Fossil Center and talk to Dr. Diggins. To get to the center, just go right up this path," Beth moved to the side, Sue copying her, so Toshi could see. "It's just straight ahead."

A man in his late twenties paced in front of the red-roofed building. He had spiky turquoise air, equally turquoise eyes and donned orange shorts, a blue and ginger T-shirt, glasses, and a white lab coat over his shirt; he was two inches taller than Toshi.

"So much to do." The man muttered as he crawled closer to Toshi and the two girls. "So much to do." He picked up a nearby pebble, apparently searching for something. "No, that's not it…" The man lifted up a book laying sadly on a table. "Hmm…that's not it, either." He continued examining items close to him before he abruptly halted. "Hang on a tick…"

The man smiled.

"I've got it!" He bolted to his right, heading toward the Guild Area; a sign leading to the section of the Island bravely pronounced the area in faded black letters.

"Excuse me, Dr. Diggins!" Beth yelled.

Dr. Diggins skidded to a stop and stared toward Beth.

"May I assume you're here to take our newest recruit to the Fossil Center?"

"What…?" Diggins questioned, looking at Toshi, who blinked vacantly back at him. "Oh, a new recruit? Of course!" Diggins smiled. "Always happy to show a new recruit the ropes! Let me just…." He glanced around absentmindedly. "Change schedule…" Diggins peered back at Beth. "What are we talking about again?"

Before Beth could reply, Diggins shook his head.

"Never mind. I'll see you later."

With that, Diggins scurried away, muttering to himself, "So much to do…so much to do…."

Beth sighed, shaking her head as she said, "That was the head of the Fossil Center, Dr. Diggins. He'll be responsible for issuing you your Fighter's License. Good luck with that…." She waved as Toshi walked toward the Fossil Center and entered the tiny building.

Inside the Fossil Center had two doors on either side of the reception desk and another door diagonal to the one on Toshi's left. The girl standing behind the reception desk had blond hair tied in a ponytail, green eyes, and wore blue jeans and a dark brown T-shirt; she was five foot five, nineteen, and wore a nametag that revealed that her name was Wendy.

"Welcome to the Fossil Center!" She greeted happily as Toshi headed toward the desk. "I'm Wendy!"

"Toshi." Toshi gave a minuscule nod of acknowledgement.

"I take it you're here to become a Fossil Fighter?"

Toshi gave another nod.

"Dr. Diggins returned just a while ago, but has unfortunately wandered off again. It could be a while before we find him. You may want to check into the hotel next door while you wait."

"Thank you." Toshi whispered as he turned and exited the Fossil Center. He had only just walked halfway from the entrance when he heard someone cry, "I can't stop!"

Toshi glanced to his right to spot a girl his age charging toward him like a bug was chasing her.

Both gave a startled gasp as they crashed into each other and collapsed to the ground from the collision.

Toshi shook his head as he pushed himself into a sitting position before he glared at the girl in front of him. "Watch where you're going."

"I'm so sorry!" The girl apologized as she stared up at Toshi.

The girl had light green hair with a beige hat on top of her head, purple eyes, and wore dark brown jeans and a dirty white T-shirt; she was a few inches taller than Toshi.

"Are you ok?" The girl asked as she stood up and held out a hand to the boy. "You're not hurt, are you?"

Toshi looked at the girl's hand before he glanced away with a grunt as he climbed to his feet himself.

"Anyway, I'm Peggy." The girl explained, dropping her hand. "I was running….to get in shape, you know? And I guess I must've gone too fast because I couldn't slow down." Peggy shrugged as she turned and walked away from Toshi. "Anyway, I'm really sorry."

Toshi only snorted as he continued on is way to the hotel and entered the pristine building. Inside, the floor was tiled and a lonely palm tree sat in the center of the room. Two elevators sat at the end of the lobby at either side of the room and a desk sat to Toshi's right.

A male in his twenties strode up to Toshi. He had black hair, black eyes, and wore a dark blue suit.

"Welcome to the Relic Hotel." He greeted. "Where we provide quality lodging for aspiring Fossil Fighters! We've been expecting you, Toshi." The manager-his nametag said he was Yamamoto-turned and walked toward the elevator across from his desk, motioning for Toshi to follow him. "Right this way, please."

Toshi trailed after Yamamoto, who pushed the up button on the elevator.

"This elevator will take you to your room." He explained as he and Toshi stepped into the cramped space; it was obvious the machine wasn't used to holding two people as it whirred and slowly climbed upward, taking the two males to the second floor. Yamamoto led Toshi to a door standing at the end of the hallway once they had exited the elevator.

"This is your room." Yamamoto announced as he unlocked the door and opened it.

Toshi entered his room and glanced around.

The room had a bed against the wall next to the door, a green rug in the center of the wooden floor, an empty bookshelf, a desk with a laptop that sat next to the bed, a stone balcony with double French doors leading to the deck, and a door diagonal from the balcony that was obviously the bathroom.

"Nice." Toshi complimented as he dumped his backpack onto his bed.

"Here is your key." Yamamoto handed Toshi a small gold key then exited the room. "Have a nice stay."

Toshi sighed as he placed the key in his right pocket and pulled out the chain hanging from his other pocket. He stared at the tiny fang connected to the end; a baby velociraptor tooth.

"I'm here, mom." He murmured, gripping the tooth as a small smile crossed his face. "Just like you wanted me to."

After he had unpacked all his things, Toshi returned to the Fossil Center, hoping Dr. Diggins had come back. After a quick check with Wendy, Toshi headed into the room on the right of the reception desk, entering a lab room.

"Dr. Diggins?" Toshi questioned, walking up to the scientist standing at a nearby crescent-shaped desk.

"Oh!" Diggins, who had his back to the boy, turned to face Toshi. "Hi, there! Uh, Toshi, right?"


"I'm Dr. Diggins. I'm the director and head researcher for the Fossil Center. Good to meet you properly."

Toshi shook Diggins' outstretched hand. "You, too."

"Sorry if I was a little scatter when we first met." Diggins chuckled nervously, rubbing the back of his neck with his left hand as he retracted his right. "This places keeps me really, really busy." He removed his hand as he cleared his throat and stared at Toshi calmly. "Fossil hunting is all kinds of fun. I should know-it's my life's work. I've been interested in fossils since I was a little boy…" Diggins' eyes took on a faraway gaze as he continued, "I broke my mother's favorite teacup and tired to hide it by burying it in the garden. A few shovel scoops later, I found this strange rock. I stopped digging to get a closer look at it. It turned out to be a Stegosaurus fossil! I was so excited, I forgot what I was doing in the first place. I ran inside to show my mom. She asked me where I got it, and before I knew it, I had to explain why I was digging in the garden."

Diggins chuckled, shaking his head as he came out of his reminiscing.

"I've only seen my mother that angry a few times, but even so, I was excited about my discovery! That Stegosaurus fossil is still my most prized possession."

Toshi reached into his pocket and grasped the raptor tooth.

"But enough about me. Let me explain about being a Fossil Fighter." Diggins smiled as he placed his hands in his lab coat pockets. "As a Fossil Fighter, you search for fossils, dig them up, then se them to revive dinosaurs. Fossil Fighters strive to revive stronger and stronger dinosaurs and eventually become Master Fighters. You'll bring fossils you've dug up at dig sites to the Fossil Center for cleaning and revival."

"Cleaning…and revival…?" Toshi questioned quietly.

"Cleaning is the process of removing extra rock from around the fossil." Diggins explained. "Bringing dinosaurs to life from fossils you've cleaned is called revival…and revived dinosaurs are called Vivosaurs; more on that later. Fossils can be divided into four types-head, body, arms, and legs. As long as you have the head, you can revive the dinosaur. The revival process isn't perfect, though. Dinosaurs we revive pick up traits from their environment, which can give them odd appearances and powers. That's why we call them Vivosaurs, since most aren't technically dinosaurs at all. In any case, you should know that the more parts you find, the stronger it'll be."

Diggins led Toshi to a large machine at the back of the room.

"Ok, time to take your first step toward becoming a Fossil Fighter-learning how to clean a fossil!"

Toshi stepped in front of the machine as Diggins slid a large, light brown rock underneath the huge touch screen. Using the hammer he was provided with, Toshi started to chip away at the outer coating until he saw a white speck. Once he had managed that, he used the drill to clean away the rest of the rock, revealing the head of a carnivore dinosaur.

"Good job!" Diggins congratulated, picking up the fossil. "Now, let's revive the fossil." He headed toward a machine diagonal to the fossil machine, placed the fossil beneath the screen, and pressed a green button. The machine hummed and the fossil glowed a bright emerald. After a few seconds, a Vivosaur appeared on the screen.

The Vivosaur was large, dark blue with thick sharp claws, teeth, and had two rows of curved spikes along the back of its neck and down its back. Its piercing red eyes stared fiercely down at Toshi and Diggins.

"This is the Vivosaur Spinax." Diggins said as the Vivosaur vanished and a small gold medal the size of a quarter slid out from the revival machine. Diggins picked up the coin. "One advantage of our revival process is that Vivosaurs can be carried around as Dino Medals. You can always have your favorite Vivosaur with you to challenge other Fossil Fighters in Fossil Battles." He grabbed Toshi's left wrist and placed the Dino Medal in his palm. "That Vivosaur is for you to keep, Toshi."

Toshi stared at the Dino Medal, which was engraved with Spinax's body, in his hand. "Are you sure?" He questioned, glancing up at Diggins with slight curiosity.

Diggins nodded. "And that about does it for the basics. All right, let's take that Vivosaur to the Fossil Stadium for our test. If you pass, you'll qualify for your Fighter's License. You won't just be battling, by the way- you'll also be tested on your cleaning ability."

"Thank you, Dr. Diggins." Toshi gave a small nod before he turned and exited the Fossil Center. As he headed to Fossil Stadium, Toshi glanced at Spinax's Dino Medal.

"We're going to be a powerful team, Spinax."

From within the medal, Spinax roared as Toshi entered Fossil Stadium.

Inside, there were bookshelves filled with books, a red carpet leading to the reception desk at the end of the lobby and two doors on either side of the reception desk. Toshi headed toward the reception desk where a girl around twenty stood.

She had silver hair, brown eyes, and wore blue jeans and a green T-shirt; a nametag said she was Tiffany.

"Welcome to Fossil Stadium!" She chirped. "I'm Tiffany. You must be Toshi, here for your Fighter's test. First, I'll have you take your cleaning exam. Go through the door on your right."

Toshi walked to the door on the right of the reception desk and entered a hallway where another door stood at the end. A small robot floated up to him. The robot was yellow with a twisting spiral horn on top its head that apparently kept it airborne. Its thin metal arms ended in clawed hooks for hands.

"Greetings." The robot said in a computerized, whirring voice. "I am KL-34N. I wish you the best, Toshi. Good luck getting your Fighter's License. You must score fifty or higher on your cleaning test. Let us begin." KL-34N led Toshi into a door next to them-somehow, Toshi had failed to notice it-where a cleaning machine stood in a otherwise vacant room.

A few minutes later, Toshi and KL-34N exited the room.

"Excellent!" KL-34N chirped. "You passed and what outstanding technique. You will surely become a top-class Fossil Fighter, Toshi. It is now time for the next portion of the Fighter's test. Please see Tiffany at the reception desk."

Toshi watched KL-34N hover away before he headed toward the reception desk.

"Congratulations on passing your cleaning test, Toshi." Tiffany praised. "Now it's time for your final-a Fossil Battle. Go through the door on your right again."

Toshi strode toward the door and entered the hallway. At the end, a familiar face stood near the door leading to the battle arena.

"We meet again, Toshi!" Travers laughed. "Do you remember me? I'm the captain of the vessel that brought you to this Island."

"I wouldn't forget you." Toshi gave a tiny, rare smile.

"I guess it's time for your first Fossil Battle. And I don't expect to lose."

Together, they walked onto the gigantic battlefield with stands surrounding the outer part of the field like a shall with several screaming people. Toshi and Travers faced each other at opposite ends and each pulled out one Dino Medal.

"Spinax, you're in charge!" Toshi flipped up his Dino Medal which glowed.

Spinax landed on the ground with a crash and roared loudly.

"Go, Goyo!" Travers tossed up his Dino Medal and it also flashed.

Goyo alighted in front of Travers. Goyo was a medium-sized Vivosaur that had dark blue skin with yellow markings and sharp purple horns lined along the back of its head like stakes. Goyo growled, unfazed by the difference in size between him and Spinax, and shook his head in his eagerness to battle.

"Goyo!" Travers ordered. "Use Rock Head!"

Goyo charged at Spinax, head lowered in preparation to ram his opponent.

"Spinax." Toshi growled. "Counter with Spinax Fang!"

Goyo slammed his head into Spinax's stomach, but the large Vivosaur seemed indifferent to the attack as he sank his pointed teeth into the back of Goyo's neck and threw the Vivosaur back to his owner.

"Rock Head again!"

Goyo shook his head as he slowly climbed to his feet and once again dashed at Spinax.

"Spinax Fang to finish him off!"

Spinax snarled, sidestepping Goyo's strike, and clamped down on his back. He shook the Vivosaur before tossing Goyo for good measure. Goyo crashed into the stadium wall and collapsed to the ground before fading away as he returned to his Dino Medal.

"Well, how about that, Toshi!" Travers said as he and Toshi exited from Fossil Colosseum. "I guess that makes you an official Fossil Fighter!"

They both halted near the reception desk.

"Here. Take this." Travers reached into his pockets and pulled out a medium-sized rock.

"What is it?" Toshi questioned as he slowly took the rock.

"It's a fossil rock for the Vivosaur you said you liked." Travers explained. "It isn't a head, though, so you can't revive it. But, the head is out there for you to find, Toshi. I'm wishing you the best." Travers patted Toshi's shoulder as he turned and walked away. "Good luck."

"Congratulations, Toshi!"

Toshi glanced to his left to see Dr. Diggins walking toward him.

"You passed your Fighter's test! I can now present you with your Fighter's License." Diggins held out a laminated red card with Toshi's picture on it to Toshi, who looked at it. "That's proof that you're now a recognized Fossil Fighter." Diggins looked at the watch on is right wrist. "Yikes, where'd the time go? You must be tired anyway, Toshi." Diggins smiled as he stared back at the boy before him. "Sorry for all the yapping again. Your life as a licensed Fossil Fighter begins with a bang tomorrow. Get yourself a good night's rest." Diggins strode away from Toshi, calling over his shoulder, "Best of luck on your road to becoming a Master Fighter, Toshi!"

Toshi stared at the license in his hand, then held up Spinax's Dino Medal to show the Vivosaur his card.

"We're a certified team now, Spinax. You ready to show the world what we got?"

Spinax roared from inside his Dino Medal.

Toshi smiled. "We'll show them." He placed his Fighter's License and Spinax's Dino Medal in his right pocket as he strode toward Fossil Stadium's door. "We'll show 'em."

Toshi's first Vivosaur: Spinax. Spinax is actually very intelligent. He helps Toshi with a lot of things...