Ch.20-Perfect ending

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Toshi slowly opened his eyes and rapidly sat up.

"Good morning, sleepyhead."

Toshi glanced beside him to see Dr. Diggins, Duna, and Dynal in front of him.

"How does it feel to be on the other side of a fossil revival?"

Toshi hopped down from the revival machine and stretched his arms above his head. "Feels kinda good."

"You saved Earth, Toshi." Duna said. "It's all over. Everything is fine."

"And thanks to you, the Dinaurians were able to avoid making a colossal mistake." Dynal said. "Speaking for all Dinaurians, I humbly thank you."

Toshi glanced around as he remembered that someone was missing. "Hey, where's-"

"You're…" Duna muttered. "Looking for Rosie….aren't you?"

The three were quiet for a few seconds before Dr. Diggins sighed.

"I…well…I can't keep it a secret forever, so I may as well tell you now. All that energy coming off of Guhnash caused problems in your stone-sleep inducer. It malfunctioned, and….and…Rosie's revival didn't quite go as planned."

Toshi immediately became tense. "What happened….?"

"Physically, Rosie was revived, and she's in perfect health…but she lost all her memory in the process. We couldn't get her memory back, even using the Dinaurians' advanced technology."

"Rosie is in her room in the Richmond building." Duna said. "You should visit her."

Without another word, Toshi bolted out of the room.


Duna glanced at Dr. Diggins. "What do you mean?"

"Rosie is the only one to make Toshi panic or feel fear. Other than that, he's completely emotionless."

"I'm not jealous." Duna looked away from Diggins as the scientist chuckled.

Richmond glanced to his right to see Toshi walking toward him.

"Toshi, I'm glad to see everything went well with your revival. You've heard by now about Rosie?" Richmond placed a hand on Rosie's head, the girl standing beside her grandfather. "It's true….her memory is gone, every last bit. I'm sure she won't remember you, Toshi. I'm sorry."

"Am I supposed to know you, too?" Rosie asked, staring at Toshi with slightly fearful eyes. "Are you going to tell me another weird story about aliens and stuff? It's so frustrating not being able to remember! I know something….important happened…..something I should remember….something special."

Toshi gave a small smile. "See that necklace?" He pointed to the necklace around Rosie's neck and the girl looked down at it. "I gave that to you."

Rosie looked back at Toshi. "Something special?"

At that moment, the chieftain walked into the room and Rosie hid behind Richmond. "Something special…perhaps something passionate and vigorous, Digadig?"

"Passionate and vigorous, chieftain?" Richmond asked. "You can't mean what I think you mean?"

"Yes, I do!" The chieftain laughed as he raised his arms above his head. "It could be just the spark that triggers her memory, Digadig! Young Fighter boy…." The chieftain glanced at Toshi. "It is time to….perform passionate and vigorous hip-shaker dance, Digadig! For the young Fighter girl!"

"It's worth a try, Toshi." Richmond said. "Perform the dance with all the passion and vigor you can muster, son!"

Toshi groaned before he grabbed Rosie's wrist and dragged her out from behind her grandfather. "Remember, I'm doing this for you." He growled, frowning at Rosie before he slowly began the dance.

Rosie watched him before she giggled.

Toshi paused in his dance and stared at Rosie who began to laugh.

Rosie punched Toshi in the right arm, actually managing to knock the boy down. "Knock it off, Toshi, you weirdo! Why were you doing the hip-shaker dance here?"

Toshi grinned as he climbed to his feet.

"It's a miracle!" Richmond hugged his granddaughter. "We've just witnessed a miracle! Toshi cured your amnesia with his passion and vigor and hips! Shaking them, I mean."

"Really?" Rosie asked. "I guess it makes some sense…I mean, how could I not remember a crazy dance like that? Thanks, Toshi. Thanks again. Thank you so much."

The chieftain chuckled as he did the hip-shaker dance.

"Woo-hoo!" Dr. Diggins cheered. "With all the doom and disaster taken care of, we can finally get back to normal life again."

"Indeed, Doctor." Wendy agreed. "I'm almost afraid to ask, but will that include finally changing out of that outfit?"

"Funny you should ask. I've really enjoyed getting in touch with my inner caveman. And….I'm thinking about making this the official uniform for Fossil Center employees…."

Wendy sighed.

"What? ! What did I say? !"

"Nothing, 'Thog.' Will you also be trading in your computer for a club made of bone?"

"Remind me, Vivian…." Snivels sighed, as he, Rex, and Vivian cleaned up trash in Greenhorn Plains. "How exactly did we get stuck on garbage pick up duty? Why didn't we skip town?"

"Because it's not a town-it's an island, you twit!' Vivian snapped. "They took our boat, so it was this or jail time."

Rex barked.

"Hey, slacker, you missed one!"

"Man, I hate repaying my debt to society!" Snivels sighed as he began to cry.

"You haven't beaten me yet." Bullwort muttered as he sat in his cell. "Just you wait and see. I built this place! I'll escape and when I do, you'll all suffer for this indignity!" He chuckled. "Oh, how you'll suffer! You'll all suffer so much!"

"Hey, hey!" An officer growled, looking at Bullwort. "Quiet down in there or you'll be back on carrot sandwiches for dinner!"

Bullwort gasped. "No! Not the sandwiches! Anything but the carrot sandwiches! I'll be good!"

"So the runt save us all from total annihilation, huh?" Saurhead grunted as he sat on a bench in the Fossil Stadium lobby. "He might finally be a worthy rival for me!"

"Big news!" A boy gasped. "Saurhead just accepted that hero kid as an official rival!"

"Megaton!" The man said. "That makes a total of two rivals for Saurhead: Kid and Tyrannosaurus!"

"There are still Digadig secrets to find here-I can smell them!" Nevada said as she continued to search the Digadigmid. "Hmm….I wonder what this button does?" Nevada pushed in the button before her.

When nothing happened she looked beneath her to see a gaping hole. She looked up with a sigh.

"Ah, darn."

"It's a big day, my boy." McJunker said as he stood beside Holt and a mine car. "Today, you'll be initiated as an official mine car worker!"

"Yes, sir!"

"First, let's talk about the single most important aspect of a good mine car repair-love! Always remember that. You have to genuinely feel love for the mine cars. Feel it, boy?"


"Repeat after me…. 'pretty little mine cars'!"

"P-pretty little mine cars…?"

"I love you, mine cars!" McJunker hugged the mine ar in front of him.

"I…um….I love you, mine cars!"

"Sweet little mine cars….." McJunker began to kiss the mine car.


"My collection of…treasures is coming along verrrry nicely!" Nick purred. "But I can't stop here! I want to fill my room 'til it's thirsting at the beams! Any help you provide is much depreciated!" Nick waved at the ceiling.

"Digadig!" The chieftain chirped. "Even I was surprised at the impact of the hip-shaker dance, Digadig. I believe it is a dance that should be known throughout the world! Hello, world, Digadig!" The chieftain began to do the hip-shaker dance. "This is one vigorous, passionate dance!" The chieftain stopped, placing his hands against his back. "Oh! My….back!"

"I have been speaking with the humans and it is proposed that we live here on Earth with them." Dynal said, speaking only to Raptin in the sub-idolcomp room. "The other Dinaurians have all agreed. What do you think, Raptin?"

"Do you think…do you think the humans will really accept us? We look so different from them…." Raptin shook his head. "I…I mean….I would be honored to take my place alongside them."

"It took some doing," Richmond sighed as he did paperwork in his office. "But things are finally back to normal. That young man really did turn out to be something special! I can't wait to see how he impresses us all next!"

Duna hesitantly walked up to two males that she saw talking in the Park Area.

"H-hello…" She greeted. "I am Duna…a Dinaurian visitor to your world."Both men looked at Duna.

"I assume you are taken aback by my appearance?"

"No, no-don't get the wrong idea!" The first man said. "It's just that you're so cute that we couldn't help but stare."

"It doesn't matter to us if you're an alien! Personally, I'd totally want to be your boyfriend!"

"I appreciate your accepting attitude." Duna said. "But the boyfriend thing is a bit sudden."

"Wow." The second male gasped. "I made Duna blush!"

"She's even cuter when she blushes!"

"G-goodbye…." Duna rapidly fled from the two men, who chased after her.

"Wait, come back! Duna, you want to get coffee sometime?"


Toshi glanced behind him to see Rosie walking toward him.

"Toshi, there you are! Everything's been so crazy lately with one crisis stacked on top of another….but you save Earth and made us friends with an alien race! It's a lot to be proud of, actually. You worked really hard, Toshi, every step of the way. So with all my heart, I wanted to tell you…good job. You've got to keep on working to be the best! Don't worry, though. I'll be right here with you…." Rosie smiled as she held Toshi's right hand. "As if you could get rid of me!"

Toshi chuckled. "You talk too much, silly rich girl."

"Lone wolf." Rosie chuckled.

Toshi chuckled as well.

Why do I think that Toshi and Rosie remind me of Paul and Dawn? And Richmond made a kinky comment with the hips thing. *Shiver* I was like, "OMG! You totally said something perverted!" And Bullwort is crazy. And the two guys chasing after Duna? Yeah, Good luck there buddies. Anyway, this is the end of my Fossil Fighters story.

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