Broken Miracles

By Twilighter 5



Hey everyone I go by the username Twilighter5, but you can call me Abby since I'd rather be a friend than a foe…. A name is more user friendly than a username haha. Okay anyways, this is a story close to my heart because even though this is the type of story that is quite random, the pain that is part of this story is one that I will carry with me always and forever. A little background on my part of this story goes back to when I four years old. My best friend Kaitlin was diagnosed with cancer and was bald. None of the other girls wanted to play with her since she was "different" and of course, we became instant friends; I was the new girl and she was the stand out. Then one day she stopped coming to our day care and it wasn't until my mom explained to me that she had passed away in her sleep that for the first time I experienced loss. But like Bella will learn in this story, I learned and gained more from the death of my best friend than I should. With her passing, I learned how to be strong, look death in the eye and say no; how to fight for life and everything I believe in and how to never give up. To me friendship is something to be treasured through life and even in death. Enjoy the story and understand that this is now only about the characters that Stephanie Meyer has brought to life, but of my own learning and understanding. Thanks and I hope you life this. Reviews are appreciated but not necessary since I know how everyone leads extremely busy lives in today's world.



*NOTE* This is a re-write of the other chapter I put up since I posted the wrong chapter. Oops. Enjoy

CHAPTER 1~ Tonight

Broken Angel: my time to fly

By Alice Cullen

The most beautiful discovery friends make is that they can grow separately without growing apart


Hello everyone, this is a the story of my life to help me remember what happened and to share my story with all my friends and family; I want them to know and understand how I saw the last portion of my life. This is not a memoir nor is it an autobiography, but a telling of my life through the eyes of those who are most dear to me. This book to many people might seem strange… like it's a dying girl's last request. Don't think that. Think of it as a way for a teenage girl to reflect on her accomplishments and search for ways that she changed and effected people from cover to cover; beginning to end. The day I die will be the day this book is finished. Thank you to all my readers and good luck with finding yourselves and your purposes in life. Everyone has a purpose… its just a matter of finding who you are.

Alice ~

Isabella Swan is by far the most generous and intriguing person I've ever met. I love her so much and she's more than a sister to me than anyone in the world. With that in mind I have begun to think about everything that she has done for me in the past few years and everything that she's done for me in my life. From always being there for me to laughing at me when I fell down the starts (with her falling down the stairs with me). Now, with the sand in my hourglass beginning to run out, I am going to spend the rest of my own life trying to show her how much she means to me and to thank her for all of her actions.

If anything, Bella is the closest person I know to being a martyr. With everything she does her heart and soul are evident in the embroidery of life she leaves behind. Every stitch is made of love and kindness.

It's truly extremely hard for me to explain how grateful I am to have her as a friend, but within the last couple months when my life really began to fall into the deep end, I have truly begun to see the fantastic person that she are. You've taken every obstacle in stride: with your parent's divorce, instead of crying and running from the pain, you looked at me and said "at least my parents won't fight anymore." Then there was the time that you fell out of the tree since I accidentally kicked you in the rib. As you lay on the ground with your arm going in two different directions you laughed. Laughed and smiled while saying "Thanks Ally that was fun… I got to fly like a bird." Prior to my diagnosis, I had taken everything she ever said for granted; I had taken her for granted. Why? Like every other teenage girl living in today's times friends were expected. I thought that we needed to be friends… nothing she could do could make our friendship stronger or weaker, yet here we are now and I'm saying how she impacted our friendship. Who knew that a smile in kindergarten would bloom into a beautiful flower. All the encouraging words and gestures bring me here today, happy and looking forward to helping you.

The day that I remember the most about our friendship seems to be one of the most depressing and discouraging days of my life. It is not about when we talked about our first kisses or dates… not when I started to make fun of my brother and you got all red faced and embarrassed. No, the single most important day I can recall is the day that the doctors had to explain to me what leukemia was. I can remember that day perfectly. The sun was shining and we were outside tanning in the sun (we were crazy since there is absolutely no sun in Forks… we were cloud bathing). We were laughing and pointing out the hottest guys in Seventeen Magazine and I went on and on and on about Jasper, the junior that I met on the last day of school. I explained how he hit me with his car door and said

"Sorry darling, I didn't see you there". Those were the words spoken that meant the entire world to me. They were the start of a new beginning and a new life. It was during this conversation that you noticed the dark purple mark on my left waist. It was purple and I mean dark purple. It didn't hurt and I actually did not notice it there until you pointed it out.

"Alice," you said, "is that where Jasper hit you with the door? On you're hip?"

"Um, I guess so. I'm not really sure…" I said, "I was a little busy ogling the guy I am bound to marry".

"Which door did he hit you with, passenger or driver?"

"I… I don't k now… driver?" I started but then it hit me. You were being smart, trying to figure out if he could have hit me on the side. But if he hit me without seeing me he would have hit my right since I was walking towards the hood of the car.

"Bella… I… I don't know how that got there. I don't normally bruise at all and I haven't walked into anything or anybody where I could have gotten that from…"

"Alice, have you gotten that checked?"

"Why? I didn't even notice it until you pointed it out. I mean, it may be nothing at all…a little bump that I didn't notice or something!"

"Or it could be something bad, dangerous. It's better to be safe than sorry Ally. Can we please get it checked out; to make sure that you're okay? The entire car ride to Forks General Hospital was uneventful, that much I can remember. You kept fidgeting behind the wheel like you knew something that you weren't telling me. I knew you well enough that I could tell your nervous habits apart from your strange self… if you were nervous you'd start to tap you hands on anything you can… if you were just thinking you'd begin to bite you're bottom lip.

When the doctors came in they called my parents.


"Bella?" I whispered gripping the handrails on the hospital bed that I was forced to lay in. In my arm I was attached to an IV and I had absolutely no idea what was going on.

"Yeah Ally?" she replied, her voice cracking under the strain of her tears.

"What's going on? I want to know what's wrong with me. I want my mom and my dad." I choked. Her hand managed to grip mine and within the few seconds that she touched my hand it was like we had spoken an entire conversation. Fear. Pain. Anger. Grief. Every emotion flowed through us. The doctors had been keeping us in the dark for hours while they ran tests. They had to draw blood and more blood, put me on fluids and poked and prodded my entire body. Bella never left my side even when it came to the drawing of blood. She brave faced it and held my gaze with a reassuring smile.

"Ally, I'm… I'll be right back okay? I'm going to go wait for your parents and maybe find out what's going on so I can let you know. Don't worry… everything will be okay." With that she got up and stepped out of the room leaving me to dwell in my own questions. I began to sing songs from the radio and repeated them in my head

I wanna be a millionare so freakin' bad

Buy all of the things I never had

I wanna be on the cover of fords magazine

Smiling next to opra and the queen

Cuz everytime I close me eyes

I see my name in shining lights

Ohhh a different city every night oh I I swear

The world better prepare

For when I'm a billionaire

"Alice, sweetie!" my mother cried rushing into my room. My father reluctantly filed in while having a conversation with my doctor in medical jargon and then came Bella. Her face was pale, almost like she had seen a ghost or stood on deaths door.

"Bells, what's wrong." She quickly changed her mood, shaking her head and putting on a fake façade.

"Nothing. Nothing Ally, I promise."

"Don't promise something that you can't keep Isabella." My mother scolded giving Bella a look of pure warning and anger. Never had my mother been so harsh to Bella; ever since her mom packed up and left Forks, mom had taken Bella under her wind as the second daughter she was never able to have. Whenever we did anything as a family, Bella would be invited…. Dinner, Christmas, birthdays. Everything. The room's atmosphere held a heavy weight and it felt like I was being pressed down by a raging ocean.

"Can someone please explain to me what is going on since it seems like I am the only one who doesn't know what is happening to me?" With a deep breath Doctor Handover began to speak slowly as not to scare me; however, I had absolutely no idea what he was talking about… it all sounded like a foreign tongue.

"Alice, it seems, under examination, that the levels of lymphocytes in your blood count are far beyond the measure that the medical world would deem 'normal'. This increase is a severe case that without the proper care will turn very quickly…"

"And?" I asked impatiently wanting him to get straight to the point. Surprisingly, my father spoke up next.

"Alice, honey? You have," he began, "leukemia".

When the word leukemia first came up in the diagnosis I was shocked and confused. I mean, I knew that it was cancer—cancer of the bone where the amount of lymphocytes was much greater than normal, I was just surprised that it had happened to me. However, unlike my parents who were frazzles, the entire time instead of freaking out like any other normal person would do, you just held my hand and translated the words he doctor was saying.

Alice… lymphocytes are white blood cells… the ones that fight infection. Remember? Ninth grade biology? You're the only one of my friends that was able to stay with me that day and I couldn't have been happier.

This is a memory that I will never forget because of you're strength. You're strength helped me find me. I wouldn't have been able to fight without you Bella—remember that you are strong and beautiful. I hope that by the time I die Bella, I'll be able to repay you for this strength…this encouragement. For all the times that you've stood by me and wiped my tears. I'm going to make it my dying wish to give you what you're looking for. And I know just how I'm going to do it. I have the perfect boy. All I need to do is convince you so.

I love you forever and always


Sorry that this is so short, but understand that Alice isn't going to talking to us from this point of view much in the story. Her actions and her words will be carried out in the retelling by other characters. Thanks for reading. Any suggestions that would be great. Oh! Check out that banner for this story… my website will be going up in a few days as well so just give them a lookover :D