A/N: Stumbled onto this and thought I might attempt to pick up where I left off. Maybe a few years of college will have helped my writing some. I'll let y'all be the judge of that. Short chapter to warm-up, I know I said that last time but it's summer so I'm going to do my best to stick to it this time.

Chapter 2

The sun beat down hard on West City, and all of it's residents were suffering it's fury. It was the hottest summer to date and the sweltering temperature paired with the normal bustling traffic of the downtown area made it more of a madhouse than usual. Even Bulma, elegant and classy heiress to the Capsule Corp legacy that she was, still found herself with a slight sweat broken out on her forehead and a dank tank-top as she pushed through the hoards of people swarming around her. She swerved around angry mothers, dodged businessman flying by on their cellphones, and ducked as she was almost smacked in the head by stray parcels. Bulma carried on right ahead because this is what she was born for, this was her calling.

This was shopping.

Not just any normal shopping day either, this was every retail-lover residing in West City's dream come true: Bargain Bonzai. Known as the city's own version of Black Friday, the local stores all opened their shops at the first light of dawn and welcomed their patrons with the highest discounted rates of the year. The event dealt much confusion and chaos, but was overall well-received and allowed for many happy shoppers. Women paraded the streets with both ecstatic grins and determined scowls painted across their faces as they drug their husbands along in tow, glaring at their counterparts eying the same blue dress.

Bulma was not a lady lacking in money: discounts didn't get her up in the morning to face the other supporters of Bargain Bonzai. No, Bulma Briefs shopped the super-saver holiday purely for the competition. No woman loved a challenge as much as she did, and she just dared someone to go for the last pair of those black Michael Kors wedges at the same moment she did. She'd show that bitch what kind of back ground she came from. Hell, she might even go Super Bulma on her.

Nope, Bulma thought with no shortness of pride. These hussies don't stand a chance.

Her thoughts were quickly interrupted by a loud buzzing from her purse. She pulled her phone out and glanced at the caller ID reading "Prince Asshole." A small smirk graced her face as she studied the particularly embarrassing photo of Vegeta she had caught to make his contact photo.

I bet no one ever thought the almighty Prince of Saiyans could get a sombrero over that gigantic cone of hair, she mused with a giggle. But then again, the prince didn't get it there, she did. The wrath of Kami came down on her when he woke up but no matter, Bulma never was one to let a sleeping lion lay.

She answered the phone with a click as she admired a particularly appealing pink bikini that had somehow not yet been introduced to her closet this season. Time to change that.

"WOMAN! I demand your presence at your father's establishment immediately. The training bots, as one would expect, were no match for my skills as a warrior and must be replaced with others up to my standard. This matter requires prompt attendance."

"As if, Vegeta. Today's Bargain Bonzai- the most important day of any truly skilled shopper's year. Only an alien wouldn't know that."

"Nothing is more important than the Prince of all Saiyan's needs. Especially needs concerning the training that will lead to me saving this pathetic planet of yours. So drop whatever foolish woman things you are doing at this Bongo Bazooka and report to Capsule Corp NOW!"

"FORGET IT! I wouldn't help you if you were the last Saiyan, human, or MONKEY left in this whole universe! Not with those manners mister!"

She pushed 'end call' with enough force to slam a bank vault door and threw her phone back into her purse. After casting a glaring eye to stifle the wary looks of her neighbor shoppers, she settled herself within two rows of dresses and allowed herself to bask in good old-fashioned retail therapy. She gathered a good bushel of only the finest garments to take to the dressing room when she felt the lightest tickle of breath on the back of her neck. She whipped around and, startled, dropped the bundle of clothes she held in her arms.

Vegeta, even with his short stature, stood straight enough to loom down on her. His hard face, the one she couldn't help but think of as handsome within her mind, stared down at her with it's typical scowl. The scowl that could make millions cower but never daunted her. He crossed his arms in front of his chest and huffed, "Woman, when I demand something of you, I am to be your first priority. I wait for no one."

"VEGETA?! Seriously? How dare you come to interrupt my shopping of all things! You don't just do that to a girl!"

"I am a prince. I do whatever I want. Now I will tell you for the last time, come fix the bots so I can resume my training to continue to be the strongest warrior this universe has ever known."

A quick retort shot to Bulma's lips, until an idea gathered in her mind that cut off her own words. "Strongest warrior in the universe, eh?"

"That is correct."

"So the strongest warrior in the universe could overcome any challenge placed in front of him right?"

"Of course, woman. As much as you strut around proclaiming to be the world's smartest earthling you take quite a long time to grasp a concept."

Ignoring his last remark Bulma gave him a smirk of her own and said, "Okay, tough guy. I challenge you to my very own Bargain Bonzai Battle. Me and the girls played from high school to grad school and I never lost a single game. Think you can handle me?"

"Please," Vegeta scoffed. "Of course I could win any game played by a bunch of giggly earthling women."

"Oh yeah? Game's on, princey boy."