How to annoy the Akatsuki, tested by Sakura Haruno

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Sakura Akatsuki stared blankly at the screen of her computer. Yes, she was an Akatsuki now. Wanna know how it happened? Well, here it is:

Pein invades Konoha. He beats Naruto's ass. Sakura steps in. Pein stops the whole invasion and kidnaps her. Nice, ne?

He later told her that the whole reason of the invasion was just to get her to join the Akatsuki. Why? Three reasons.

She beat Sasori (who was revived and was quite friendly with her) so she had to be strong.

She was a brilliant medical-nin (they needed one pretty bad)

Pain had a crush on her.

Aw, wasn't he the sweetest wittle God-complexed leader of a criminal organization with a questionable sanity? Sakura thought so too! But that wasn't what had captured her attention. No, it was a list.

A 100 ways to get killed by the Akatsuki list. And, since nothing fun had happened for the last five months (excluding the time Hidan walked into a room with nothing but an apron on. It also gave everyone a good look of his 'two-unicorns-having-you/know/what' tattoo on his butt) she decided to give it a try. The first one was quite easy (at least for her!).

1. Throw Sasori's puppets in the fireplace and claim that you couldn't find any firewood.

So, she quietly made her way to Sasori's room. Good thing he was on a mission and of course the fact that none of the members locked their rooms. But, since they were all S-class mission-nins that probably wouldn't stop them anyway. Yeah, it's a good day to be a ninja. So, Sakura looked around the room. Even at 4.30 in the morning it was still creepy. Puppets and poison were everywhere! It was just... ew. Sakura grabbed ten puppets that were the closest to her any ran to the living-room. Itachi was already there (no surprise there. Did the guy even sleep? Apparently not) and was staring at her. Sakura gave a quick 'hi' and dumped the wooden toys into the fireplace.

''Sakura... Why did you just burn ten of Sasori's favorite puppets? He is going to kill you, Leader-sama's girlfriend of not. I suggest you find a good explanation for this.'' Itachi said blankly. Sakura thought, and thought, and thought...

''Can I blame it on Deidara?''

''He's on a mission with him. He'll know you're making things up.''

''Right. Hmmm, what about if I blame it on... Wait, can I just use the excuse that we had no firewood?'' the list suddenly plopped into Sakura's mind.

''We have firewood right here.'' Itachi pointed a little left to the fireplace. Jup, a whole shit-load of wood. Damn it... ''But if you get rid of it quickly you might be able to bet away with it.''

''Good idea! Can you burn it please?'' Sakura used her puppy dog face. Itachi sighed, but still used the Fire Release: Great Fireball Jutsu and burned the wood. Evil wood. Burn! Kehm... ''Thanks! Now let's just hope he buys it.''

''If he doesn't, I'm not gonna protect you.''

''You won't have to, that's why I have Pein-kun!'' Sakura cheered. Itachi sweat dropped and went back to reading his book.

''I'm telling you, he's going to figure it out.''

''Just shut it, okey! Yeez, you Uchihas with you're attitude problems and emo problems and pride problems...'' Sakura went into a rant. Itachi did the smartest thing he could think of and ignored her.

A week later


''Em... We ran out of wood...?''

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