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Destiny's Forecast: Romance

It's not because he's stubborn, or because of his pride. It's not because, if he made himself look stupid while doing so, the guys would never let him hear the end of it. It's not because he's afraid that she doesn't return his feelings. And it's not because his obsessions conveniently get in the way, either. If she gave the word, knowing all about him and how he worked (as if she could know him any better), he would gladly give them up.

He knows that he loves her. But the last time he told somebody that he loved them, less than a day later they died, right in front of him. And he could do nothing to stop it.
He could be damned if he dared to lose her again, let alone so utterly.

She knew exactly how he felt, even if she didn't know he had those thoughts too. Ah, hold on; she liked him and knew he liked her back, yes. She was scared of losing him the same way he was scared of losing her, yes. She was afraid for the same reason as he was, well... no.

He knew from past experience how it felt, losing something precious to him and never quite being able to get it back. That's why he tries not to admit how precious she is to him; if he does, he may as well be shouting from the rooftops, "This is someone I care about! Someone dear to me! Try and take her away from me! Just try it!" In his mind, that was an inexcusable betrayal to her. And he would not do that.

She knew from all the times that she'd almost lost him that her very outlook on everything would change. No longer could everybody be trusted. No longer would the shadows stay where they were supposed to be. No longer would her friends see her the same... would they even still be her friends? Over time she would probably go as mad as she had when the Gordanians had captured her.

Unacceptable! Especially so because there would be no human boy, her human, to help her, to trust her as he had. Besides, as it was, she had kind of... imprinted on him (was that correct?), he being the first earthen she had met close up, not to mention the one she learned her basic earthen language from.

In her mind, that was why she had to show him that she loved him, before somebody took him away from her. Before he took himself away from her. Before it was too late.

So they were afraid of losing each other for different reasons. So this led to them coming to their own conclusions about what should be done about it. So had begun a dance that would only pause when one or the other got hurt.

Very troublesome. Or at lest, it would have been if nobody had messed with it. Just watching by itself should have been painful enough.

Then again, Beast Boy was never good at the whole 'look but don't touch' thing. And as even children know, where there's lightning, there will soon be thunder. Of course, then comes the rain. But that's getting ahead of the plan...

As such, it began on a dark, stormy night...

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