Tor: TT^TT Why, oh, why have I stayed away so long? Got distracted, that's why. That's not an excuse, that's a fault.

Free: Faults aren't good things, right?

Tor: No they're not. Not unless you get put up as a poster child for teen angst and let's face it, neither of us is doing that just yet.

Free: ... What do you mean 'yet'?

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Destiny's Forecast: Romance

As such, it began on a dark, stormy night... you know, the kind that's not fit out for man nor beast. People have debated that for years upon years since the saying went, contesting the theory for a perfect storm. That perfect storm. This perfect storm. Today, one has chosen to challenge it head-on with a loophole.

If man nor beast could travel it, surely a creature both man and beast in origin stood a chance, yes?

"Cy? Buddy? Not to be an ass about it but could you let me in before my nuts freeze off?"

No, he stood not a dewdrops chance in hell.

Most people didn't know it, let alone would have guessed it. The fact that he didn't like thunderstorms.

Then again, that was an occupational hazard of being a superhero. If everyone (let alone a handful of people) knew what he feared, somebody could and would eventually use that against him as a weakness. How? He prayed never to find out. That being a fact, Cyborg tried not to jump as lightning flashed outside.

"Wow. Can't believe I used to like when this kind of thing happened. What's gonna go next?" He wondered to himself as he approached the top floor.

The reason why was obvious, or at least it should have been; why he was scared of thunderstorms. If he got zapped by, oh, say a stray bolt of lightning (yet another haphazard of being the second tallest member of the team at 6'3", and happening to be made of metal)... well, there was no telling what might happen.

Say his brain got fried. On the one hand, he would become fully machine or a completely useless hunk of metal. Recurring nightmares for him. On the other hand, he could turn into some psychotic genius who wouldn't hesitate to experiment on everyone and everything he could get his hands on (hey, it could happen!). That, or he would get that intense urge to eat everything that didn't even remotely look like food. Again. Which he could, and from experience, would get indigestion from. He shuddered.

Okay then, say it doesn't hit my brain. It could still rupture or overcharge my power core, and then...His human eye twitched as his cybernetic one brought up the image of a nuclear warhead going off. Not a good idea, especially if it puts anybody else in danger. Oh, wait, that's exactly what it's gonna do!

And then there was the off-chances that neither his brain nor power core were hit. Would any/all of those rockets stored in his body explode suddenly? Would his circuits fry like the bacon he loves so very much? Or could it have no effect whatsoever?

Can't take that chance.

To put it lightly, he thinks about this kind of thing a lot during his spare time. Especially so during thunderstorms. Which brings us to the current situation. Now that that's out of the way, let us move on.

"Cy!" The cry was half-angry, half-pleading; awkward at best. Still, it got his attention, frozen just short of the stairs. He could see, however, even from there how Beast Boy was barely holding on to the door.

"I'm comin' grass stain! If you know what I-"

"Dammit tin can!"

"Got it!"

"Where is he?"

"Come now, Robin. Let's try this once more; do you really think that walking over every inch of the room will make him get back any faster?

"Maybe." Starfire resisted the urge to do something rash that would hurt the kitchen far more than it would injure herself, repeating the mantra she'd been practicing for such situations.

X'hal in... frustrations revolving around Robin out... X'hal in... frustrations revolving around Robin out...

"Hmm... well..." She could only think of three ways, currently, that would get him focused on something besides the day's newspaper (which he hadn't gotten the chance to read up until this point due to a series of unfortunate circumstances, so he was cranky), and of them one involved getting him to obsess about Slade, one had her acting in a way that would probably be uncomfortable for both of them, and one involved the miracle of Beast Boy returning from his errand within the next two seconds.

One... two...

Okay, there were now two ways she could think of that would get him focused on something besides the day's newspaper... and as she pondered which really was the lesser evil of the two tactics, it was as if a bell went off, signaling a bright idea.

The oven timer happening to go off loudly at that moment was just a bonus, although some would imply that this was the whole point of it. Anyway, she managed to completely miss how he froze and the way his mask twitched at the sound. As seemed to be the case for all women, her powers of denial in certain subjects (such as this one) were omnipotent, if not godlike.

"Ah, Robin! Would you mind testing the zorkaberry pie of tonight's dessert?"

It was an innocent suggestion (not in the least), and of course, due to the fact that he had no convenient escape route on hand, Robin felt forced to oblige, quelling the feeling that he was playing Russian Roulette with a fully-loaded gun.

Then he fully comprehended what she said and relaxed... slightly. After all, the month before he had tried at the suggestion (not dare) of one Kid Flash, and found that those zorkaberries were among the more tasty of his girlfriend's ingredients by themselves (you joke about it you die). No longer would his food 'conveniently go missing... okay, some of it would still go missing, but for various reasons, not all having anything to do with him... just... well...

He was feeling pretty safe about zorkaberries. And, no, it wasn't like he was developing any kind of addiction to them. That's what he told the others (sans Kori) last week when they found him sleeping in the kitchen, that's what he will tell them next month when something like this happens again, that's what he tells the people at the rehab center, and that's also what he tells himself every night before he goes to bed.

Silkie, on the other hand, knows otherwise. But this currently has nothing to do with the worm. What this has to do with is Robin's complete lack of an addiction to zorkaberries.

And so, Starfire pretended that she couldn't see a slightly unfamiliar gleam appear in her boyfriend's eyes even behind the mask, eerily reminiscent of a certain prankster. Had her plan backfired on her somehow? Or...

"Sure, if you don't mind..." Why did he look like Cyborg did whenever he was doing the barbeque-ing of the meat? Not again... could it be another clone?

She smiled wider as she went to get a fork.

"Yes please! I must know if it is pleasing to the taste buds of my close friends!" Not to mention whether or not I put enough salt in there... "But, umm..." I'm not nervous about this, I'm not nervous about this... oh why am I so nervous? "Uhh..."

"Star? What's wrong?" It was strange; one second she knew, she knew he was staring at the pie on the table next to her, a look she really didn't recognize on his face. Then he was next to her worrying if she was okay.

It wasn't completely strange, though. She knew it was normal for her (boyfriend? man? future husband? greatest weakness?) Robin had mood swings worse than hers been at that time, ever since then. Still, she couldn't help the blush that came from his close proximity as she steeled her resolve.

"Is it okay if I am the one who feeds you?"

Cyborg: Booyah! How's that for a clliffie?

Raven: Weird and confusing, not to mention late, but it looks like it may have worked.

BeastBoy: (comes in from being drenched) What the hell took so long, man? No, better yet, why the heck was I outside?

Cyborg: Man, my question's way better! What the heck is this about?

Beast Boy: Wow, you're right, that was better.

Raven: You've been working on your sarcasm, haven't you? I'm proud. Anyway, find out next time on Destiny's Forecast: Romance!

Beast Boy: That was beautiful.

Cyborg: Still, what kind of name for a piece of 'epic' is that?

Tor: Aw, thanks, guys. Oh yeah, and if Star seems a little OOC, well... eh.

Raven: I don't think that was a compliment.