Pandora's Little Pithos of Preteens

A HariPo fanfiction

by mew-tsubaki

Note: These characters belong to J.K. Rowling, not me. This was done for my Pandora's Little Box of Terrors challenge found in the HPFC. You can find the challenge here (just take out the spaces!): http :/ forum. fanfiction. net/ topic/ 44309/ 27638002/ 1/ Read, review, and enjoy! And check out and join the forum challenge!

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Terror: Plague

Lucy-Goosey is a Menace

Trouble followed Lucy Weasley wherever she went.

Once, she followed her cousins Roxanne and Lily into the Gryffindor Common Room. They'd been talking about boys. Lucy hadn't been a part of the conversation, but she'd been avidly listening. Roxanne and Lily were talking about crushes and girl stuff and that sort of thing.

Somehow, it slipped from Lucy's mouth that Roxanne liked Teddy Lupin as much as Lily Luna did.

Roxie and Lils haven't talked to her since their second year.

Another time, Lucy came across Molly being very much a girl with Lorcan Scamander. Heavens, that didn't seem right. Not only was Molly only fourteen at the time, but that wasn't supposed to be Lorcan with her. Molly was Lorcan's twin's, Lysander, girlfriend. So why had Molls felt the need to cheat on sweet Sander?

Lucy had accidentally scuffed her shoe on the floor, catching the passing-by Lysander's attention. So, technically, Lucy was the reason Molly and Sander broke up. But that wasn't her fault, no, in all honesty, it wasn't! She didn't mean for it to happen!

There went another family member.

Lucy tried her best to stay out of those sticky situations. She really did. Lucy wasn't a bad girl. She was…just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Meaning of course it was she who would have to discover Dad kissing Aunt Hermione. That rattled her thoroughly, the discovery of Percy with Hermione. Wasn't Auntie happy with Uncle Ron? Wasn't Dad happy with Mum?

It shook her so badly to the bones that she'd remained in her room at home for two weeks straight, not even coming out to eat. Her eyes were permanently red from all the crying she did. When she finally let her mother inside her room, Audrey was nearly as broken at seeing her younger daughter falling to pieces.

And all Luce could do in her mother's safe, tight embrace, was sob, "It's D-Dad… Him and Aunt Hermione…!"

Audrey cried, too, but at least she didn't leave. In the end, the only one not affected by Lucy's disease-inducing presence was her mother. One-by-one, her other family members grew estranged from her.

Lucy wished she could grow estranged from herself.

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Sad. I rarely write Lucy, but this was interesting. Onto my next terror!

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