I fear that I I'm lost. But, this city is huge and amazing. I'mso marveled.I feel as if I want to live here. But I can't.I have to find someone to live with...soon. But there's nothing more dangerous about going back to I walked down the streets of the big city I seen lots of huge buildings , fancy cars , and night time diners. As I walked and walked I seen one of my dad's prostitutes.I hid behind the garbage lid so she won't find me. She felt a breeze I guess and found me.

She starred at me with watery eyes ready to burst in seemed familiar but not as my dad's prostitutes but closer very closer. Her warm cozy hug was so familiar. I was confused. That's when without saying anything with tears already making a puddle she picked me up to rest on her carried me in a car where I think I've been in before. She drove and she drove until finally a daylight stop. She woke me up to this big huge a talking morning I said something. "Are you going to tell my dad?"she stared and stared like I was a snicker bar and she was a toddler.

" No not until you are fresh and clean, with a closed whom, and is taught like a young lady, with some respect and manners."PLEASEdon't tell my dad, I beg you!" "Never beg on your knee's like you have no respect for yourself show some confidence." I started crying when I go back I know I will be doomed but I had no choice to except the fact that I have to take consequences but I couldn't so I kept talking." Do you see me! I did not fall down some stairs or bump into a wall or fell on a rock. THIS IS ALL DAD!" "NO IT'S ALL YOU! If you did everything he said you would not have this problem. If you had no attitude this would have never happened, and if I didn't agree to lie and fake a death this would have never happened!" She started to cry and run up the mom I cant believe it its my mom. After so long shes still alive, but why did she lie what gave her the tempt to leave me? I had so many questions filling my head so I had to run after.