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I'm sure I don't need to start another fic, but it was begging to come out, and it made me really want to write again! So yay! This is set for more high school and a bit younger so please enjoy, it's also Codiase, for all that don't know.

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Rich Boy

"Look at them Teddy, look at the peons we call workers," Ted DiBiase chuckled, pointing to the handy man and his son, both hard at work in the expansive lawn below. "This will all be yours one day, and that kid down there, will serve you just like his father serves me. Now, lets have lunch, your brothers are waiting on us."

Ted smiled, poking his little chest out farther than he'd ever had before. He was proud of what he was going to be. He followed his father back to their large dinning room and ate with his brothers, before asking to be excused.

"I don't need you to follow me Virgil," Teddy snapped, his short legs carrying him outside and out to the pool.

"Your father has asked me to watch you Master Teddy, you are the one that tends to run off and get into mischief," Virgil said, sighing when he was waved off by the seven year old.

"I don't need you. I swim very well, my teachers have taught me all I need to know, how about you go watch Brett, or if you're really bored, I'm sure my father has some kind of work for you," Teddy snipped, walking over to the outside changing rooms and changing into his trunks. He returned with a long beach towel and an inflatable lounge chair. "If you're going to 'watch' me, then put this in the shallow end and then get me a smoothie from the kitchen. I'll be floating around the pool perfecting this godly skin and catching up on my reading." With that he waved Virgil off and grabbed a magazine from the rack placed just outside the pool for him and his brothers.

Virgil rolled his eyes, walking away and doing what the middle child had ordered.

Teddy smiled, watching as Virgil left him for a limited time. He easily got into his inflatable chair, and adjusted the umbrella to cover his face, his sunglasses sitting in the cup holder, waiting on him. He sighed in relaxation, relaxing back in the chair and floating around the entire pool.

Virgil returned and upon request followed Teddy around the pool at least three times before the younger man allowed Virgil to get anywhere near him to place the large orange colored drink filled glass in the cup holder, only after Teddy gave a lecture about having to move his sun glasses.

Teddy sucked the orange smoothie down through the blue straw, his eyes focused on the two his father had showed him. He looked at the boy about his age and smiled, he owned that, that boy was indebted to his father because of his own father, therefore, in his mind, Teddy owned him. "What's his name?" he asked Virgil, lowering his magazine enough to really get a look at the smaller boy.

"Cody. Cody Rhodes," Virgil answered, following the boy around the pool.

Teddy took a moment to think. "I want him to work for me. Ask my father to meet me in his lounge," he said, getting up after finishing his drink and submerging himself in the pool before swimming gracefully to the pool ladder and getting out. "I'll be up to meet him in five minutes Virgil. I'm like my father, I don't like to wait."

Virgil nodded, walking off with a frown, he was almost afraid of what he had just put the boy up for, he knew the middle child had a bit of a mean streak in him, and that was something that spooked him, especially since Teddy wasn't anymore than seven years old.

Teddy toweled himself off, wrapping the large beach towel around his waist before walking into the house and meeting up with his father in the large, expansive lounge, meant only for adults, but this during the day when no business partners or anyone one else was around, the boys could talk to their father in there privately.

"What is it Teddy?" Ted asked, closing the door behind him and walking over to his an over stuffed arm chair and sat down. "You're wet, I've told you not to come in the house with your trunks on." Once Ted was don't giving his son a light scolding he relaxed. "What did you need now Teddy?"

"That boy outside, Cody, I want him," he said flatly. "He works for us, that means he can work for me too. He can be like Virgil and do what ever I tell him too, then Virgil can follow Brett around for a while."

"Watch your tongue young man," Ted snapped, Virgil is not a babysitter, nor will he ever be. Brett has a Nanny, Virgil is meant to follow you like he does me Teddy. He is to be your right hand man when I pass on. You'll understand all this when you get a little older Teddy, but you can't buy people, at least, not yet. I'll make a deal with that boy's father, if you promise not torture Virgil anymore, and let him, as you so eloquently put it, 'watch' you, than that little boy is as good as yours."

Teddy nodded vehemently. "I will!" He followed his father down into the yard, strolling liesurly behind with his chest puffed out. He looked up at the dirty man in his yard, scrunching his nose up when he smelt the sweat of both males.

Ted smiled, clearing his throat loudly. "Rhodes, my boy here would like to enlist the services of your son as his personal attendant. He will still work that same amount as he does now, but instead of being in the yard he'll work inside, along side with my son. How's that sound?"

Dusty shook his head, pushing his son behind him. "My son isn't some kind of slave," he retorted, feeling the small fingers of his second son clutching his pant leg.

"Don't be so hostile now, I'm talking an increase in money here. Little Cody there will make his own wages and be in the company of many wealthy, successful businessmen, and of course my own son Ted Jr. There's also an increase for you. I'm thinking another hundred dollars every two weeks. It's a one time deal, I think you should take it," Ted explained, smiling all the while and reaching into his pocket for his wallet. He took out two crisp one hundred dollar bills and held them up. "Call it a down payment and the rest will be sorted out later."

Dusty looked back at Cody and then at the money. Quickly he prayed for God to forgive him and took the money out of Ted's hand. "He'll be here early tomorrow in his best clothes, ready for his new job," he said, a little defeated. He knew his wife was going to kill him when he got home.

"Don't worry about tomorrow. There is still time today for the boys to get to know each other, Teddy, take Cody and get to know each other," Ted suggested, looking down at his son.

Teddy nodded, walking away, motioning for Cody to follow him. "Hurry up, I don't have all day!"

Cody sighed, picking up after Teddy was getting to be a pain. When they were seven he used to just pick up toys and get things for the other boy, but now, it was clothes, and getting rid of old dirty things in his room, and even physical labor. Cody didn't complain though, his father needed the money to support him and his older brother and sister. His income, as little as it was, helped to a degree, and in enough time, they would be able to break free from the nasty hold, the DiBiase's had on them. He grabbed a dirty sock and placed it in the hamper he was carrying around. "I'm not some damn maid," he growled, closing his eyes as he picked up a pair of boxers. "Nasty!"

"You say something Cody?" Teddy asked, leaning against his door frame eating fresh ripe apple pieces. "Because if this isn't enough I can always give you more things to do."

Cody looked up, smiling as big as he could and without raising his voice or showing how irritated he was, he replied, "Nothing, commenting on the weather outside, it's nasty when it rains."

Teddy nodded, looking out his floor to ceiling window. "It is, isn't it? I guess it would be fun to play pool. Join me, oh wait, never mind, you have these clothes to take down to the laundry, and then you have to clean my shoes, I should be done with a game by then, wouldn't I?"

Cody nodded, remembering from years prior what happened when he back talked. He could still feel the sting of Ted's slap and it was a stiff reminder not to back talk to the other man, no matter what. "I'll be down to put things away when I'm done up here," he said, moving around to pick up more clothes and washables.

Teddy smirked, turning on his heels and walking down to the recreation room. He sighed, hopping up and sitting on the edge of the pool table. He laid back, the balls in all of the pockets, and breathed in. He hated rainy days, he rather be out by the pool, or cruising around, making Virgil drive, of course, or at least with friends that he enjoyed being around.

"Hey Teddy," Michael said, coming down the carpeted stairs. "You look bored."

"I am bored," Teddy replied, groaning when his older brother jumped up and laid on the pool table with him.

"You have that cute little servant boy. I don't think I'd be bored with that around. I'd wear his ass out every chance I got," he said, sitting up and earning a shove from his younger brother. "What, C'mon Teddy, don't give that bullshit that you've never thought about, with someone at least, doesn't matter if it's that kid or someone else."

Teddy rolled his eyes, truth of the matter was he thought of sex a lot, what fifteen year old didn't. He just didn't look at Cody that way, that was weird. He didn't mind that his older brother liked guys more than girls, really. To him it didn't matter, it wasn't him kissing on another guy, or anyone really for that matter.

"This is how I look at it Teddy, we have one life to live, why waste it on waiting for something. And this is why, I've been seeing this guy and he is amazing!" Mike continued to gush about his newest love interested.

"Mike, that's great, but I don't want to hear about it in that much detail," Teddy groaned, getting up and looking at the stars across the room, seeing the smaller boy there, laundry in hand, making his way through the game room to the laundry room. He really looked at Cody, trying to picture him even looking remotely attractive. He shook his head, feeling disgusted that he'd even tried to look at his little servant that way. He cringed, walking over to another part of the room and setting up the dart board.

Mike smiled, walking over and putting his hand on Teddy's shoulder. "Just wait, you'll find that someone some day that makes you want to fuck all the time. And if you're not interested in little Cody, I'll gladly take him off your hands then."

Teddy cringed at the thought. "That's great Mike, now I'm going to see that image every time I blink. I didn't want to imagine him and you both naked… thanks…"

Mike only chuckled. "You'll thank me one day," he answered, getting up and going back upstairs.

Teddy shook his head. He would never understand his brothers. He turned, finding Cody's face only inches from his own. He jumped back, clutching his chest and glaring at the other boy. "What the fuck?" he asked, straightening his clothes and returning to his lazy attitude.

Cody looked at Teddy bewilderedly. "I was coming to let you know that lunch is ready in the dining room. Your father would like you and your brothers to be there as soon as possible," he said, backing away slowly. "You were thinking and then turned around and almost ran me over."

"Well stay out of the way," Teddy snapped, his heart racing in his chest. He walked past Cody and up the stairs.

"Cody, it's rather hot out here. Go get me a glass of tea from the kitchen with ice," Teddy snapped from his perch on his inflatable chair in the pool. "And on your way out, bring me the phone. I have to call Maryse back."

Cody glared at the back of Teddy's chair, his arms already full with towels and a snack tray. "Your other guests are on their way, wasn't she invited?" he asked, trying to be polite. He'd served Teddy for most of his life, ten years to be exact. He knew most seventeen year old boys were out playing football, or video games, or just hanging around with girls, but Cody noticed, that Teddy did that to the extreme. Almost every day he was stuck picking up after Teddy and his friends. Cody sighed, walking away and getting that glass of tea, knowing that the silence he was given meant to stop asking questions and do his job.

Teddy waited, playing his favorite game with Cody that he used to play with Virgil before he asked for Cody. He took the phone immediately, but as soon as Cody leaned over, to hand him the glass of tea he pushed off from the edge, causing Cody to wobble but stay on the edge. He smirked, Cody had learned fast, after the first few times of falling in and having to walk around the rest of the day in wet clothes taught him better balance. "I don't have all day Cody," he teased, reaching out for the glass, this time taking it. He didn't want tea in his pool, not with all his friends coming over.

Cody grumbled, sitting on a chair under an umbrella, waiting for more instructions. He listened to Teddy talk to Maryse. He rolled his eyes. They had been together for a week, but they'd known each other since before Cody was hired on as his pretty much slave. Their parents wanted them to get together and get married so their businesses wouldn't be compromised when the two rose into each respective business. He really hated her though, she was rude, obnoxious, and over all, just a bitch, then again, so were all of Teddy's friends, even the guys. He stood when the door from the house opened, looking onwards at some of the people coming out, some in high priced street clothes, others in their bathing suits, if you could call them that, already.

Teddy got out of his chair and made it over to his friends without getting a single drop of water on him. "Hey guys," he said, walking over and kissing each of the ladies on the cheek, and nodding to every guy. Once at the end of it all he saw his girlfriend. He smiled, and planted a soft kiss on her lips, smiling brightly at her. "Well, c'mon, lets get started!"

Cody rolled his eyes, everyone was stripping their clothes off and jumping into the pool in their skimpy bathing suits or expensive trunks you only wear once. He watched everyone have fun, Teddy splashing around with Maryse and others.

"You look bored," one guy noticed, walking up to Cody. "Aren't you going to get in?"

Cody looked over at him, noticing it was one of Teddy's newer friends Phil. He shook his head. "I work here. Is there anything I can get you?"

Phil shook his head, sitting next to the other boy. "You're my age," he pointed out, watching the others play in the sun.

"We go to the same high school Phil, they don't see people like me because I don't have the millions they do," Cody explained, shrugging. "That's fine though, I do have days off and I do have my own friends."

"Phil, come join us, don't talk to Teddy's help, it's just unnatural," Layla called, splashing her best friend Michelle and Madison and Lacey. "So girls, what about the name Lay-Cool's Beautiful People?"

The four blonds looked at Layla and shook their heads. They were all rich and they were all friends, but there was a line and that meant while they were friends, they still had their own clique.

"Layla sweetie, leave the Lacey, Madison, and Velvet out of this, lets just enjoy the day here at Teddy's," Michelle said, waving Phil over to her. "C'mon Phil, get away from the trash and get in the pool. AJ, Mike, and Chris want to play chicken and we need you and Desmond and Nick to join in.

The twins nodded their heads.

Cody shook his head, watching as Drew hauled Layla up to her shoulders. He saw the pairs, Nick holding up Brie, AJ holding up Velvet, Phil with Lacey, Mike with Madison, Jack holding up Nikki, Teddy with Maryse, and Desmond with Michelle. They were all different shapes and heights.

"Having fun?" Virgil asked, sneaking and taking a seat next to Cody under the umbrella.

"When they all get sun burnt, I'll be laughing," Cody replied honestly. He looked up into the dark face with a smile. "What are you doing out here? You're never around unless something bad's happening."

Virgil shook his head. "No. I'm giving you the rest of the day off. It's Friday, there's no reason for you to waste your time here when this'll go one for hours."

Cody smiled. "Thanks Virgil," he replied, getting up and walking away, he snuck a peek back at the group, his blue eyes resting on the boy he'd been serving. He sighed, noticing that Teddy got more and more handsome as time went on. He turned back to the front of the house, keeping that bit of information to himself.

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