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Almost Paradise

Dustin knocked lightly on Cody's door, hoping to wake him and Teddy up so they would be up in time so they could get a shower before going to school. "Codes?" he asked softly, opening the door to peek in. He bit his lower lip, finding Cody there snuggling into Teddy's side. He tried to ignore how their pajamas were thrown about the room and how Cody's upper thighs were showing from under the blankets. He closed the door, sighing at how he was afraid for Cody to get hurt like he had. "Please…. I hope you didn't sleep with him." He knew it was already too late but he still hoped, knowing how hard it was to give up the one that took something that precious. He turned back to the door, knocking loudly. "Cody, time to get up!"

Cody groaned, covering his face with a hand, his body struggling to keep close to the warmth next to him. "Don't wanna," he muttered, wondering exactly what was so warm in his bed. His eyes opened as he sat up, landing on Teddy. He smiled, the events of the night before coming through and making him blush. "Ted…"

Teddy mumbled something incomprehensible before curling on his side facing Cody. "Too early…." His hand reached out, looking for the boy that was supposed to be lying next to him. "Cody?" he asked sleepily, his eyes opening to find that he was alone on the palate. He sat up, turning to find that Cody was pulling on a deep blue robe. "Morning."

Cody turned, unable to meet Teddy's eyes. "M-morning," he stammered, holding a towel to his chest. He felt almost embarrassed to be standing there in front of Teddy. "I'm gonna get a shower, okay?"

Teddy nodded, wrapping the blanket around his waist as he stood. "Does it hurt?" he asked, moving closer to Cody, tipping the other boy's chin up so their eyes could meet.

Cody shook his head. His knees were growing weak as he stood there. He tried to look away, finding that he couldn't because of Teddy's hand. "Ted…."

Teddy smiled, leaning in and pressing a kiss to Cody's lips. "Yeah?" he answered, pulling away only after their light kiss.

Cody shook his head, trying not to think about what they needed to talk about. "Um… You can have a shower when I'm done. I promise I won't use all of the hot water," he finished lamely, swallowing hard as he passed Teddy.

Teddy nodded, sitting back on the bed and allowing Cody to leave. He smiled, looking around the room for the first time. The walls were plain white, although most of them were covered with posters of musicians and other memorabilia, mostly Cody and his friends. He stood, making his way over to Cody's desk and looking over the messy papers.

"We need to talk," came a voice at the door, startling Teddy.

Teddy looked up finding that it was Dustin that has slipped into the room, his blond wig curled to frame his face. "Okay?" he asked, standing fully straight. "What's on your mind?"

Dustin sighed, moving to sit on the bed. He crossed his legs at the ankle, trying not to show off everything that was under his knee length skirt. "Cody's my little brother. I don't want him to get hurt," he started, holding up a hand to keep Teddy from jumping in while he was talking. "I know that you two slept together. I just want you to know that I don't want him to get hurt. Your father is in denial about having anything less than perfect, straight sons. If you aren't going to fight, then don't drag him through the mud thinking that you care about him."

Teddy was silent, thinking about what Dustin had said. He sat down next to the older male. "I'm sure you've already heard," he started, sighing lightly. "I'm supposed to get married in June." He paused, looking over at the fire in Dustin's eyes. "Before you rip something off of me, let me explain."

Dustin crossed his arms over his chest, looking the handsome DiBiase up and down. He had to admit that Teddy was good looking, nothing compared to Mike, but still a good looking guy.

"Our dad's arranged this marriage so they could merge businesses. That's why Cody quit working for me. My dad brought it up in front of him and I didn't have the balls to stand up to him. I spent days so high I could barely move. I just wanted to die, thinking that I'd hurt Cody so bad," he added, his hands resting in his lap, his eyes focused on them. "The reason I have this black eye and the lashes on my back are because I told my dad that I wasn't going to marry her and that I wanted to be with Cody."

Dustin was silent, thinking about what Teddy was saying. He'd heard it before when Mike had told his father that they were dating. Before he could say anything Teddy was speaking again, his voice soft.

"I'm not going to be like my brother. I don't care what my dad does to me; I'm not leaving Cody. He can hate me, beat me, hell he can kick me out and disown me but I'm not going to make the same mistakes Mike did with you," he said, the strong finality in his voice washing over Dustin in waves. "I'm sorry that Mike hurt you, but I'll be damned if that happens to Cody."

Dustin couldn't help but smile. "I love your brother," he whispered. "I know that he went back because he had to and I can't blame him. The only reason I'm saying any of this is because I know what it's like to be left behind to make amends in the family and keep the peace. I just don't want Cody to have to go through that."

Teddy nodded, thinking back to how lifeless Mike had been around the house. "He's torn up too," he added. "He looks like a corpse most of the time because he can't see or talk to you. I don't want to be like that, I won't be like that. I care too much about Cody."

Dustin nodded, trying to fight the tears out of his eyes so they would make his mascara run. "Tell your brother something for me?" he asked, standing and wiping away the building tears.

"What's that?"

"Tell him I love him and that I miss him. I know we won't be able to be together but I want him to know that he's the only person I'm going to love like this," Dustin whimpered, turning his back to Teddy as he wiped his eyes. "Do that for me?"

"I'll tell him as soon as I go home," he answered, standing and resting a hand on Dustin's strong shoulder. "Can I ask you a question though?"

Dustin nodded, it was only fair that he let Teddy ask him a question in exchange for his favor. "What's on your mind?"

Teddy took his hand back, unsure of how to phrase his question. "Erm…. Feel free to tell me it's none of my business, but how did you meet my brother and how did he find out you were a… well…"

"A crossdresser?"

Teddy looked at his feet almost ashamed. "Yeah."

Dustin couldn't help but chuckle. "I'm a nurse. I was out getting something to eat on my lunch break one night and we just bumped into each other. We hit it off and he asked me to go out to lunch with him one day," he started, thinking back fondly on the memory. "I thought he was flirting with me and I didn't want to scare him so I just told him that I wasn't a woman. He only laughed and told me he knew that I was a guy and that he wasn't into girls anyway. It's all ancient history from there."

Teddy smiled, thinking that it was almost romantic to meet someone like that. He looked back on how he'd met Cody and began to gnaw at his lower lip. He hated how he'd treated Cody all those years. "Thank you," he murmured, looking up to find that Dustin was once again wiping his eyes. "I didn't mean to bring up memories."

Dustin shook his head. "I don't mind, like I said, I love your brother, so the memories are what keep me going sometimes. I can only hope that one day he'll be able to get out from under your dad's thumb and be on his own. I don't care if I have to work seven days a week, I'd provide for us until he could find a job," he said whimsically. "Well, I think Cody's done in the shower, you better clean up too. I'm glad our dad sleeps like a rock or else you two would've been caught."

Teddy tried not to blush as Dustin smiled and left. His eyes followed the older male, finding that he wasn't all that bad, sure he was a protective older brother but Teddy was damned determined not to hurt Cody like Mike had hurt Dustin.

It wasn't but a few minutes later that Cody was bounding into the room, the towel around his shoulders over his T-shirt. "Shower's free," he said, smiling at the look on Teddy's face. "You look like you're thinking hard about something."

Teddy shook his head, standing and pulling Cody to him, their lips crashing together in a heated kiss. He eased his tongue over the other man's lower lip, invading the minty mouth and taking in every taste that he could. His arms were wrapped around Cody, keeping him as close as possible. He wasn't going to give this up. He couldn't, he cared too much.

Cody groaned, his own arms wrapping around Teddy's neck, his hands already playing in the blond hair. He groaned, his back pushing up against the door. He pulled back just enough to breathe, finding a spark in Teddy's eyes that he'd never seen before. "You okay?" he asked breathlessly. "Not that I'm complaining."

Teddy shook his head. "I don't want to lose you, ever," he stated, touching his lips to Cody's again, this time being gentle. "Promise me that no matter what happens you'll be here."

Cody smiled, resting his hands on the strong shoulders. "That's a little steep don't ya think?" he asked, half joking. He felt the need in Teddy's arms, the want of knowing escaping his lips. He leaned in, kissing Teddy softly. "I'm not going anywhere Teddy."

Teddy felt his heart jump at the nickname. "I…." He stopped, unsure if he was able to say what he wanted yet. "Never mind," he murmured, looking into the confused blue eyes. "Could you show me where the shower is?"

Cody smiled, reaching down and giving Teddy the long forgotten sleep pants. "You might want to put these on before you go. I'll bring you something to wear," he laughed, the blush on Teddy's cheeks cute. "Hey, about today at school…."

"What about it? I'm taking you, I'm holding your hand, and I don't give a flying leap of what anyone has to say," he said roughly, pulling on the pants before following Cody out of his room to the bathroom.

Cody was sitting in the passenger seat of the sports car fiddling with his fingers. "Are you sure about this?" he asked, looking over to the still black, but less noticeable eye. "I don't want to cause more trouble for you."

Teddy smirked. "You aren't. I'm not going to live this lie anymore. I'm going to tell Maryse today that I'm done, that my dad knows and I don't care if the entire school knows that I'm with you," he explained, turning the corner and parking in the student parking lot. "Unless you aren't ready for others to know."

Cody shook his head. "I have to tell my friends still," he admitted, looking out at the filling campus, the bell not set to sound for another few minutes. "I don't care if anyone knows. The whole school knows that I was dating Randy, why would this be any different?"

Teddy nodded, taking Cody's hand in his and pressing a kiss to it. "I won't do anything if you don't want me to."

Cody smirked, leaning across the console and capturing Teddy's lips with his. "If I didn't want you to, I wouldn't be having this conversation with you," he whispered as he pulled away from the other boy. "It's time to go, or else we're going to get stuck in the masses."

Teddy nodded, getting out of his car and shutting the door, waiting until Cody was out before hitting the automatic lock and walking over to him. "Can I hold your hand?" he asked, reaching out to take the smaller hand in his.

Cody tried not to blush as he allowed Teddy to take his hand and lead him up to the school. He looked around, finding that they only captured the looks of a few people. He could see their lips moving around questions that he knew was running through everyone's heads. He stopped, catching the eyes of his best friends. "I'm going to stand with my friends, okay?" he asked, stopping Teddy for only a moment.

Teddy nodded. "That's fine. I'll see you later today?" He smiled at the cute, shy nod he was given. He didn't dare lean in for a kiss yet. He knew that would take some time for the both of them to be comfortable with. He looked down into the mesmerizing blue eyes, wishing that he could steal just one.

Cody tried to break his stare with the slightly taller blond, finding that he couldn't keep back the want of a kiss. He tightened his hand around Teddy's for a moment. "Teddy, can I…."

Teddy felt someone latch onto him, his hand breaking contact with Cody's. He took a few steps back, trying to push whomever had attacked him back enough to see who it was. He could already tell from the dark look that was coming from Cody, that it couldn't be good. He pulled away, finding that it was his fiancée that was hugging him.

"Teddy bear, I was worried about you yesterday. You can't just leave Daddy's like that and not tell someone," she teased, clinging onto his arm and starting to pull him away. She pouted at him when she couldn't get his attention. "Teddy bear!"

Teddy pulled away from her. "Don't call me that," he growled, taking a step to catch up with Cody, whom had turned his back and was walking away. He reached out, grabbing the sleeve of Cody's sweater and turning him towards him. He could see the slight amusement in the blue eyes mixed with a sort of jealous anger. He heard the bell ring and as the teenagers around them started towards the doors he leaned in and pressed a light kiss to Cody's slack lips. He pulled away with a smirk before allowing a fuming Maryse to drag him off towards the school.

"Ooh La La," came a deeper voice, followed by a few different levels of chuckles.

Cody turned to find Jeff, Ken, Evan, and Randy standing there all of them smiling at him. He smiled with a small blush, looking up into Jeff's green eyes before looking down at his shoes, licking his lips to keep the small taste of Teddy with him. "I have a lot to tell you," he said softly, looking up to see the interested eyes of his friends.

Randy was the one to wrap an arm around Cody's shoulders and lead him away. "I'm guessing things turned out better?" he asked, smiling at the soft blush that seemed to stain Cody's cheeks again.

"You didn't smash him in the face did you?" Jeff asked, thinking about the deeply bruised eye. "I mean because if you did, you two are into some kinky shit."

"Jeff!" Evan warned, looking from Cody's red face to Jeff. "He's embarrassed. I mean c'mon. If he's into that kind of stuff, then it's none of our business." He laughed, earning a good shove from Cody. Evan easily broke off from the group, biting his lower lip as he walked up to AJ and started a conversation.

"Any progress with them?" Cody asked, leaning into Randy and hoping for an answer.

"Nothing that Evan's told us about. They're pretty chatty though. They text back and forth a lot outside of school," Randy answered, looking down at Cody with a smile. "So about you and Ted."

Cody blushed, adjusting his backpack. "He stayed with me last night," he started softly, noticing that Jeff and Randy were leaning in for any kind of juicy detail that Cody was willing to give. "What?"

"Well, did anything happen?" Ken asked, waving at Ron and John as they came walking up. "C'mon, details kid!"

"Don't tease him baby, he'll clam up if you do," Jeff warned, hooking his arm with Cody and leaning in. "Unless you really want to tell Jeffy-Jeff about them."

"Well, seems like it's time for class," Cody said, the second bell saving him, and notifying everyone that they only had five minutes before the beginning of their classes.

"Not fair at all!" Jeff groaned, pressing a kiss to his boyfriend's cheek as they parted ways for class. He waved at the others as him and Cody started their walk to their first class. "Did you do it? I mean because you're the happiest I've ever seen."

Cody blushed hard, knowing that the silence was giving Jeff the answer. "Don't tell anyone okay?" he asked, looking up to hopefully catch a glimpse of Teddy as he made his way to his class. He smirked, seeing the other boy at his locker. He frowned when he saw Maryse there, her pink lips just moving. He wanted to jump in, kiss Teddy hard on the mouth, showing that he was the one that the other man wanted, that he was it, not her. He stalled for a moment, wanting to at least tell Teddy that he'd see him at lunch.

Teddy turned, rolling his eyes before they landed on Cody. He smiled, slamming his locker shut before walking over to Cody. "Have fun," he said softly, reaching out and taking Cody's hand in his. He pressed a kiss to the back of it before walking away, his girlfriend stomping behind him.

Cody looked over at Jeff, unable to keep from smiling.

At lunch, Cody was already seated with Jeff and Ron, Jeff asking all sorts of questions about what had happened the night before and how it felt.

"Jeff, just leave it alone, he'll tell us when he's ready," Ron said, defending poor Cody from the bombardment of questions. "It took you and Ken almost a month to tell us that you even gave him a BJ and another two before you told us that you two were sleeping together."

Jeff pouted, crossing his arms as he nibbled at his homemade lunch, starting with the cookies. "Still isn't fair," he whined, poking his lower lip out. He earned a good hard look from his lover as he came up, his school lunch placed next to him.

"Behave Jeff," Ken warned, leaning in and kissing Jeff's cheek. "At least for now." He earned a dark blush from his lover.

Cody smiled, poking at his salad and mixing in his dressing. He waited until Evan was sitting across from him that he even spoke again. "So, what's going on with you and AJ?" he asked, earning a light blush from Evan. "C'mon, tell me about you guys and I'll tell you something just as good."

"Isn't that bribery?" Randy asked as he sat next to Cody with a chuckle. "Last I knew it was."

Jeff hushed Randy, ready to hear anything juicy from either boy.

Evan looked down at his lunch before looking up sheepishly. "We text all the time now and the other day he kissed me," he said softly, looking up to find the wide smile on Cody's lips. "I haven't told him that I really like him yet. I kind of like it being slow like this. It's really nice." He looked back down at his food before locking eyes with Cody. "Now what's going on with you and mister engaged?"

Cody felt his heart jump at the term. "Well…" he started, looking up and finding the blue eyes were locked onto him from Teddy's normal table. "He…." He tried to pull his eyes away, the smile on his lips only widening. "We spent the night together."

Evan felt his eyes widen and his jaw drop. "You and him slept together?!" he asked aloud, gaining the attention of everyone in their little group. "I'm sorry."

Cody felt his cheeks burn. "Well, I didn't want to hide it from you guys," he admitted, fiddling with his salad slightly before taking a bite.

"Here he comes Romeo," Randy said, nudging Cody's shoulder to look up. His eyes met those of Teddy's, his own showing that he had nothing with Cody other than friendship anymore. "You gonna scoot over for him to sit?"

Cody moved closer to Ron, making room for Teddy to sit down if he wanted. He smiled, the blond taking the spot, his legs still out in the walkway. "Hey," he breathed, looking into the soft blue eyes. "How's your day going?"

"Pretty good, if I could get Maryse to get off me for a little while it would be better," he answered honestly, taking Cody's hand is. "I just wanted to remind you about the party Friday night. You can bring your friends if you want, just remember to wear a costume, okay?"

Cody nodded, tightening his grip on Teddy's hand, not wanting to let go. "We'll be there. Hey, you invited AJ didn't you?" he asked suddenly, earning a kick from under the table.

"Yeah, of course I did. He's one of my best friends. Why?" Teddy asked, finding that the table was silently listening to his and Cody's conversation.

Cody shrugged. "I just wondered is all," he said finally, smiling up into the beaming face. "You should get back, Maryse looks like she's about to come over."

Teddy rolled his eyes. "Fuck her," he growled, looking over to catch her eyes with his. He smirked, turning to Cody and pressing a soft kiss to his lips. "I'll see you later." He took his hand away and stood, making his way back to his table.

Cody sat there with a smirk on his lips, his eyes looking over to find that Maryse was staring daggers at him. He only smiled wider, thinking of how perfect if felt to be able to be open with everyone about Teddy. It was more than he could have ever asked for.

"Well, I guess things are going pretty good," Randy piped in, starting the conversations up again.

Cody nodded, looking over to see Maryse holding her hand up to Teddy's face as he sat at the table with his friends. He couldn't admit how much he wanted to just jump up and pull Teddy into the bathroom for a good make out session.

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