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When he looked around people ran wild, some staggered while others ran. Damn, rushing zombies, their supposed to stagger. With an ax in hand he hacked and chopped what ever approached. Some of those contaminated mutated as they screamed with with bloody agony. No idea where to run the late sun gave fear due to night's unseen cannibal. As he turned around on was after him, prepare the ax as a baseball bat and is about to swing, when he swang the ax the head almost fell off though the ax was stuck in the spinal column, with one massive pull the heads was hanging by a string as blood spued around, the ax tight in hand he jumped back in surprise that it didn't truly sever from the body not the fact that he had just hacked at zombie.

Moving on to a safe place only to find none; standing in one area would turn you to a buffet for the growing hoard. With a calm head he ran to car but the damn thing did not have the keys. Moving on to another car with the driver door wide open and with another damn zombie in the way he side steps it and swings hitting it right in the head. Once the zombie was down he moved to the car and due to some idiot the keys stared at him in the ignition. He smiled and got in shutting the car door with a click from the lock and checked the back seat to see if something was in sit and wait to eat his head, not wanting to be the few idiots in the world who died by stupidity; by spare of luck the car was empty.

It was insane the world had at last lost its mind.

It reminded him of some thing though the thought escaped him, the craziness of the world.

The leaked information about a month ago that the government of Germany was working on something and North Korea had "taken" the abandoned project and continued where Germany left off.