Looking down at the body, the other guy looked away, "Is it necessary to be here?" he questioned. Being able to look around again with hopes of no more interruptions Ezmerelda looks around the church, and notices there are no bibles in the holsters of the benches. "Is religion suddenly hated?" she's asks Chris and the other guy saw what she noticed; "Perhaps the small town blamed anything for what has occurred." The other guy says. "But religion, what did God ever do? I mean come on, people created this outbreak." Ezmerelda says. "Tell that to those who believe otherwise." Says the guy. "Sam, what do you think this is?" asks Chris, Sam approaches and Ezi follows to where Chris stands. Blood and part of a severed hand, the partial contained the thumb, index and some flesh was left on the bone of the middle, meaning the most of the middle finger was bone as the skin, muscle and tissue was just barely attached; the ring and pinky finger were gone.

The trail of blood went to a room in the back of the church. A TV was heard yet it was incoherent fuzz as a moan was heard almost a raged breath. Chris motioned for silence, slowly opening the door, there was witnessed a man sleeping on a chair slouched whereas a woman was sleeping on the couch, she moaned in pain as she tossed her head in some direction. The three could not tell what exactly how long she was infected but it looks like she was losing the battle, perhaps she was in her eleventh hour of being infected, it was hard to tell. Most likely she heard the door open, Chris looked into her eyes and saw she was one of those who were trying to fight the infection, it was a losing battle, and those who can fight the infection live for three to four days at most. Unlike those who are simply infected, they only have their hours.

The room was small, it must of have been an office for the church at one point. Chris walked over to the man as Esmerelda watched behind Sam and nudged his arm to get him to wake up.

The man woke with a start, looking towards the woman on the couch then to Chris only then did his eyes flicker to Sam and Ezi. "Who are you and what do you want?" the man asked as he rose to his feet with a jump of anxiety. Wielding a .24 berretta with nervous hands Chris quickly gained the upper hand and took the gun away from the nervous wreck.

Posted - 10/11/10