Love is a noose

Summery: Durzo loves Kylar and it's driving him nuts! When Kylar finds out he leaves Kylar for good. However what if Kylar fallows after him with mixed feelings that need to be sorted with Durzo's help?

Author note: Hiya! This is my first time ever writing a fan fiction or any type of story that doesn't have to do with my own characters or anything so please be gentle! No flaming by the way. I know Kylar ends up with Elene in the end and I like them as a couple however I always like the Durzo/Kylar couple too.

Warning: This is slash/yaoi/malexmale so if you don't like it then please leave.

Pairing: Durzo/Kylar, Elene/Kylar, Logan/Kylar, and Durzo/Momma K However it will end with Durzo/Kylar.

Disclaimer: I do not own the Night Angel Series this is just for fun.

Chapter 1

Durzo cursed the Night Angels and any of the other gods that he had heard of. How had this happened? It was something he had always told himself to stay away from. Love was a noose! He told himself that over a million times! Did he still not get it! Even over seven hundred years of living, having his wife's and kids dieing on him, and he still couldn't get it through his skull!

It wasn't his fault though! How could it have been! He had slowly fallen for them and couldn't stop himself before it became an addiction! Ever night he would sneak to their house just to watch them breathing peacefully. He would hide in the shadows and erase his presence just to be able to be near them when they were out!

-And it was killing him!

He cursed again taking a huge swing out of the wine skin. Love was a horrible thing indeed.

"Damn you to hell Kylar!" he hissed ignoring the looks of the few people sitting at worn out, termite eaten, round tables not far away from him. He had disguised himself so no one would spread rumors of Durzo Blint's love for Kylar Stern who was the Count Drake's son. More or less anyway. It wasn't the best disguise he could use but it did its part. He had used his Talent this time and made himself look like a heart broken girl. Yes girl. People would defiantly think different of Kylar if they thought that he swung for the other side. He didn't want to ruin the boys hard built up reputation.

"Now what's a pretty girl like you doing hanging 'round this part of the Warrens?" a man with barely any teeth asked.

Durzo looked up not in the least amused. There were five other equally ugly man standing around the man who had been the one too speak. They were missing teeth or their teeth were yellow and rotten. Either bald or had bald patches on their big square heads and their hair was so greasy it looked socked and stuck to their faces. None of them could even come close to Kylar in looks. They weren't even worthy enough to breath the same air as his young apprentice.

"Trying to get drunk enough so I can't see you're horse shit faces." He said in the best feminine voice he could muster.

They all chuckled at that and he went back to ignoring them. "Why don't we just take you to our guild den and take turns fucking you. You wouldn't mind that would you missy?" the obvious leader sneered leaning across the table.

Fucking somebody did sound like fun but not them. He had thought of banging Kylar plenty of times, especially when he was training the boy. The way the sweat slid down his perfect muscles, how his hair was matted to his face, his flushed cheeks, and his eyes, full of determination, hatred, and love. It was as if the boy was begging to be fucked! Durzo had almost lost to temptation more then a few times. He had even planned out how he would do it, like any professional wetboy, he would knock the boy to the ground while they were training and use hi Talent to hold the boy down and silence him. That would be rape though and he didn't want that for Kylar.

Durzo sighed.

"If you leave me alone now I wont kill you." He said standing up and picking up two more skin bags that he would bring to his safe house.

The guildrats laughed out loud at that. They probably thought it was hilarious to see one girl who, they thought was drunk, tell them 'she' was going to kill six men.

If he weren't in such a bad mood he would have smirked. Instead he turned around and headed for the door so he could head home. Like everyday Kylar would come over to train with him for a few hours and 'like everyday' Durzo would have to hold back his love for his apprentice. He needed at least three hours of sleep or he would feel like a fat hog lugging around its body all day.

He made it out the door before the men noticed and went after him.

"Hey! Where do you think your going whore!" they yelled chasing after him. In inhuman speed Durzo whipped out six daggers that he had hidden in the sleeves of his tunic and threw them at them aiming at each of the men's hearts. They were all dead in a matter of seconds. It was normal for life to end like this. He wasn't killing anything of value. That he was sure of.

Taking another swing from the swinskin he sighed and dropped his disguise. Maybe he would head over to Momma K before heading home.

Kylar yawned as he sat up in his bed. He had promised Logan that he would hang out with him for the day. Until he had to train with Master Blint that is. He threw his feet over the bed and walked over to two steaming buckets of water, wondering what was wrong with his Master lately.

Blint seemed to be out of it a lot and Kylar had actually been able to land some punches on him. However he had paid dearly for it when Durzo got him back ten times harder. It was also strange when the wetboy pinned him down longer then normal or held him to the wall and stood a little to close.

He shrugged it off as he finished bathing and slipping on fresh clothes. He didn't know what Logan had planned for the day but he hoped it would be interesting, and knowing the blond boy it would be.

A sudden knock on his door made him jump and he cursed lowly. He was a trained wetboy for the mother of the Night Angels! Just a little knock on his door had startled him! Sighing he walked over to the thick wooden door and opened it. "Yes?"

"Hello Kylar. You ready to go?" Logan questioned with a huge smile on his face as he stood in the doorway with his hands behind his back.

Kylar smiled and shook his head. Leave it up to Logan to meet him at his door. "Almost." He chuckled moving the out of the way to allow the taller male in his room. "I just have to grave something." He left his friend standing by the door as he walked over to his bed. Getting down on his knees he graved just one small dagger and quickly hid it under his tunic. Kylar knew he probable wouldn't need it but he always wanted to be prepared, just like how Master Blint had trained him.

When he turned around he saw Logan staring at him in a strange way. He knew that look from somewhere but he couldn't place his finger on it so he just shrugged it off as he stood up. "We going now?" He asked with a smirk walking passed Logan.

They started walking down the huge staircase before Logan started talking again. "I planed the most interesting day for us. I think it will be quiet the experience." Logan's deep voice made Kylar's nerves seem to jump as he just noticed how close they where standing next to each other.

He smiled cheekily as he looked up at the short giant. "It better be! We can't lose any of our precious daylight hours."

Durzo looked up from a new poison he was trying when he heard the door of the safe house open. Seeing Kylar enter made him relax slightly and move his hands away from the poison darts he was ready to throw if it was anyone else. Without saying a word to the boy he went back to finish his chart on the new liquid.

"What are we practicing today Master Blint?" he asked coming to stand in front of the small covered desk.

Durzo froze for a split second before continuing with what he was doing. No matter what he thought Kylar seemed to be happier then usual. "What did you do today boy?" he asked pretending to pay more attention to the poison then to his answer. The boy was probably confessed by this sudden, out-of-the-blue question because he didn't answer for a moment.

"I was with Logan the whole day Master." He replied obediently.

Logan! Sometimes Durzo hated when his apprentice spent time with the athletic boy. He hated to admit it but he was jealous of their close relationship. Logan was a competitor for him no matter how he looked at it. Maybe if I kill Logan-. He stopped that thought almost as soon as it had started. He couldn't do that! How dare he even think about that!

"Master Blint!"

Kylar's sudden shout made him jump as he noticed the toxic chemical was being spilt on the desk and falling to the dirty wooden floor.


Cursing Durzo jumped up fast making the chair smash agent the ground and break.

Irritated as hell now Blint quickly walked around the worn wooden desk and pulled the boy out of the room before closing and locking the door.

Lock. Unlock. Lock.

"Is there something your not telling me?"

Durzo spun around so quickly that there heads crashed together and they both took a step back from the impact. This time they both cursed.

"Master! What is wrong with you these days! You've been acting really strange for the last two months now!" Kylar shouted rubbing the soreness out of his head.

Had he been? He knew that he was acting a little off but he didn't think anyone else but himself had noticed.

Your what's wrong with me. "That is none of you're business-boy." He said crossing his arms and looking down at his trainee. Was Kylar always that small? The boy's head didn't even reach his shoulders.

"I know that your jobs are none of my business, Master Blint, but when it starts to affect our training I believe it is."

Durzo didn't let the shock show on his face at this straight forwardness. Kylar would never speak to him like that. He knew that he would be beaten if he ever talked back to Durzo. Out of old habit he kicked the boys feet from underneath him not to surprised when Kylar softened the fall by catching himself at the last moment.

"You better watch your tongue." He said sharply. He didn't really want to hurt the boy, but he knew if he didn't then he would look even more suspicious.

"Sorry Master. I spoke out of line."

It was such a 'Kylar' thing to say that Durzo wanted to yell at him! How dare he look so cute saying that while picking himself off the floor! Who else could do that!

"Get out. I wont be teaching you anything today."

Kylar kicked angrily at the ground as he walked down the empty Warrens ally ways. He knew he should have been hiding in the shadows, especially while wearing his wetboy grays, but he just felt like thinking at the moment.

Maybe that had been the wrong question to ask. Maybe he shouldn't be asking Master Blint anything. He could just fallow him and find out. If he got caught however he was sure there was going to be hell to pay.

The boy smirked as he headed back to his Masters house. He would hide around there until. Durzo left and then he could fallow him. Kylar smiled at the irony of that plan when he noticed how much it sounded like his old guildrat plan he had made years ago.

The night was quickly approaching, covering everything with a dark blanket of stars. Durzo quietly left his house making sure all the traps were set and all the locks were sealed tightly. He had nothing to do and felt bad for snapping at Kylar. He shouldn't have done that, but if he didn't then the boy would have defiantly known something was up.

This is such a pedophile thing. I'm seven hundred years older then him for gods' sakes!

Even so Durzo could only sigh to himself when he was back at the boys bedroom window. However the boy wasn't there.

Now that was strange. Kylar always told him when he was going on a job. He wouldn't give him to many details on what it was but Durzo never really told him much either. –But not even telling him he had a mission?

Durzo swallowed hard. That seemed really cold of Kylar.

I'll do find the brat and train him until he can't stand.

With that thought Durzo leapt off the tree branch he was using and disappeared into the shadows happy to be back in his unofficial home.

Kylar raised his eyebrows in interest as he fallowed his Master to his house. Now what could Durzo be doing at his home? This time of night too. It made no sense; he was usually sleeping by this time. Maybe he came to apologize? No. This was Durzo he was thinking about. Apologizes were defiantly not his thing. Then maybe he was coming to get Kylar for a mission. Not likely. Durzo hadn't taken him on a job since he was thirteen.

Before he could continue on his guessing game the professional wetboy slipped into the shadows and disappeared. Sighing in irritation Kylar tried to guess the next place his Master would go.

"Here goes nothing."

Durzo froze when he heard someone mumbling above his head. He knew that voice. It was Kylar. That didn't make any sense. What was the boy doing?

He watched with pride as the boy jumped from the tree and onto the nearest building so silently and quickly that any normal person wouldn't have seen it. Of coarse since Durzo wasn't exactly what you might call normal he could see the boy.

Now what's he up to?

Not even giving it a second thought he fallowed the boy.

Kylar cursed out load to himself. He had been wrong! He had thought for sure that Durzo would come here! Momma K had clearly said though that she had only seen him last night. Now there was no way that he would be able to find his Master.

I thought for sure he'd be here. Sighing he jumped back on top of the roof quietly. This was just great. Now he was going to have to figure out where Durzo was or just fallow him the next night. A swift cool breeze passed over him making him shiver. Why was his Master being so secretive lately? Couldn't he trust him even just a little? They had known each other for years and still Durzo probably wouldn't trust him with the stupid patch that held all of the garlic clovers in it that the older man liked so much.

"Why dose he like though things?" Kylar mumbled to himself jumping to the next roof. "They taste nasty and they smell funny." He grumbled remembering when he had tried one.

"You don't like it?"

The sudden sound of his Master's deep voice startled him making his reaction seconds to late to grave his weapon.

Durzo was already standing with a knife to the back of his neck and another one on the front of his throat.

"Cold greeting." Kylar said slightly relief to now know where his master was. However Durzo had probably fallowed him here.

"I know. I don't want you to hop away before I could catch you though. I want to ask you why you're fallowing me."

Because you wont tell me anything. Kylar spun around skillfully not getting his throat slit open and faced the taller man. He was going to ask him right now. If Durzo felt like killing him after then so be it. "Why have you been so off lately?" he demanded clenching his hands in fist at his sides.

"What are you talking about?" Durzo hissed moving the blades somewhat closer.

"You know what I mean! You've almost missed some of your hits a few times in the last month, you've spilt dangerous poisons in most of your safe houses forcing you to move more then you normally would, whenever you do anything you don't seem that into it, an your constantly spacing out! In all the years I've known you you've never been like this! So I'll ask you again, what's been going on with you lately!" he shouted not caring how loud his voice was. So what if some of the young guildrats heard him? It's not like they would be able to see them, no matter how well their eyes worked in the dark.

The old wetboy glared at him. "You want to know?" he questioned pushing the blades uncomfortably close to the flesh on his neck. Even so Kylar was not going to back down.



There was a moment of hesitation from Durzo which was unnatural coming from someone like him but the next thing that Kylar knew was that a pair of cold rough lips were pressed agents his. Durzo was kissing him! What was going on here! When his master finally pulled back Kylar found that he couldn't seem to form words. All he could do was open and close his mouth like a fish. What the hell!

The knifes were lowered and placed back in there sheathes quickly. "I'm leaving and you are not to fallow me. If you go back to any of my safe houses I wont be there. Don't look for me either. As of now I am no longer your Master. We are strangers."

No. When the man turned his back on the boy Kylar graved his wrist. He didn't want the older man to leave. Even if he had friends like Logan, Momma K, or the Count and his family, he couldn't imagine a life without the cold-hearted bastard.

"Master…Durzo, please."

"Kylar I can't keep doing this. You're in love with Elene and if you don't love me I can't be around you." The man sighed but didn't pull away.


"No." Durzo's voice suddenly became harsh as he ripped his hand away. That motion threw the boy off balance making him take a step forward to regain it. Durzo turned around to face him fully pressing his hand on his shoulder. "Goodbye Kylar."

At though two words Kylar felt his heart smash as he watched his master fade into the darkness of the night. What the hell was going on here?

It hit him that if he didn't move he would lose the older man forever. He reached out again, he was sure that there was no way Durzo could have gotten away that fast. However his hand was meet with nothing but cold air. "Durzo!" he shout as loud as he could, certain that he had waken the dead. It couldn't be true. The man that had walked into his life and saved him from a crappy life as a guildrat had just slipped back out and left him there. But it couldn't be true! Master Blint had to come back!

Kylar spun around and ran as fast as he could to the count's house. He knew Durzo better then anyone in something's. He had to be able to know where his master was thinking on leaving. There was no way the boy was going to let Durzo leave him without a fight.


So what did you think?