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Ed's pov

"Roy Mustang, you're a Bastard, and a cheat." I yelled after I kicked in his office door. I probably should have kicked it with my right leg; kicking the door with my automail leg caused the door to lodge in the wall. I stomped forward and slammed my hands down on the Colonels desk.

Of course, he isn't even fazed by my actions. "Fullmetal, what is it you think I did this time?" He says with his customary board look on his face while resting his cheek on his knuckles. I just stare in shock at him. "You know what you did, you rigged that bet to make it so I would lose and have to dance in that stupid talent show the Furor is putting on to raise support for the military." I dropped into the couch and crossed my legs and arms. Some people may say I was pouting, but I prefer to think of it as meeting his stubbornness with my own.

"While I am used to being called a bastard, I believe this is the first time I have ever been called a cheat. I won that bet fair and square. I just happen to be more observant of those around me than you are. With your short attention span, I'm amazed that you managed to find the philosophers stone and get Al's body back."

"Who are you calling so short he could use the head of a pin for a chair" I jump up and brandish my right fist at the Colonel. He raises his head from his hand and shakes it in disbelief at me. "I didn't say that. Like I said, it's not my fault that you bury yourself in research to the point you didn't even realize that your brother had a thing for Winry. I just took advantage of the situation. All you have to do is get up on stage, do a dance, and then you're done. It won't take more than a minute. Besides, the people love you; they will see you participating and realize their hero is back. It has been five months since you have been seen around here." I just glared at him while leaning against the wall. "Fullmetal" he sighs while standing up, "it's just a dance. All of the rest of us are doing it, mainly with popular dances from our hometowns; you can even get someone to partner with you for it."

I only increase my glare. If looks could kill, he would be dead and buried six feet under. "I'm not going to partner with anyone. The dances I know don't require one." I continue to glare at Mustang as he grabs his coat off the rack. "Just report to Riza by the end of the week with the music you need and any requests for props and such." By this point he has his back towards me so he misses my blush. "Whatever Colonel, I'll see you tomorrow; I need to talk to Riza." I start to head out, tugging the door closed behind me. "Fix the wall before you go Fullmetal" "Fix it yourself." I stated as the door shut.

"Hey Riza, I was told to report to you about the talent show I have to dance in. I know the music I need and the dance I'm doing, but you have to promise me a few things before I tell you." I said as I shift my weight from one foot to the other. "Of course Edward, what do you need. " "Well, I need you to keep everything I tell you a secret until the day of the talent show, and even then, you can only tell Mustang and the rest of the crew…after the dance is over and if they don't figure it out for themselves." Riza leans back in her chair. "Of course Ed, what are the requirements?" Now I end up blushing again. "Well, first thing I need for you to do is to make sure only adults are present during my dance…"