Ed's POV

I felt consciousness returning to me again. Someone's hand was holding mine; a light snore audible along with a constant beeping. "Edward, you awake?" I squeezed the hand that held mine and opened my eyes. "Mustang, what happened?" I asked as I looked around the room, spotting a recently awakened Al in the other chair. "Mustang again is it," he sighed as he released my hand. "Very well Fullmetal, how are you feeling?" I moved my arm and legs checking for damage. "Pain, lots of pain, but other than a few broken bones and only one arm, I'm fine." Roy nodded his head, and looked at my brother. "Alphonse, can you step outside for a few, I need to get a verbal report from Fullmetal." Al nodded and stood up. "Of course Sir, I'll go get us all some coffee." I watched him walk out the door, and then turned to look at Roy. "Why are you calling me Fullmetal again? You called me Edward before we started dating, and I like how you say my name."

"You called me Mustang instead of Roy." I lowered my head at his comment. "I didn't know if you wanted anyone to know about us. I wouldn't want a relationship to ruin your chance at becoming Führer. I personally don't care if anyone knows; it's none of their business anyway." I heard Roy chuckle and lifted my head in response. "Edward, Al was in there the whole time and saw me holding your hand. I wouldn't have been if I cared if anyone knew or not, and no, it will not affect my chances at becoming Führer. Before you woke up he asked me which one of us made the first move. I told him that was for us to know and him not to find out." I had to laugh; I could just picture Al's face at hearing that.

"Ok, enough of that, let's get this report done, I want to go home." Roy shifted in his seat, crossing his legs and slipping on his coronel mask. I knew that when he went into coronel mode he could remember every detail he needed. "Ok Edward, start with what happened after you left the hotel." I just shrugged. "Went to investigate my dressing room, got hit in the head and was knocked unconscious. Woke up in that room, chained up and missing an arm only to find Envy… could have sworn he was dead already… received a few broken bones and a few nerve shocks, then I passed out again. Next thing I know, I wake up here in the hospital room. You brought me here didn't you?" Roy only nodded in response. "I'll write it up as soon as I get my automail arm back. What's your part of the story Roy?"

His eyes turned dark with memory. "A half hour after you left, I followed you to the club. At first I didn't see any sign of you, and then I heard something that sounded like a hand hitting a face. I started walking to where I thought the sound came from and saw an open door. I heard you talking to Envy and snuck down the stairs." He swallowed and started speaking again, his voice tight with anger. "He started talking to himself, about how he was going to kill you again, wanted to see the agony in your eyes as you realized there was nothing you could do to stop it. I stepped out and snapped, kept snapping until he was a pile of ash. Edward," he turned his eyes on me. They were no longer radiating anger, not fully, but mainly confusion. "He called you little brother; what did he mean by that, and about killing you again?"

I sighed and adjusted my position on the bed. "You don't ask easy questions do you. I'm not sure where to start. Well, Al is not my only brother… well, I guess he is now. Envy was Hohenheim and Dante's first son. He died as a baby and tried to bring him back through human transmutation. He became a homunculus decided to kill Hohenheim for abandoning him. After Envy found out about Al and me, he decided to kill us. I'm not sure how much of that you knew before, but that's the back story." Roy nodded at this. "Don't worry Ed; I will not repeat anything you tell me about Envy or anything else you tell me."

"Good, because the rest shouldn't get out either, it would get both Al and I killed. They had Al inside of a transmutation circle; everything was prepared to use the Philosopher stone. I arrive and eventually ended up fighting. The end result was that he turned his arm into a spike and stabbed me through the chest. I did die that day, but my soul had not gone through the gate yet. Al used the stone to bring me back whole, sacrificing himself in the process. I couldn't lose him, so I preformed another transmutation on myself. The gate took back the two limbs, leaving me with automail again, and it took Envy as well. It gave me Al back, without a few memories, but they don't matter in the long run. I don't know how Envy got away from the Gate, but it doesn't matter anymore. That's the whole story."

Roy sat back in his chair, his stone mask over his face. "Edward," he looked towards the door "Al's almost to the door, I want you to come home with me tonight so I can watch over you. There is more we need to talk about, just not here." He looked back in time to see me nod in agreement. A minute later Al walked through the door, followed by the doctor. "Well Major Elric, all of your tests came back fine, so I am going to release you into the Coronel Mustangs custody. I'll give him your prescription for painkillers, and I'll see you in a week for your follow up appointment. Have a good day." The doctor walked out, leaving us with stunned expressions on our faces. "What was that, I think a whirlwind just came through here? Anyway, let's get going." I watched Roy grab the wheelchair out of the corner that I could have sworn was empty a minute ago, he opened it up and proceeded to move me to the wheelchair.

"Stuff it Mustang, just because we're lovers now doesn't mean you can get all protective of me." I said as he placed me in the chair. "I'm just moving you to the chair, calm down Ed." We left the hospital and started heading to Mustang's place, Al went back to our flat to get me a few changes of clothes. I must have fallen asleep in the car because I woke up in a bed. "Glad to see you're awake again, Al dropped your clothes and stuff off and got you changed into some nightclothes. Are you hungry, do you need anything? I can fix you a sandwich if you….." I silenced Roy by putting a finger over his lips. "Roy, you're rambling. I know there's more you want to ask me, but don't know how to bring it up. Start at the beginning." As I lowered my hand he sighed and set on the bed next to me. I set up against the headboard and prepared for anything to be asked. "Ok, first question, why didn't you tell me about all this before, Envy and everything else?"

"I didn't think it mattered. I was alive, Envy as supposed to be taken by the gate, I just didn't think anyone else needed to know." Roy nodded his head. "I understand, and I'm glad you're alive. Now for a change in topic, why did you perform a striptease for the talent show? You only had to dance, not drive everyone crazy." I had to laugh at his perplexed face. "I answered that when I confronted you about the dance, or are you too old to remember? "I'm going to ignore that old comment for now" he mumbled.

"Anyway, I only knew one type of dancing, and that's stripping. Only dance I ever had to learn. I didn't figure I would actually lose that bet, but I'm glad now that I did, I got you in the process." He smirked at me and reached up and rested his hand on my cheek. "I'm glad too." He withdrew his hand and smirked. "Not that I disapprove, because it was hilarious to watch him get all flustered, but why Havoc?" I nearly snorted while trying to hold back my laughter. "Why not Havoc? I've been messing with that guy's head for the past year. I know he's straight, but it's funny to mess with his mind." Roy laughed and leaned in to kiss me. "Just as long as mine is the only bed you frequent, you have my permission to mess with Havoc all you want, not that you need it." I leaned forward and kissed him again. "Glad to know. I think I'll mess with him some more tomorrow, how about you help me this time, let's really screw with his head." I felt Roy move his head to my neck, lips fluttering over my skin. "I can think of something else I would rather screw with right now, and it does not include Havoc," Roy growled against my neck.

"Well then, go right ahead with this plan of yours, Bastard." As he kissed me slowly, I closed my eyes and let the feelings wash over me.


Roy' POV

A few months later

"What the Hell?" Havoc shouted. I had called out to his desk to invite him into my office, and he walked in to see Shane sitting on my lap with his back against my chest, head thrown back in ecstasy as I ran my tongue up and down his neck. I lifted my head from Shane's neck and smirked at Havoc…a very confused Havoc. "Shane and I got together while I was on my mission with Edward, and he expressed an interest in you. What do you say Havoc want to join us?" I looked Havoc in the eye and bent my head back down to lick the shell of Shane's ear. "I… uh… I … shit!" He bolted out of my office, slamming the door behind him, his face as red as a tomato. "Your right Ed, it is fun to mess with Havoc." I started nibbling on his ear, enjoying the moans I was drawing from Ed's throat. "How about we see how well your desk is made?" I picked him up and placed him on my desk. I started to unbutton his clothes when I heard Havoc shouting something about crazy Coronels and sex crazed strippers. "He has no idea" I chuckled against Ed's neck "No idea what so ever."