A coincidental scene

By: Misa-chan46

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"Hello sir."

"I have a new mission for you."

"Who is my target sir?"

"This is your target."

And the target's picture has been given to the best spy of the women's division. Ayuzawa Misaki.

I am Ayuzawa Misaki. I have graduated from Seika High with flying colors, though I was separated from the man I love when he went to Great Britain to study college. I have gotten a scholarship for college through hard work. When I graduated college, I was approached - or more likely kidnapped- to join their organization of international spies to either recruit new agents or eliminate people who tried to ruin the world.

I am currently on my 10th mission eliminating some people. I haven't been able to recruit new people since most of the people I know are from Maid Latte. Yes, I have been able to keep my body in good shape over the years so I am the assistant manager. Though I prefer a part time job there and a regular 8 hour job, I haven't gone through with quitting being a spy. The pay is too good and is more than enough to support my mother in the hospital.

Well, anyway, I have just read the target file my boss gave me. The picture was too familiar, though I couldn't quite remember him. Though the file says most of the stuff about him, it is forbidden to know what the target's name is so that if we know the target, sentimental feelings won't overpower us.

This is what the file looked like:


Location: Japan

Origin: English/Japanese

Target Occupation: None

As soon as I read the occupation of the target, my eyes grew wide. 'None? ' Usually my targets were the rich ones, with the tough security and the plots to ruin the organization.

Oh well, might as well finish this soon so I can track down my lost love.

Usui Takumi.

He left me crying here in Japan while he went to Great Britain.

The last words he said were unforgettable.

He was walking me home after work when he suddenly stopped and sighed.

"What's wrong?" I said as he put his hand on his forehead. I became even more shocked when a tear slid down his cheek.

"I-I'm sorry. I really can't do anything about it Misaki. I'm so sorry." He said as he started quivering as the rain poured.

"What? Can't anything about what?" I said, getting more alarmed as he slowly put his hand down while his tears dropped on his soaked uniform. He wasn't himself today.

I have to go back to my family Misaki."

"So, aren't they just in Japan?" I said, eyes widening as he put both of his hands on my shoulders.

"They're in Great Britain." I'm sorry Misaki. I didn't have the courage to tell you last week when I first knew about it." He said, tears rolling and eyes staring at me with sincerity.

"But you promised me you wouldn't leave me no matter what!" I said, tears threatening to fall.

"I'm sorry, but I'm leaving tomorrow. I promise I'll be back… I promise!" he said, thunder appearing in the sky.

"But…" I said, Usui holding my face with my his hands.

Usui's lips met with mine as we shared our last kiss. When the kiss ended, he hugged me tightly as if he wouldn't let me go, but after about a minute, he did.

"I promise I'll be back Misaki."

A tear slid down my cheek as I walked towards the dressing room. I put on a black shiny suit that suited my figure best. I tied my hair up in a messy bun, put on some lip gloss and eye shadow, then left the dressing room. The annoying part about me dressing up like this is that the boys immediately start whistling the moment I walk out.

Oh well. My friend from the women's division drove me to a building near the hotel where the poor victim was staying.

As the car drove away, I quickly got to the rooftop and position my gun.

The people's voices were awfully loud. As I position my gun towards the VIP tables, my right hand snuck up to my bag beside me. In the bag was a simple shimmer gown that was the color of burnt sienna. The gown was strapless and had a simple green belt that accentuated my waist. There's a makeup bag where my eye shadow, lipstick, foundation, bronzer, and dangle earrings are.

This costume was for my back-up plan. If I failed to shoot the target, I would put on this getup and seduce the target until I can hit him.

My hand crept up the gun again. Then I heard a sound. Not just a sound. A name . His name. I had heard "Table for one please. Name? Usui Takumi."

My mind went blank as I listened for his voice.

"Why, why is he back to ruin my life!" I said, tears spilling as my hand clutched the gun as if it was my only friend.

I couldn't find him. There were too many people on the rooftop.

There were too many people…

I remembered the time when we had the Love Trial. There were too many people following us as we continued the game. That was also the day I confessed to Usui.

on the rooftop.

Usui and I shared our first kiss as he jumped off the rooftop to keep the " Ayuzawa Cram School" from seeing our picture together.

"I need to focus! Now, to hit the target." I said, positioning my gun towards the target.

But as he turned around in my direction, I saw his face. Usui's face. I had dropped the gun already when it was the perfect chance to shoot him.

"Oh no…. no oh no… not him, not him." I whispered to myself as I double checked the target's picture.

I put my hands on my mouth as I cried silently.

I had to kill Usui Takumi.

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