A/N: Hello! Very shot and drabbly (but that's what you expected from me, right?) but I enjoyed writing it. For the Food Challenges challenge at Harry Potter Fanfiction. Dedicated to: DraconianNight!

There is always a plate of asparagus on the Ravenclawtable, yet only one person eats them. The person –as expected- smiles back at the odd looks people shoot her and at the mean insults that they fire at her. She never seems to care what people think so she continues eating the vegetable that nobody else wants, that is neglected by her peers.

She eats it alone.

One day a boy, with pretty hair and wide blue eyes, Neville Longbottom, darts to the Ravenclaw table a smile on his face. He greets her: "Hey, Luna," and continues on his business. She watches him with her own bright blue eyes, a vague smile on her face.

"Hello Neville. What brings you over to the Ravenclaw table?" He smiles, a faint blush rising to his cheeks and he suddenly looks awkward.

"Well...I wanted asparagus."

She smiles confusedly at him, cocking her head. "Why would you eat asparagus?"

The blush becomes more significant: crimson and bright spots against pale cheeks. "I've seen a girl I like eating him. I wanted to catch her attention."

The one girl that eats asparagus at the Ravenclaw table –the only one in the whole school- only realises until much later that he is talking about her.