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"Sakura-chan, to your left!"

Sakura quickly jumped high in the air, bringing large amounts of chakra to her leg and with a battle cry kicked out at the opponent. The masked Sound ninja leaped back, hands flying to perform another jutsu to take down this pesky kunoichi. Sakura back flipped while Naruto dove towards this ninja and slammed his rasengan right through his chest. The blond pulled his arm out from this ninja's body, blood splattering all over his orange and black jumpsuit.

"Incoming!" Kakashi roared. Naruto used a burst of chakra to leap onto the highest tree he could find as Kakashi used his chidori to take out three enemies at once.

"Kick 90 degree!" Sakura screamed the code and Kakashi swiftly delivered a kick to another unnamed sound ninja. He and Naruto leaped off to a safe difference before Sakura gathered every ounce of chakra in her being to unleash a super kick. The ground split under her heel instantly, killing the rest of the enemy nin effectively and revealing four ninjas hiding safely underground.

"Sasuke," Sakura acknowledged, breathing loudly with eyes narrowed.

"Sakura," Sasuke drawled.

"Well, it's an improvement. You're actually starting to notice me," Sakura snarled. Two flashes appeared by her sides, Naruto to her left and Kakashi to her right, both ready to attack at the slightest movement.

"Hn. I see you're just as annoying as ever," Sasuke remarked coolly. Inner Sakura seethed. Sakura's outer façade was calm. Thanks to Ino and the Yamanaka techniques, they had been able to control Inner Sakura better. Of course, Inner was willing to do anything that would make her host stronger. Sakura's feelings of anger, irritation, and all of those negatives were stored in Inner Sakura who would take it out on obstacle courses Sakura created in her own mind. It was an effective technique, Sakura able to think more clearly and calmly even when facing this bastard with a horrible hair cut.

"And you still have that chicken butt hair cut," Sakura growled.

"Are we going to stand around here all day," the red head of his team sneered, "or are we going to fight."

"Ah… Naruto. Let's see how strong you have gotten," Sasuke said. He disappeared in a flash, only for his long katana to be blocked by a kunai from Naruto. Kakashi took care of Juugo, a large man with flaming orange hair, and Sakura focused on the two remaining teammates, that irritable red head and a silver haired man who resembled a shark.

"So you're Sakura," Karin tapped her manicured finger against her chin, "Sasuke-kun has mentioned you so much…"

"He never mentioned how much of a babe you were," Suigetsu gloated though, taking in her appearance appreciatively.

"Ew." Sakura bluntly said. Karin smacked Suigetsu over the head, only for her hand to go through water. Sakura's eyes narrowed.

"UGH! You know I hate when you do that!" Karin fumed.

"Well then don't do that!" Suigetsu offered.

"Then stop being such a damn brat!"

"Make me! Ngh," he pulled down an eye and stuck out his tongue.

'Water huh… Any attack will just go through him o maybe I should use a medical ninjutsu against him. Infect the water his body is made of. And that red head… don't underestimate her… remember…don't underestimate her… There's a reason Sasuke chose her to be on his team… so she must be powerful.'

Sakura calmly stood there, poised to attack. After their minor bickering, and Sakura's eyes starting to drift down to her nails which she really should get done once she had a vacation, Karin finally noticed her again.

"Huh, how queer… You had the chance to attack us and you didn't," she thought aloud to herself.

"Awww… pretty, sweet, strong, and smart! Marry me will you?" Suigetsu flirted playfully. Sakura had to resist the urge to smile.

"STOP FLIRTING WITH HER!" Karin screamed as she smashed her knee into his…regions. This time Suigetsu wasn't fast enough as he screamed, fell over, and curled into a small ball. The scream was able to alert everyone. Naruto instinctively starting cheering Sakura, until Sasuke jabbed him with his katana in the arm, not enough to make him bleed, just to make him pay attention, and everyone sweat dropped as they saw Karin shouting at Suigetsu while he was crying "Why'd you do that?"

"The only reason I keep her around is because she can sense chakra," Sasuke explained quietly to Naruto. They stared at each other before attacking again. Juugo launched another series of attacks to Kakashi's clone, which Juugo did not notice yet, and Sakura sat herself down on a boulder.

"Well, now that he's out of the way, let's get down to business!" Karin yelled. Sakura frowned. She just got comfy on her makeshift boulder slash chair.

Karin launched herself at Sakura, smashing her foot where Sakura used to be. The rock cracked in half and Karin began a series of complicated hand signs. Sakura pulled senbon needles out of her kimono top and launched ten perfectly where her hands were. Like she predicted, Karin stopped her hand signs to catch the senbon needles.

Without wasting any time, Sakura punched the ground, causing to Karin to lose balance and Sakura launched ten more senbon needles at important pressure points which would paralyze the girl. Karin rolled out of the way, jumped up, and sent ten kunais at Sakura. Sakura pulled out a small dagger to deflect each kunai before throwing it at Karin and running towards her. Karin dodged the kunai but didn't expect Sakura to slice through her stomach with a chakra scalpel.

'Direct hit…'

Karin groaned as she fell to the ground, grasping her open wound. It was gushing blood. Sakura had hit an internal organ. With what strength she had left, Karin lifted her hand to her mouth. What she did was totally unexpected to Sakura. Karin took a huge bite from her hand, teeth sinking into the flesh and the wound in her stomach suddenly closing along with other scratches she had gotten during the battle.

"Nifty trick, huh?" Karin smirked breathlessly.

"Actually, I have to admit yes. Is that a kekkei genkai?" Sakura questioned, dropping her pose into a more relaxed stance.

Karin's eyes narrowed. "I'm not telling you!" she shrieked.

Sakura frowned and shrugged. "I was just trying to make conversation."

"Yeah right!" Karin screamed before she launched Sakura into a battle of Taijutsu. Sakura blocked Karin's attacks with ease. As soon as Karin sent her a right hook, Sakura grabbed it and flipped her to the ground, lifting her leg up high and bringing it down to Karin's stomach. Karin spat blood as she let out a bone chilling scream that stopped everyone in their tracks again. A huge crater formed underneath her, spreading underneath Kakashi and Juugo and Naruto and Sasuke's feet, causing them to jump to the safety of trees. The earth shattered and quaked, reducing boulders to large sums of dust which blinded everyone. When the dust finally cleared, a bloody mess was left of Karin's body.

"Suigetsu, do you want to fight or would you rather just like to rock back and forth as you are doing now?" Sakura questioned the fourth member of Team Hebi.

"Oh no no no no no, I'm good riiiight here," Suigetsu sweated as he stared at the unconscious thing that was Karin.

Sakura focused her attention on Kakashi and Juugo. It looked like Juugo was running out of energy while Kakashi as always wasn't even breathing hard. Shifting her glance to the duo, Sakura gasped as old memories flashed in front of her eyes. Memories of a 12 year old Naruto and Sasuke, battling on the Hospital roof. How when they charged at each other with their most powerful techniques… she had just run blind into the battle, crying hysterically for them to stop. The only reason she had survived was because Kakashi had interfered, stopping the techniques with his bare hands.

It wouldn't be like that again.

Sasuke charged from the sky, hand filled with a new and improved chidori which was silent, but probably even more lethal. Naruto's shadow clone had already disappeared and the wind styled rasengan was charging towards Sasuke's chidori.

"No…" Sakura whispered, tears pooling in her eyes.

"NO!" she screamed, tears flowing down her eyes and flying past her. She split the rest of her chakra reserves to pump her feet faster as she charged to interfere with her current and old teammate's battle and the other half into flowing medical ninjutsu into her hands.

Sasuke's sharingan eyes glinted with malice. 'We will finally see who is the better ninja…'

Naruto's eyes filled with the red chakra of the Kyuubi dulled with sadness. 'I'm sorry it had to come to this…'

The two pair of eyes misted, but before they could impact, their eyes widened as the pink haired kunoichi grasped the chidori and rasengan in her medical infused hands.

"No," she whispered . Everything happened in a flash. Sasuke felt himself thrown backwards as flashes of his 'annoyance' went through his mind. Naruto crashed into a tree as he thought of his 'sister'. And Kakashi was oblivious to everything that happened after dirt covered the entire battle area. Sakura felt herself being pulled in every single direction, every little cell fiber screaming in agony.

'Make it stop! Make it stop!'

It felt like the world was pulling her entire body apart, piece by piece, cell by cell. Her veins were on fire, it was nauseating, and not even Ibiki's torture techniques could compare to this utter agony. Finally, when Sakura was about to lose consciousness, she was thrown harshly against stone tiles, feeling her ribs break against impact.

'Stone tiles? We were fighting in a forest…' her semi conscious mind thought.

"Hey wait! Aang, come over here!" a very masculine voice shouted before a body kneeled next to her. Her emerald eyes peered from under heavy eyelids at this boy. It was blurry and there were black dots dancing across her vision, but she could make out the main image. Gold eyes scanned her as large hands cupped her head gently, inspecting the pink locks and blood pooling from a head injury. Shaggy black hair fell across his forehead and eyes and Sakura had the urge to brush it out of his face. Groaning, she lifted her hand and tucked his locks securely behind his ear, mumbling, "That was going to bug me…"

"Stay conscious. We have a healer here," he said in a deep and throaty voice, slapping her face gently. Sakura felt dizzy when he took her pale hand in his own, squeezing gently.

Sakura almost groaned in protest when the hand holding hers suddenly dropped and the hand behind her head retreated. She was vaguely aware of her body glowing green as her healing chakra seeped in instinctively to clean up whatever mess she had made this time.

"Sasuke… Naruto…" she murmured before she let herself lose consciousness.

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