Ello, Mate.

This disregards a couple of episodes, actually. Particularly parts of "Dark Passage".

Warnings: Swearing, Torture, Mind-fuckery - All of this will be non-sexual. There really could be spoilers depending on how much of the show you have watched.

(I would do slash, but I'm going to wait until the series picks up more fans.)

Rating: T

Summary: Van Kleiss has finally secured Rex in Abysus. What will it take for Rex to break and join the evil Evo? Will Providence be too late to win Rex back?

Disclaimer: All the characters and parts of fandom do not belong to me.


Chapter 1

"You're not welcome here, Van Kleiss." Rex growled, activating his nanites to transform his hands into large metal fists. "Go back to Abysus."

"Oh, I do plan on going back to Abysus, Rex." The man smirked and raised his hand as a signal. From the ground and sky came swarms of mutant Evo creatures, all with hungry looks in their eyes. "I just do not intend to go back alone." Rex watched in awe at the man's power. Where had he pulled these minions from? The ground ones looked to be five-legged, quite awkward bugs with three large fangs. And the ones in the air, the only thing he could see of them were yellow blurs, they were moving so quickly.

From a distance, Six shouted, "Rex. Back to the ship. Let the others handle this one." The Green-Suited man pulled out his katanas and begin to swipe at the creatures. One of the flying monsters fell to the ground and Rex was able to get a better look. It had some sort of razor like claws that looked like they would have no trouble at all cutting through flesh. He winced at the sight of a providence soldier having that happen to him at that moment. The man fell to the ground, grasping at his leg which had been severed at the knee.

"No way, Six. You guys need my help!" The young Evo smiled as mechanical wings sprouted from his back and he soared into the air. He listened to Six commanding him back to the ship, the sound fading as he flew further from the ground. Why doesn't Van Kleiss just stay in Abysus? Rex thought. He's got it good there. He's the ruler, he's stronger, there…and he keeps coming back for me. My nanites can't be all that he wants.

Shaking all thoughts but battle from his head, Rex swooped down to attack Skalamander who was keeping a firm watch over Van Kleiss. "Hey, Lizard-Thing!" The Evo turned around only to have a metal fist slam into it, forcing it into the large sky-scraper meters away. "Hey, Lizard-Thing?" I have got to start planning on cooler things to say, I mean, really-

"Come now, Rex, why all the violence?" Van Kleiss's voice interrupted. "Don't you find any of this wrong? If you would just come willingly, none of this would be necessary." It was hard to hear with all the shots firing in the background. The shouts for backup, the cries of the mutants Van Kleiss had called, and the screams of injured providence members.

"What's wrong," Rex glared, "is that you're not rotting in a prison somewhere."

"If I was there, then who would give you all the answers you so desperately seek, Rex? Who would fuel your veins with the adrenaline of a real battle? Who would even match your powers, Rex? You need me, boy." The look on Rex's face turned to one of pure rage.

"I don't need you! You're the last thing I need. And answers? Don't make me laugh. You've told me nothing! This whole 'Answers' thing is just a way to draw me back to Abysus. I'm not coming back with you. I'm happy with Providence. It's where I belong."

Van Kleiss scoffed. "Are you trying to convince me or yourself, Rex?"

The young Evo faltered for a moment. Providence was his home, but that was because it was really the only home he knew. He had no second option to prove him wrong. He felt an odd chill sweep down his back. He whipped around. The battle was continuing, Six was strong as ever, and it seemed Providence had almost finished killing off the swarms.

The chill returned. "Hello, Favorite." Rex recognized the voice of Breach in his ear, arms wrapped tightly around his body, and the vision before him transformed into dark.


He woke up in a room of all white. Blinding, and much like his room at Providence. "Six?" Rex muttered. "Holiday?….Hell, Bobo?"

"I'm afraid you'll find none of whom you ask for." Rex tensed at the voice.

"Let me out of here, Van Kleiss." he turned around to see the older Evo and Breach standing on the opposite side of the room.

"After all the effort it took to get you here? Why, I'm sure you wouldn't mind staying a while. Oh, don't even try." The tall man said smugly, as he noticed Rex trying to activate his nanites. "This room was created by Breach. Not even I can use my nanites in here. Only she. A marvelous thing, really."

I'm not going to let that stop me, Rex started a run and dove at the man only to feel a jerk on his ankle, causing him to crash to the floor. "Whaa?" he asked groggily, and sat up to feel a silver cuff around his now red and scraped ankle.

"Oh, how you amuse me, Rex. I understand why Breach wanted to keep you. I'm glad she understands that you can only be mine."

"I'm not yours!" Rex shouted angrily. "Providence will find me. They did before, they can do so again."

"Why of course." Van Kleiss almost simpered. "What else do you need to yell out me to keep your hopes up, dear boy? What a spirit you have, yes. I will enjoy crushing it. You'll enjoy working for me, Rex. You will know the finer things that Abysus has to offer. Breach?" The pale woman gave a sickly smile that Rex could barely see from under her curtain of hair. She opened a portal that looked as though it led to Abysus. "Until next time."

"Wait! Don't go!" Rex pleaded, not baring the thought of being in this mysterious alone for God knows how long. "You can't leave me here!"

"You miss me already. How sweet. I will be back soon. And those answers…if you're a good boy during your stay here, I promise you will get your fill. Have a good evening, then."

The two Evos stepped into the portal leaving the fifteen year old alone in the small, door-less room.

Rex's voice penetrated the silence.




He curled into himself, trying to ignore the chaffing of the cuff on his ankle.

They'll find me…They have to.


Whoa. So, I thought that would be hard to write. And it was, I admit, at some parts, but at others, the words just flowed.

If you'd like me to continue, let me know.

Thanks for reading.

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