Return of the Lost Hero

A/N: This is a sequel I made that follows my Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Last Olympian Alternate Ending. If you haven't read it, I would advise you to read it so that you will not be lost in this chapter. This sequel contains OC and may contain OOC or AU. Please enjoy anyway! :D Oops, by the way, this sequel would be in Annabeth's POV.


Percy died a hero because of shielding Thalia from the disintegrating Kronos/Luke. Before that happened, he saved Annabeth and Grover by letting them fly on the Pegasi Blackjack and Porkpie.

Annabeth continues her life without Percy. Poseidon, god of the sea and father of Percy, gave her Riptide. Annabeth then keeps it as a reminder of Percy.

Years later, she marries another guy from the Athena cabin, Malcolm and they had a son named Luke Perseus. Little did they know that their son is a "reborn" version of Percy, after he told Hades, god of the underworld, that he will try for the Island of the Blest, which means that he needs to live three different lifetimes righteously. And after the ritual, Percy lost all of his memories of being Percy, and had become Annabeth's son.

CHAPTER I - I Return to Camp

"Honey", Malcolm called from outside my room, "I'm sorry to bother you but I'm currently holding two cups of coffee and I can't open the door"

"I'm coming", I chuckled as I walked towards the door.

Opening it, I saw my dear husband who had gray eyes like me too. This is because both of us are children of Athena, goddess of battle strategy. Maybe you're wondering how come half siblings married each other. Well, gods don't have DNA so genetically speaking, we are not siblings.

"So little Luke had slept", Malcolm went to the end table and placed the cups of coffee there.

"Yeah, I guess your trip to the water park tired him", I sat by the window that overlooks the new Manhattan.

Up to now, I still admire my masterpiece – the white marble buildings that towered against each other. It was such an honor for me to be chosen as the official architect of Olympus. And now that I can see my hard work, it surely brightens up my mood even if I feel down at times. Maybe you know why.

The reason of my loneliness is here on the end table, lying on top of Daedalus' laptop. Daedalus, the best inventor the world has known, gave me his laptop before he died years ago. From it did I discover new ideas that have not been known to any man since the start of time. I have used some of his works already. Most of them, I had used in our battle against Kronos and his allies more than a decade ago.

Anyway, let's not stray off the topic any longer. Where were we again? Oh, the thing that's on the laptop. It was a pen. But don't be deceived by its looks because when uncapped, it will reveal a sword that survived through a bloody history. It was pure celestial bronze – an element used in weapons against monsters. It harms monsters but not humans. That's the advantage of the weapon.

On it was the word 'Anaklusmos', Greek for Riptide. And below it was the phrase 'In memory of Percy Jackson, the one who I love'.

As I realized the words engraved on it, I quickly picked it and hid it in my pocket. Fortunately, Malcolm was staring at the traffic below so he didn't notice me.

Percy is a son of the god of the sea, Poseidon. He was a brave hero. He fought side-by-side with me through the years. But on one fateful day, the day he turned sixteen, he sacrificed himself to save one of my old friends, Thalia.

I remembered Poseidon's words to me before. 'I knew you know this already, but my son loved you'. I wish I had known before. I wish I had told him that early. But I didn't find the courage to confess to him. And until the moment he breathed his last, I wasn't able to reply to him.

'Remember, I love you' those were the words that Percy told me before he brought us to the Pegasi that saved us. I did nothing when he said that but weep on his shirt. I didn't even tell him that I loved him too. How I hate that time! I wish I had told him that I love him. I wish.

"Honey?" Malcolm called me back to my senses, "Thinking of something?"

Apparently, he noticed that I was staring blankly at the buildings outside. "Nothing, it's just the buildings", I made an excuse.

"They're really awesome. I wish I had talents in architecture like you"

"Don't humble yourself! You're also good in architecture. Plus, you had the brains to topnotch the bar exam"

My husband did not reply. I felt that he was flattered a bit. His cheeks turned light pink and then went to normal at once. I forgot to tell you that he's a lawyer. He got a perfect score in the bar exams, and that made my proud of him. Well, what would you expect from a son of Athena?

I was taking a sip of coffee when the doorbell rang. "I'll get it", Malcolm stood up and proceeded downstairs.

I wondered who that man outside might be. It's almost the evening already. Who would visit you at night? Unless you invited friends for a night party, this would really surprise you.

I heard footsteps coming to my room. Malcolm opened the door. "Honey, someone wants to give you a message"

Malcolm sidestepped to reveal the visitor. He wore a black jacket. He had brown eyes and black hair. It was as if black was his favorite color. "Long time no see, Annabeth", he spoke.

"N-Nico? Is that you?" I recognized him slightly, based on his appearance that hadn't changed through the years.

"Oh, good that you remember me"

I stood up while Nico approached me. He kissed me on the cheeks just like friends do. I offered him the other seat by the end table. "Would you like some coffee?" Malcolm asked Nico.

"Yes, please. It's tiring to do shadow traveling"

Malcolm left the room, leaving Nico, Luke Perseus and I alone. The silence was eerie, it was uncomfortable. Maybe that's because of the fact that in front of me was the son of Hades, the god of the Underworld. I decided to speak up. "What brought you here?"

"It's about the Oracle of Delphi"

"What's wrong with it?"

"It will receive a new body as its new host tomorrow. And Chiron wants you to be there"

"It's been a long time since the oracle had a living body host. Anyway, why does he want me there?"

"I don't know. He just told me to come and to tell you to come too"

"But, I couldn't leave my son behind. Malcolm is going to an important case tomorrow"

"Oh, the rumors are true. You already have a son. And your husband is a lawyer or something?"

"Yes, he is. He top notched the bar exam"

"Just like what you would anticipate from a child of Athena. By the way, where's your son?"

"Over there"

I pointed at the kid who was sleeping at my bed. He was smiling in his sleep. I bet that he's having dreams about monsters again. He always dreams of that. Oftentimes, he would tell me how he held a bronze sword in one hand and how he slew those monsters he dreamt of into dust. Those things reminded me of someone – Percy.

Nico stared at him for a long time. His face had an expression of shock. I wondered why. "What's the matter, Nico?" I asked him.

He turned his view to me. "I-It's P-Percy", truly, he was surprised.

"Oh yes, his name is Luke Perseus, so you can call him Percy"

"No, it's something different"

"Ah, maybe it's because he has the same hair as Percy"


I was not satisfied with his reply. I felt that there was still something perplexing in his mind. "Anyway, I think you really need to come", he changed the topic.

Arguing with him won't do any good. He might send me straight to his father's palace. "But how? With my son left behind, I couldn't"

"That's no problem. Bring him with you"

"But no mortals are allowed inside camp"

"Unless you grant them permission to enter"

"But if Chiron knows-"

Before I could continue, Nico tossed a golden coin to the small fountain beside my bed. It was a golden drachma. "Oh, goddess of the rainbow, accept my offering", Nico spoke as the coin vanished.

The mini-fountain was making a mist where light bent into a rainbow. He was making an Iris message... to Chiron.

"Chiron, Camp Half-Blood"

The mist shook. Then, a centaur appeared in the mist, like a hologram. He was my mentor, the trainer of heroes – Chiron. "Nico! What made you Iris-message with me?" Chiron asked over the mist.

"Annabeth has something to tell you", Nico pushed his chair away so that I will be in Chiron's view.

"Umm...H-hi, Chiron", I spoke with hesitation. It was the first time after a long time that I would see him.

"Annabeth, is that you? Look how you'd grown! What's it you want to tell me?"

"Can I bring my son to camp tomorrow? I can't leave him behind with no one to take a look on him"

"Oh, I heard you had a son. So it's true. Well, okay, bring him with you but just this time... just this time"

"O-okay, Chiron, thanks"

"Be here before sunrise. That's when Apollo will arrive to carry on with the ritual"

"Yes, I will. Bye, Chiron"

"See you tomorrow, Annabeth"

Chiron waved his hand and he disappeared. The Iris message was done. I turned to look at Nico. Chiron told me to be there before sunrise and it's the evening already. We need to get there now. "Umm, Nico, how are we supposed to get there before sunrise? It would be a long travel"

"No problem, come with me. Bring Percy, I mean Luke Perseus", he bolted up and headed for the door.

I went to my bed and carried the sleeping Luke Perseus into my arms. As we reached the door, Malcolm entered my room. Nico bumped onto him. The cup of coffee fell to the floor together with my husband. "I'm sorry Malcolm", Nico made a quick apology and continued walking to the stairs.

"Honey, we need to get to Camp Half-Blood. I'm bringing my son with me since you have an important case to attend tomorrow. Don't worry, I'll be back by tomorrow evening", I briefly explained to my husband.

"I see, take care", he stumbled up and picked the broken pieces of ceramics on the floor.

I kissed my husband on the cheeks and went to follow Nico downstairs.

By the time I reached the ground floor, he was already outside, in the backyard. I rushed to him.

"You're too fast", I panted out of exhaustion.


He sounded a whistle. The sound made me remember of the time when Percy called Blackjack and Porkpie so that we could reach the ground safely. It was the last time I saw Percy alive.

I half hoped that Blackjack would come but I'm afraid I was wrong. A huge creature jumped on the fence instead and went beside Nico. He licked his master's head. "Good girl", Nico patted the creature's enormous head.

It was a hellhound, and I think I remember her. "Mrs. O'Leary!" I yelled.

"Yes", Nico confirmed my guess.

"Are we going to ride onto him like a horse?"

"Sort of, but we're going to shadow travel"

Mrs. O'Leary walked towards me. I thought that she would lick me just like what she did to Nico but instead, he licked Luke Perseus who was still on my arms. With that, my son woke up. He looked straight at the hellhound's eyes. I thought that my son would scream his lungs out but no, he didn't. He smiled and hugged the creature's head. It was as if he was hugging a big Winnie the Pooh stuffed toy.

I let my son stand on the ground as Mrs. O'Leary continued licking him. Luke Perseus giggled with delight. He looked towards me and said, "Mommy, this is the big monster in my dreams! I always play fetch with her!"

"I see", I was not surprised by that because he always dreams of monsters. But still, there's something that surprised me. I didn't know that he can see clearly through the Mist, "So, Luke, (I call him Luke instead of Percy) you can clearly see that monster?"

"Oh yes, mom!" he grinned.

I fixed my stare to Nico. He was looking straight at my eyes too. 'I didn't know he can see through the mist', I mouthed.

He nodded, but there was shock in his expression – the same expression he had when he first saw my son. I wondered why. "Luke Perseus?" he called my son's attention.

My son saw him. It was his first time to see Nico. I thought that he would be surprised because Nico knew his name but again, I was wrong. "Oh, hey, you look like the kid I always see in my dreams! You always play a game about the Greek gods and goddesses. I forgot what it was called. Oh! I remember! It was Mythomagic!" my son exclaimed.

"I don't play that stuff anymore"

"I see. What's your name again? I think I called you Nico in my dreams before"

"Oh yes, Nico is my name"

"So you're true? But how could I dream of you? It's my first time to see you"

Nico did not reply. I was struck by my son's words. I didn't know that he also dreamed of Nico. And what's worse, he knew his name! What could that mean? I don't know.

"I-I don't know. Anyway, please hop on that hellhound together with your mom", Nico strayed off Luke Perseus' question, "And once you're on her, tell her to bring you to Camp Half-Blood, understood?"

"Are we shadow travelling?"

I was surprised even more when I heard my son ask that question. Judging by his expression, Nico was also surprised. "Y-Yes", he had shock in his tone.

"Oh, that's cool!" my son was delighted by the idea, "I thought I would only experience it in dreams"

He eagerly hopped onto Mrs. O'Leary. I followed him. He was smiling when he whispered to the hellhound's ears, "To Camp Half-Blood"

And with those words, Mrs. O'Leary headed to our house's wall. I felt that we were going to crash but we didn't. We went through the wall. Everything was dark. And the next time I saw light, we were next to a pine tree – the tree that strengthened the magical borders of the camp.

We were back at Camp Half-Blood.

To be continued...