Link ran with all his might, a million things swirling through his mind.

Seems like Ike is resigning.

No, it doesn't make sense. Why, all of a sudden…?

What? Ike is leaving the Smash Bros. arena?

Why Ike, why?

Link shut his eyes, holding back the emotions threatening to break through as his legs carried him far into the hallway.


He remembered that deep raspy voice whispering into his ear.

I love you, Link.

That smile, those yearning eyes filled with so much affection.

I'll wait for you.

"Stupid!" Link cried out, opening his eyes to find the hallway blur as he wiped away a tear and took a deep breath to push it back down. It was so unfair. Ike said he'd wait for him, and yet, he was already leaving him?

Link looked up and found those large double doors up ahead of him. He had only been inside that large auditorium once when he first arrived at this arena as a newcomer. The committee had questioned him, observing him and watching him closely to see if he was worthy of fighting in the tournaments. That now has become a distant memory, even though it wasn't that long ago, for so many things had happened ever since he arrived. So many memories.

Especially the memories starting from the day Ike came to this world famous arena.

Blue eyes determined, Link let out a loud cry and pushed through the doors, feeling the breeze blow past him from the force of his intrusion.

And then he froze.

Up ahead in the large auditorium, the lights from above shined down on the long table underneath where the committee board members sat, comprising of individuals with the sternest and outmost serious faces one would ever encounter. And right now, those very committee members were not pleased by the interruption. In front of them stood the mercenary who was looking over his shoulder, his mouth gaping in shock and eyes blinking rapidly in disbelief at the person before him. Marth, who was leaning against the wall a few feet away from everyone, also dropped his mouth, completely stunned by the unexpected arrival.

Feeling the weight of those stares, Link swallowed at a sweat drop trickling uncomfortably down the side of his temple as he gazed awkwardly at the people before him. On second thought, maybe this wasn't such a great idea.

Ike is leaving the Smash Bros. arena?

Remembering what he was there for, Link shook his head straight and put on his bravest face. "Ike! Is it true that you are leaving the Smash Bros. arena?"

Ike was taken aback, his deep orbs shaken as he watched the hero before him stand there firmly, a look of strong will and determination on that face.

"Ahem!" A committee member sitting at the table coughed. Adjusting his glasses, the older man leaned forward. "Link, Ike is in the process of explaining why he was resigning as a fighter here, and we do not appreciate people like you barging in during a very serious session and highly confidential discussion."

The condescending tone made Link feel slightly chagrined, but the hero stubbornly held his ground. "And I demand to know the reasons for this resignation as well!"

The committee member raised his head, surprised by this retort, and narrowed his eyes disapprovingly. "This is none of your business, to put it bluntly. I suggest you leave right now before you are subjected to disciplinary action."

"I apologize for my intrusion, but I have the right to know what is going on." Link stared straight into Ike's eyes. "Ike, why are you resigning?"

At a loss for words, the mercenary only blinked before glancing at Marth uncertainly, who was clearly astonished and not sure himself what to do about the situation.

"Link! This is our last warning!" the committee member stood up as the rest of his colleagues glared, exacerbated. "Please leave this room so that we can discuss the matter with Ike further!"

Link swallowed again, struggling from letting his will waver as he refused to back down. He glanced at Ike, who continued to gape, astounded.

I'll wait for you.

Link clenched his hands into tight fists, shaking as he finally blurted out loud, "You can't just leave like that, Ike!"

The words struck the mercenary, and Ike felt his heart move.

"Because…um…as a fighter, you have a responsibility here! And you're breaking that responsibility!"

"Mr. Link!" The older male was growing impatient with this frustrating interaction. "Ike has informed us that he has some urgent duties to attend to back in his homeland, which is the reason for his resignation, and we're currently seeking the details on that."

"What?" Link stumbled over those words passing through his ears. He looked at Ike for an answer, and somehow felt those words were lies. Or maybe everything was a lie.

Sensing the confusion and distrust in those searching blue orbs, Ike quickly turned around and said to the committee, "Please excuse us for a second." Before the board could respond, Ike walked swiftly towards the hero, grabbing Link by the arm and surprising him in the process as he dragged the both of them out the double doors into the hallway.

Marth, who finally regained his senses, immediately followed the two out of the room, excusing himself from the committee as well as he shut the double doors behind him.

Upon reaching a corner, Ike released Link's arm. "Link, I-" Ike didn't even have the chance to finish when a fist struck the side of his face. He stumbled backwards, holding his cheek in pain and shock. "Link!" And then he froze, his heart sinking at the sight of the hero with very angry eyes brimming with tears.

"You're so irresponsible! You don't just do all that and then decide to leave! You didn't even give me a chance to take my time to respond to you!"

"Respond…?" Ike repeated slowly. And then he suddenly remembered Link's words to him just hours before during their lovemaking session.

Ike, does this mean I love you?

Ah, such a beautiful question. So adorable. But right now wasn't the time to be thinking of that, for he has a very angry hero standing before him.

"You…you said that you would wait for me! And now you're suddenly taking off? Why?" Link felt his voice begin to quiver as something underneath threatened to break through the surface.

Ike opened his mouth, not sure how to go about this. Feeling his throat go dry, he finally said, "I'm sorry."

"That's not fair! You don't just apologize!" Link chided. "Not after everything that happened, especially the first time, and then last night, and…and…" Link's voice cracked as his eyes shook uncontrollably. "I was about to forgive you…and now you…you…" The past week's events, from the unexpected first time with the mercenary, the horrible battle with Ganondorf, the misunderstandings and insecurities, the frustrating stay in the infirmary for days without the freedom to go out, the revelations from last night with the very man who held him dearly, and the announcement of that same man's leaving – the emotional strain was too much for the hero, unlike anything he had dealt with before, and thus, Link finally broke down and cried.

Ike stood there, stunned as he watched the hero's beautiful blue eyes fill with tears as Link stubbornly tried to wipe them away with the back of his gloved hands. Heart wrenching in pain, the mercenary held out his arms and pulled the hero into a tight embrace, despite the hero's protests. He squeezed Link tightly against his chest. "I'm so sorry for putting you through all of this, Link. Please, don't cry. I won't leave you. I'll never leave you. I'll stay here and be with you always." He kissed the top of that head as the hero began stifling his whimpers through Ike's shirt, all the frustrations and emotions pouring out completely.

Ike glanced up at Marth, who was standing a few feet away, completely shocked by what he was seeing. He threw a smirk. "Sorry Marth, but it looks like this little guy here doesn't want me to leave."

Marth closed his mouth and debated the situation, conflicted on what to do. He was a strict man who always enforced the rules, no matter who he was dealing with. His decisions were always well thought out, and it was rare for him to back out of a decision once it was made, especially when it was in the best interest of those he cares about. In this case, his decision was for the sake of the hero, for the young man's protection.


Link tried hard to smolder his wailing against Ike's chest, fisting the mercenary's garb as he sniffled and choked on his tears. "Stupid." He sniffled some more. "Stupid Ike. Stupid. Stupid. Hiccup!"

Marth frowned helplessly at this. Finally, with a frustrated scratch to his head, he said in irritation, "I'll let the committee know that your plans have changed, and that your 'family affairs' have been taken care of." With that said, he swiftly turned around and headed back in the direction of the double doors of the auditorium.

Ike watched his friend disappear out of sight before returning a soft gaze to Link, who clung onto him. With a gentle smile, he patted Link on the head and rested his chin on top of that cap. "It's all right now. I'm not leaving."

"You liar-Hiccup!" Link hiccupped some more on his tears.

"Link, look at me." Ike pulled back and tilted the tear-stained face of the hero towards him, forcing him to look him straight in the eye. "Nothing will separate us." He cupped that face and ran a tongue up Link's cheek towards his left eye.

Link gasped in shock and backed away, flustered. "Ike!"

"Salty…" Ike frowned, tasting the pain. He leaned forward and continued licking away the tears, ignoring the cute protests from the hero who was now blushing brightly.

"Stop! This is embarrassing!"

"You're one to talk, considering how you look right now," he teased.

"You're so mean." Link pushed him away and wiped the last drops of tears as he sniffled some more. "So are you leaving?"

"No, I'm not," Ike grabbed his arm and pulled him towards him, chuckling as Link stumbled against his chest and continued to throw a fit, hitting him. "Hey, hey."

"You promise you'll wait for me to give you a response?" Link demanded, hiding his embarrassment for asking such a request.

Ike placed his hands on the hero's waist, tugging him closer. "I'll wait forever if I have to, even if you never give me a response. Just…stay by my side."

Link blushed, his heart racing as he glanced away stubbornly. "W-What happened exactly back in your homeland?" he attempted to change the subject casually, although failing at it miserably.

"Nothing, it was just a misunderstanding." Ike lowered his face and caressed those soft cheeks as blue orbs gazed back at him doubtfully. "You don't need to worry about it anymore." He pressed his lips against wet pink ones, hearing the other one gasp in surprise. Upon contact, Ike immediately dove into Link's mouth, ravishing the young man as the hero tried to pull away.

Link began feeling light-headed, his knees buckling at the heated kiss as his face flushed. He felt those strong arms wrap around him possessively as he was pushed back against a wall, that hot mouth now moving to the corner of his neck.

Upon hearing the hero emit a small whimper, Ike pulled back and chuckled, seeing the helpless Link try to suppress his whines. Smiling, he doted on the young man with more kisses all over his face, snuggling against him and running his hands up that wonderful back. "Want to take this to my room? Or we can go to yours, which is closer," he whispered seductively.

Link suppressed a groan as he frowned at teeth nibbling the corner of his neck, no doubt leaving a bruise. "N-not right now. You still haven't eaten breakfast."

"I can just eat you."

Link felt like he was melting as all thoughts of worries were dashed away by how hot and steamy everything was getting. He struggled to remain standing, Ike's showering of affection drowning him relentlessly. And then he cried out in surprise and looked down to find a knee between his legs. Raising his head in shock, he saw the mercenary give a mischievous smile.

Ike kneed the hero again, and he watched in amusement as Link moaned, his eyes glazing over in pleasure. A hand flew out and clasped onto one of his front straps on his chest.

"Ike…don't…not right now," Link breathed, gripping that leather belt for support. "We're outside-Ohhh!" Link threw his head back and gasped for air as that knee nudged so lovingly against his groin.

"It's okay, no one will see us. They're all in the dining hall," Ike said hoarsely into that long Hylian ear, tugging on it teasingly with his teeth before running a hand down to grope a butt cheek, receiving a yelp. "I'm so tempted to take you again." He licked the inner ear, watching the hero shiver at the hot sensation. Such bliss, how much has he enjoyed making love to this man? His deep desires were aching to take Link again.

"I'm still mad at you, Ike."

"You're cute when you're mad."

Link mewed and backed up deeper against the wall, helpless as Ike used his other hand to grasp his hair and pull his head back, giving the mercenary further access to his neck. Oh, this was so wrong to do it out in the hallway, but Link was not able to fight back anymore as those lips latched onto his skin and kissed him wonderfully, erasing his mind and all sense of logic.


Both fighters froze, their hearts beating rapidly and skin turning icy cold as they slowly turned their heads to find Marth standing there with his arms crossed, a rather serious and very disapproving look on his face. But what was worse was the group that stood behind him. Nearly all the fighters were gaping with their mouths open, not expecting to find their fellow comrades doing something rather inappropriate out in the hallway in broad daylight.

Eyes wide open, Ike slowly retracted his knee as his other hand moved itself away from Link's behind. Meanwhile, the hero stared in horror at being seen in such a disheveled and vulnerable state. Both fighters turned a bright shade of red in embarrassment.

"Oh dear," Princess Peach brought her hands to her mouth.

"Getting a little kinky there you guys?" Sonic raised an eyebrow in amusement.

"Hm, I knew there was something between those two," Luigi stated proudly.

"Wasn't totally expecting this," the Pokemon trainer remarked, covering both Ness and Lucas's eyes.

"You guys never cease to surprise me," Snake bit on his cigarette as Samus, who stood next to him, raised an eyebrow with an amused smile.

Ike coughed and slowly backed away from Link, trying unsuccessfully to hide his chagrin as Link began sniveling against the wall, wishing a big black hole would just swallow him whole away from this humiliating predicament.

Marth turned around to face the group and held up his hands. "All right, as you can see, Ike is no longer leaving, so no need to find out the reasons for his resignation, because it will not happen. Now, please go back to the dining hall."

"Aw…" The group groaned in disappointment.

"But, but," Sonic began, "What's with him and Link? Are those two hitched or something?"

"Go," Marth stated firmly, eyeing everyone sternly.

As the group mumbled in annoyance and dispersed reluctantly, Ike face palmed himself.

How. Embarrassing. Nearly everyone had witnessed him groping and fondling the hero in the most inappropriate manner. Just great. He will never hear the end of it now.

"Serves you right for doing something like that in public," Marth scolded the embarrassed mercenary.

"Did you bring them here on purpose or something?" Ike glared, annoyed.

Marth glared back at this accusation. "No. In fact, I ran into them on my way back to the committee members, who are still waiting for me as of now. They were all heading towards the same destination, wanting to know why you were leaving." He turned his head to look at Link, who continued to stifle his whimpers of humiliation. The poor thing was still shaken up. Marth walked up to the young man. "Link."

The hero raised his head and looked at the prince.

"Are you…sure that you're all right with Ike staying?" he asked gently, softening his eyes.

Link blinked. "Huh? Yes. Why?"

Marth lifted up a hand to caress those strands of hair, surprising the hero. "Now, I want to be certain. You will be okay if Ike stays?"

The hero gazed at Marth questioningly.

"Do you want him to stay?"

Link frowned. "I don't want him to leave."

Meanwhile, Ike furrowed his eyebrows, watching uncomfortably in annoyance as his friend continued to touch those silky locks that he himself was very fond of touching.

Marth let the strands slip out of his fingers. "Then I will go back to the committee and inform them of Ike's decision." He turned around and caught Ike's eyes. In his usual sternness, he warned, "You better be on your best behavior. Anymore mistakes, and I won't be so lenient on you next time."

Ike smirked. "You got it."

Marth smirked back and proceeded to walk away when he noticed one fighter who didn't leave with the rest of the group.

Both the mercenary and hero glanced over to find Hyrule's princess standing a safe distance away from them this whole time, a desperate plea in her eyes.

Marth only nodded to her in acknowledgement before heading down the hallway and disappearing around the corner. Once he did so, Zelda immediately ran up to Link.

"Link, I'm so sorry I didn't tell you," she began apologetically. "I had forgotten about it, and, you see, um, I…" her voice trailed off, unsure on how to explain this as she was afraid to face her friend.

"Oh," Link frowned, glancing down awkwardly, also unsure himself how to respond.

"It was just a misunderstanding," Ike stepped in, surprising the princess. "Zelda actually didn't know what was going on too this morning. I think there was a big mix up." He glanced at the young woman with a knowing expression.

Zelda gaped at this as Link looked up at Ike.

"Ike, um, what is going on? I'm still not quite understanding," the hero asked, befuddled by the morning's events.

"It's nothing to worry about," Ike chuckled, ruffling the green cap on Link's head. And then leaning forward, he whispered against those lips, "So everything's good, right?"

Link's heart swooned as he was mesmerized by that handsome face so close to him. He didn't notice at first those lips nearly reach his until it was almost too late. He quickly pulled back. "Ike, Zelda's here!"

"It's okay, she knows anyway. Well, actually, now everyone knows."

"Everyone!" Link blurted, completely flustered as he remembered in horror what had just happened.

Zelda sighed, and she gazed at Link uncertainly.

Link noticed this and looked back. And then, grinning, he beamed, "Don't worry. There's nothing to apologize for."

The princess immediately smiled, heart relieved. She was very fortunate to be friends with someone as pure and kind as this young man standing before her - Hyrule's savior. "Then I'll leave you two be." She turned around and began walking away.

Ike directed his attention to the hero. "Link, I need to talk to Zelda about something. Why don't you go to your room and wait for me?"

"Huh?" Link blinked blankly. "But, what about breakfast?"

"Didn't I tell you?" Ike whispered huskily into his ear. "I'll just have you for breakfast." He slid an implying finger down Link's navel.

Link blushed furiously and pulled that hand away from reaching a certain very private area. Unexpectedly, he felt teeth bite down playfully at the top of his ear.

Ike chuckled silently at the whimper and pulled away from that adorable ear to say to that flushed face, "And after I finish having you, I'll bathe you."

"What? Why?" Link gasped, blushing at the not-so-innocent image of Ike bathing his naked body.

The mercenary caressed a soft cheek with the back of his hand, watching blue eyes gaze up at him dazedly by the warm touch. "I'm not too happy with the fact that only Marth got to bathe you when you were in the infirmary. So, is that all right with you?" He kissed those lips as Link shivered, covering his mouth in surprise while his face turned redder. "Link?'

Link glanced down. "Um, I don't…mind," he trembled.

Ike nearly got another nosebleed before holding himself together. "Wait for me upstairs?"

Link nodded silently. "D-don't take too long," he stuttered shyly.

Ike smiled at this bashful behavior, and he watched Link head in another direction towards the stairs to his room on the other floor, the young man's steps seeming to be lighter. Once the hero was gone, Ike immediately jogged in the opposite direction, finally catching up to the princess, who was taking a stroll back to the dining hall.

Zelda whirled around in surprise to find Ike standing a few feet away from her.

"Please, allow me to apologize…for my rudeness since we first met, and for everything else that happened." He got down on one knee and lowered his head. "Forgive me, Princess Zelda."

Zelda was stunned, her mouth partially open at the mercenary kneeling in such a manner and addressing her by her title for the very first time. Closing her mouth, she straightened herself and stated firmly, "Then please remember to address me as Zelda, for only my closest friends may call me by that name."

Ike blinked and raised his head to meet the rare friendly smile of the Hylian princess. Getting back up onto his feet, he smirked and said, "Whatever you say, Zelda."

The two fighters looked eye to eye, for the first time smiling at each other with respect for one another.

"Ike," she began. "Please…take care of Link. Always."

The mercenary nodded. "I will."

"Then, you better get going. You don't want to keep Link waiting," she winked.

"Oh, right," Ike scratched the back of his head, chagrined as he looked away. He waved his hand and said, "I'll see you around." He proceeded to run off when Zelda called out to him.

"Ike, please refrain from breaking Link's body. He's still recovering you know, from the match and…other things."

Ike chuckled uneasily. "Right." And he rushed off, eager to have some more alone time with the one he loves.

"So you have grown fond of him."

Zelda turned around to find Samus walking up next to her.

"Well, isn't this a rarity for the princess to accept such a brash young man like Ike." The bounty hunter raised her eyebrows coyly.

Zelda closed her eyes. "Hm. I have to admit, this is very unlike me. But that doesn't mean I'll go easy on him just yet."

"Oh?" Samus asked, curious as the princess let out a small mischievous grin to herself.

"Let's just say that I asked someone for a certain favor."

Ike ran up the steps two at a time until he reached Link's floor and knocked on his door, his heart beating excitedly in anticipation. The minute the hero opened the door, the mercenary launched at the surprised young man, devouring his mouth and groping him everywhere as he shut the door behind him and pushed Link onto the bed.

"I-Ike!" Link gasped, flustered.

"Sorry, but I must have you now." Ike latched his lips onto him again, kissing him all over and hands roaming over that body, fondling the hero affectionately. He was so jubilant beyond himself, happy that he can stay and be with this man forever. Their time here at the Smash Bros. Brawl tournament will be spent together, not to mention all the lovemaking they'll be doing secretly in their rooms. Ike grinded himself against the body, emitting a groan from the young man.

"Ike," Link breathed, becoming intoxicated as Ike's lips began sucking on his neck feverishly and a hand combed through his hair possessively, pushing off his cap. Everything was getting so hot when his eyes caught something next to the corner end of the bed. "Huh?"

Ike continued eating the hero up hungrily as he prepared to slip his other hand down Link's pants. His breathing became erratic as his arousal for the man he loves increased. He will shower this man with affection. He will drown this man with his desire and emotions. He will pleasure this man until he goes mad and cries out his name. He will love this man for all of eternity. Oh, everything is so perfect right now!

"Ike! Wait! Um, did you bring a box here with you?"

"A box?" Ike stopped, blinking. And then at the word box, his eyes slowly widened and he glanced to his side to where Link was looking at. A brown cardboard box lay perfectly near them, completely still. Narrowing his eyes in annoyance, Ike grabbed a pillow and flung it at the box, knocking it over.

Nothing was underneath.

"What the-"


"GAAAAAAAHHHHH!" Both Ike and Link screamed as another box flipped over on the other side of them.

"Tsk Tsk," Snake shook his cigarette bud disapprovingly at them. "I see that you two are still too slow to notice your surroundin-"


Well, things were almost perfect.


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