If time was still

The sun would never find us

We could light up

The sky tonight

I would see the world through your eyes

Leave it all behind

Close up of Macy's face looking at the outside of her school as she speaks.

Macy's voice: Have you ever really looked at on outsider? You know, one of those kids at your high school who you call a loner? Have you watched how they react with people, or how they think?Well I have, and I discovered something very disturbing; they're not alone, they just don't need people.

Macy Misa; athletic and perky girl who secretly has to deal with the heartbreak of her father leaving her and the boy she loves not loving her back.

Shows Macy watching her father leave her a few months earlier then shows Macy looking longingly at Nick.

Nick Lucas; cute and charming rock star, a sensitive and hopeless romantic who constantly overlooks Macy.

Shows Nick on stage at one of his shows, then switches to a screen with him being mobbed by tons of girls, last shows him walking past Macy at her locker without acknowledging her.

Over the summer, Nick discovers Macy is a lot different person then he could have ever thought.

Shows Macy playing piano while Nick is hidden.

But will Macy and Nick look past who they used to be and become who they are before summer ends? And will who they are be who they both want?

Shows a montage of scenes with Nick and Macy in them. The last showing Macy at the airport looking back at Nick.


Nicole Anderson as Macy;

"Don't humor me Nick, I've already had enough heartbreak in my life."

Nick Jonas as Nick Lucas;

"I don't know what it is this summer, but Macy is a different person."

Joe Jonas as Joe Lucas;

"There must be something in the tap water down here because Nick's never acted this way before!"

Chelsea Staub as Stella Malone;

"Just leave her alone Nick, she doesn't need you breaking her heart!"

Kevin Jonas as Kevin Lucas;

"Whoa, dramarama central!"


Fly With Me

I hope you like it! There will be way more Nacy after chapter one! (Give it a chance!)