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Shooting Star ~ Nagareboshi.

Pairing: Sasunaru,Nejigaa,Kibahina,Shikatema,Itadei,Kakairu,Leesaku

Music/lyrics from any of Naruto song from anime to insert song.

High School-Naruto who is a new kid at Konoha lives with his abusive guardian. Sasuke is a spoil brat who lives in a life without needs and vocalist of the famous band Raimei.

Warning: Child abuse, rape, swearing, bullying, violent, OOC and obviously Yaoi (BxB or MxM)

Chapter 1 : Naruto

In one of the room of a newly bought four room bungalow house, there a boy who going to turn 16 in 6 month time. The boy who has golden blond hair that was in a wild messy spike. His golden tan skins that most people envy but most of all a lot of people have been captives by his beautiful blue eye that can rival the colors of the sky. There is 3 line on each side of his cheek, scars that he got from a accident when he was still a little kid.

He goes by the name of Uzumaki Naruto. He lives with his abusive guardian Orochimaru after he lost both of his parents in a terrible accident. They just move in from Otogakure to Konohagakure that morning. He look around his new room, it was bigger compare to his last room. There was a queen bed size that was push to the wall with a window that shows the backyard garden. Study tables near a door which connected to a bathroom on his left side and a door facing his bed that connected to the hallway.

His room is still in a mess with all the moving boxes some unpack while some still pack.

His whole body was sore. He just finishes cleaning up all the other rooms, toilet, bathroom, living and kitchen.

'What time is it now.. I'm so hungry.. Damnit where the hell is that clock when I need it' he sighs. He spends about 5 minutes looking for it and he found it in one of the boxes. He smiles to himself and plug it next to his bed and place it on his side table.

'11 pm.. Great.. Haa.. I'm so tired..' and his stomach growl he look at his stomach and frown he is not suppose to eat if he didn't finish cleaning '…and yes I heard you, hungry too but the room..' he look around for the second time in 5 minute that night and sigh again.

'I do it tomorrow after school.' He changes into his pajamas and he picks up his discard pants and shirt then he throws it into the hamper in his bathroom. He washes his face then he brush his teeth and get ready for bed. He ignores his growling stomach and he set his alarm clock at 6 in the morning.

The moment his head hits his pillow, exhaustion took over him and he fell into a deep sleep dreaming of nothing.

It was around 2 in the morning when he jump up from his sleep to find himself looking up to a pair of yellow slit eye. The owners of the eye just smile cruelly at him and roughly kiss the unwilling pair of lips under him. Naruto just whimper because he knew that fighting it will only bring him to more trouble, more beating, and more pain. There was fear in those beautiful blue eyes.

That cold finger that was rested on his scar cheek travels slowly down to his jaw line down to his neck. While his other hand settle next to the blond head.

"My..my..Naruto.. Even when you done cleaning all those other room, your room is still in a mess.. I thought that I told you to clean the whole house including your room. Why is it that your room is still in a mess?" Orochimaru ask him. He tilts Naruto head to expose his tan neck and start sucking on it.

Naruto gulp and try to give an answer that can bring him less pain and lying could bring him to more pain. He didn't want to limp to his new school on his first day there. With shaking breath he answers Orochimaru.

"I was… I was hungry an-…AHH" before he could finish his reason he feel a sharp teeth biting roughly into his skin. He can't help but hiss in pain. He felt a small amount of blood trailing down to his collarbones. His blue teary eye was force to once again meet the yellowish snake eye. The eye was filled with anger and it was narrow dangerously at him.

"Are you trying to say the reason that you didn't finish cleaning is because that you are hungry?" Orochimaru ask him.

Naruto just nodded since he didn't trust his voice to do the job. Orochimaru pull Naruto hair and bring him closer to his face as he look into the teary eyes that belong to Naruto.

He smile in satisfaction and he whisper lustfully into Naruto ear.

"Are you still hungry?" Naruto tense up and he was frozen. He holds his breath wishing that Orochimaru would get tired of him and leave. Orochimaru could felt that the body under him tense up, he raise his head up and look at the beautiful face that belong to his charge. Naruto eyes were avoiding his.

"I ask you a question and I want the answer now." He pulls Naruto hair roughly and forces him to look at him.

Naruto look up into a pair of angry but lustful eye and nodded. He knows better that to lie. Orochimaru smirk and crash their mouth together. He lick and force his tongue into Naruto parted mouth, it was the only way so he would not suffer from busted lips the next morning. If he didn't want to get a busted lips the next morning, giving access is the only way he could avoid it.

"Good boy." He pats his head and rearranges himself so the bulge was in front Naruto face.

"Now you know what to do."

With shaking hand Naruto unbutton Orochimaru pant and start to suck the erection in front of him. He lick it slowly from bottom to tips he repeat it for a few time. He heard Orochimaru harsh breath and moaning. He took haft into his mouth and start to bobbling his head. He felt the hand that pulls his hair getting tighter and tighter. Next thing he know he was push onto the mattress and Orochimaru thrust into his mouth without caring about suffocating Naruto. Naruto try desperately to breath. The pains in his throat and after it since like hours Orochimaru come into his mouth. He thrust a few more time and he look down at Naruto. He smirk, pull himself out from Naruto mouth and watch as a trail of sperm on the right side of Naruto mouth. Seeing this, his limp member once again become hard. He flip Naruto onto his stomach and torn his pajamas, he then undress himself while looking at Naruto frighten face.

"Raise your ass for me Naruto so I can feed you from behind." Orochimaru lick Naruto earlobe and then once again he attack Naruto neck. Naruto bit back a moan. Orochimaru then bit his neck again and roughly scratch Naruto back. This time Naruto shout. He then pant heavily, the tear won't stop and he collapse down breathing hasty.

Orochimaru then repeat what he say to Naruto.

"I say raise you ass for me so I can feed you from behind."

Naruto was afraid, he did what Orochimaru ask him to do. Slowly he raises his ass and he prepare for whatever Orochimaru going to do to him. Again that smile, the cold smile that show that Orochimaru hold a lot of power against him. The cold smile that show Orochimaru own him and the cold smile that say he has to follow every order Orochimaru say. Orochimaru then spread Naruto butt cheek, he put in a dry finger then the second finger, Naruto hiss every time the finger move. At least this time Orochimaru technically prepare him. Oh yes Orochimaru never attended to make him fell good he only been thinking bout his sadistic way to torture Naruto. The finger was remove and was replace with something big at his entrance. He close his eye and then he fell the pain. He scream of pain he fell that a pair of hand push him further into the mattress so that his ass raise up. The whole length was push into his tight hole in one thrust. Orochimaru moan at the feeling of his member inside the hot and tight hole. He can no longer wait to move. Without letting Naruto get use to the feeling he start to thrust roughly and the more Naruto shout the more he get excited, he snake his hand to Naruto limp member and start to squeezes it by doing so making it haft hard.

"Please..please.. it hurt. Please…" Over and over again he keeps on begging.

"Ahhhh…AhhhhAhhhhh….." More bite and more scratch.

"Ahhh..Nar-uu-too..Ahhh..You are so tight.. Beg me..If you want to come beg me for it "

"Please..Oro-chi-maru-sama ahhhhhhhhhhh…"


Naruto let his tear out freely. He hate it when Orochimaru did that. Making him suffer and haft hard. There is no way Orochimaru let him jerk off. He tried it once before and Orochimaru put on a cock ring for a week. Being fuck and not come is the worse thing that can happen to anybody.

Orochimaru start to thrust in even more roughly over and over again, moaning every time he thrust in and out. He moans a name but Naruto couldn't catch up with since he was trying hard to find a way to ease the pain and finally Orochimaru came inside the tight abuse hole. He collapse on top of Naruto, try to calm his breathing down and once he done that he got up took Naruto torn pajamas and clean himself up. He toss the dirty pajamas at Naruto, creep up to him and whisper in his ear.

"You know what happen the last time you jerk off?" Naruto nod.

"Good boy." He once again smash his lip onto Naruto, get up and when to the door.

"You got school tomorrow, don't be late. I won't tolerate the school calling me at work. I want breakfast in the morning." With that he when out naked not caring that his clothes is scatted around Naruto room. Naruto will pick it up tomorrow.

Said blond wrap himself into a ball, crying silently.

'How am I gonna get out from here.'

He turns slowly and look out the window and at the very same moment he saw a shooting star. He closes his eye and make a wish.

'I hope there is someone who will help me get out from here and love me for who I really am.'

With that Naruto fell asleep exhaustion took over him from the morning they move here, the cleaning and Orochimaru. He slept dreaming of shooting star he saw just now.

There you go.. I'm still new in this. So ya.. I know that this fic is kinda badly written. Sorry for that. Somehow this story suppose to base on the song Shooting Star from Naruto I sway from it. So let's just say that the story base on the shooting star itself not the song. The name Raimei came from Naruto: Bond movie soundtrack. If I'm not mistaken Track 25. Track 25 will be the opening of Raimei concert and their trademark.

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