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Shooting Star ~ Nagareboshi.

Pairing: Sasunaru,Nejigaa,Kibahina,Shikatema,Itadei,Kakairu,Leesaku

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High School-Naruto who is a new kid at Konoha lives with his abusive guardian. Sasuke is a spoil brat who lives in a life without needs and vocalist of the famous band Raimei.

Warning: Child abuse, rape, swearing, bullying, violent, OOC and obviously Yaoi (BxB or MxM)


Chapter 5 : Second Day (Part 1)

Naruto slowly open his blue eye, he still in the pathetic basement on the pathetic mattress, laying on his stomach. He slowly moves his leg and bit back a scream.

'Fuck.' he swore to himself. Last night was hell, this is the worse pain compared to his previous years of pain. The basement are dark so he carefully raises his head and looked around with the help of the moonlight coming thru the small window, the hebi bastard is not in the basement with him.

'So he left the moment he done, leaving me on this rock hard mattress' Naruto scowl.

He took a deep breath and once more he try moving his leg, a series of pain shot thru his back he shut his eyes and punch the mattress under him. He starts pushing himself up slowly, maybe he should skip school today and then he shakes his head.

'No, this is the second day. There is no way I gonna skip it.'

With all his will power, he pushes himself and stand. He took a deep breath and wince, he carefully bend and with a shaking hand he grab his boxer, pants and his shirt. He stood up, he gritted his teeth and there are tears on the corner of his eyes. He slowly wore his boxer and he threw his shirt on. Now the hard part, he turned to the staircase, he sigh 10 bloody step before he reach the door then another 20 or so step before he reach his bedroom.

'Might as well start walking now.'

After about 5 minutes or so, Naruto finally reach his bedroom and he when straight into his bathroom. He took 2 painkiller, swallow it with the help of the tap water, he drank it with one gulp. The cold water did wonder to his dry throats and he put both his hand on the sink for support, he looked into the mirror and came face to face with himself. He looked horrible, his tan skin sickly pale, his hair lost some of their shine, his left cheek bruises and his blue eye darken. He took off his shirt then his boxer and he check his body he scowls in distaste. There is bite marks everywhere, marking him. His hip full of handprint in black and purple, his thigh has the same bruises. He took a deep breath and turn around looking at his back. He curses that hebi bastard with all the colorful word and language he know. He curses him into 7 depth of hell. He knew that he was beaten with a whip but hell his back are bleeding. He gritted his teeth and calms himself down, 'No good in killing that hebi bastard going to come.'

He turns to the bathtub and filled the tub with hot water. When the tab is half full he tested the water temperature, when he is satisfied he slowly lower himself into the water, he hiss and curse the hebi bastard every time his body arches. He relaxes himself and enjoys the smoothing water as much as he can. He is going to get that hebi bastard sooner or later, in his case 2 years. No need to go to juvenile centre, he just need 2 more years. He sighed.

Sasuke yawned and walk to the dining room, he nodded at some of their maids and push open the door to a small dining room that the family use. Not the huge one that was use to host guest. This dining room is for family and close friend only. His mother perk up when she saw him, he greeted his parent and brother good morning and hugged his mother. Itachi nodded and mumbled a good morning and Fugaku smile at him and mouth good morning since his on the phone.

"Sleep okay?" Fugaku once again mouth at him. He nodded and pulls out a chair next to Itachi and sat down with a sighed. Their butler greeted him and serves him breakfast.

"Hunny, are you okay?" Mikoto asked worried about her younger son.

"Hai kaa chan. I'm just a little bit tired. There is a lot in mind last night." He drank a cup of coffee then he smile remember Neji's e mail.

"I have something to tell you guys." Sasuke voice stop his parent and brother whatever they are doing. Mikoto gracefully place her cups on the saucers and gave him her full attention. Itachi stop reading the newspaper and Fugaku told his secretary that he call him back later before hanging up.

"What is it Sasuke?" Itachi asked curious. Sasuke beam and told them about Neji's e mail.

"We are going to play at Konoha Dome this June. Neji email me last night." Mikoto squealed and hugged him, kissing his cheek saying how proud she is with him and their band. Itachi nodded and smile at him saying congratulations. Fugaku stood and patted his head since Mikoto still hugging and kissing Sasuke and said that he is so proud of him and the band since they got to perform at Konoha Dome without using their power and names, instead they use their talent for it.

"Hunny I'm so proud of you. Let's go out for dinner tonight. We can invite Neji, Gaara, Shikamaru, Kiba and their family to celebrate it with us. I'll call their parents and ask." Mikoto release Sasuke and waited. Sasuke nodded and told her that he asked his other friends. Mikoto pulled out her phone and start calling his friends parents or in Gaara case his older brother and sister. She kisses Fugaku, Itachi and Sasuke cheek goodbye and off to plan the dinner. Sasuke can't help but smile, Itachi looked at his baby brother and his smile grew slightly, he continue reading his newspaper but he cannot help but glance at his father who is back on the phone but smile nonchalantly. He really loves his family.

"Ohayo Naruto." Naruto yawn then he turned around when he heard the greeting and almost fell forward when someone jumped him from behind, he winced and hope to every god that his bandages is thick enough so his blood won't be able to sip thru. He is lucky enough that the school uniform came with a dark coat and to be on the save side, he wore a black t shirt underneath his uniform.

"Come on Ino, don't jump him like that."

"Sorry, sorry. It's just that I'm so happy to see Naruto again." Ino said but still not letting him go.

Naruto turned around with a hanging Ino on his back and face Sakura and Hinata, he grinned at the two who returned it back with a smile.

"Ohayo Naruto." Sakura greeted him.

"O-ohayo Na-Naruto -kun." Hinata shyly greeted him.

"Ohayo Sakura- chan, Hinata- chan, Ino-chan."

Ino nodded and finally letting him go with the help of Naruto so she wouldn't fall.

"Thanks." Naruto nodded at Ino.

"Naruto, what happen to your face?" Sakura asked concern, her hand touches the big plaster on his left cheek, Naruto tensed and he forces himself to calm down under Sakura touch, Ino and Hinata turned to Naruto both her faces turned worried. Naruto chuckle nervously, he started rubbing the back of his head like he always does when he is nervous. Never in his previous school the people care to asked him where he has gotten the bruises from and he didn't have to think of an excuse. Looks like he going to think one now.

"Well you see.. err.. I mean..." Naruto started to stutter but the looks on the three faces make him blurted the first thing that came out in his head.

"I hit the lamp-post when I walk home last night."

The three girls look at him suspiciously and nodded, maybe he is clumsy they just by the way met him yesterday.

"If you said so Naruto." Sakura sighed and give him a small smile and the three walk toward the school front door chatting with each other.

Naruto walk the three girls to their classroom and bid each other goodbye, promising them that he will meet them for lunch. He walk to his classroom and ignored the other who gave him a looked and laugh behind him. He knew that some of them plotting something behind his back, well he knew that he technically did pick a fight with the school prince, 'Darn spoil rich brat.' and he just wanted to spent his high school life peacefully. He was right, on his table there is a red and white checker tablecloth a small vase that hold three chrysanthemums flower (1). He frowns and his left eye started to twitch. He could hear some of them snicker behind him, Naruto took a couple of deep breath before he pick up the vase and turned to the classroom, he put on a charming small.

"This is really thoughtful of you. I'm planning to visit someone grave today and I think I going to offer this flower to them. Oh you can take back your vase and tablecloth after I leave for lunch or after school. It's not mine to begin with." He set the flower and the tablecloth aside and he pull out a book and started reading, grinning at himself when he heard the gasps and groaning of his so called classmate. 'Hah.. The old school has better method then this.'

Around 8.55 am, finally their homeroom teacher came, walking with his nose stuck in an orange book while he gave them a half wave with his free hand.


"Sorry guys, when I was about to come to class I met a poor old.."


Kakashi shrugged and started taking attendant. Naruto is somehow impress that Kakashi sensei could take the attendant with his nose still stuck in his book. He looked around for ice bastard and his gang, nope, no one. He grinned, at least the bastard didn't come, maybe he could laid back today and enjo-…




Or not, Naruto frown. There goes his laid back and enjoy day.

"So it's okay for them to be late but it's not okay when I came late." Kakashi mumbled and rolled his eyes while ticking their name in the class attendant.

Sasuke ignore the screaming girls and his eyes scanning the classroom. His eye finally stops at the blond hair new kid, his blue eyes glaring at him and his mouth is frowning. The blond table is next to his table.

"Okay, that's everyone. I have to go now. There is nothing important for me to tell you. So, ja ne." Kakashi sensei lazily makes walk out and just like he came in his nose stuck in the orange books with a half wave.

"Dude, move. I'm not going to stand here all day. What the hell are you looking at?" Kiba started to get impatiens and push Sasuke aside so he could look at what making Sasuke just stood there. His frowning mouth turns into a wolf grins. Kakashi make the new kid sat beside Sasuke, now this is going to be fun.

"Guys, check this out. Kakashi make the new kid sit beside Sasuke." Kiba told the other who still scatter around the hallway. Gaara and Shikamaru leaning against the wall since Sasuke seem stuck in front of the door. Neji raise one eyebrow and smirk. 'Way to go Kakashi.'

Sasuke put on a blank face but those who is close to him knew that he is annoyed with Kakashi. His eye twitch slightly, his mouth in a thin line but the corner of his left mouth is slightly downwards and very unnoticeable vain pop up. He gets that pervert teacher later. He walks inside ignoring the girls who flung themselves to him, eyes never living the glaring blue eyes. He stops next to the blond table and the two of them glaring at each other.

"What can I do for you.. You're Highness." Naruto put on a mock smile on his lips. He smirks when he saw the ice bastard eye starting to twitch. Sasuke only been here two minutes and he started to get annoyed with this dobe.

Neji and Gaara look at the scene unfold in front of them with mild amusement, they wanted to witness the new kid guts, Shikamaru drop himself on his chair and yawn, he put his head on the table and snore lightly. Kiba sat on his table still grinning and watch what going to happen next, he too like Neji and Gaara wanted to see this little fox guts.

"How about you leave while I'm still in a good mood." Sasuke say in a low voice. Naruto still smiling but Sasuke could see Naruto own vain popping out. Slowly Naruto stand up and his blue icy glare turned colder no longer smiling.

"The door is that way." Naruto use his thumb to point at the back door.

Kiba whistle softly but his two friends still watching, waiting.

Sasuke finally snap and grab Naruto collar, Naruto who is never the type to gave up didn't drop his glare, "Listen here Usuratonkachi, you don't want be in my bad side. I could easily beat you to pulp." Sasuke hiss lowly.

'No fighting, No fighting, No fighting.' Naruto kept on chanting over and over. 'Patience.. Be patience.. This is only the second day. Need to be patience for a couple of months.' He promises himself that before he move here. He didn't need to show his bad side just yet. The cheeky, cunning and sly side. Who hold black belt in karate, expert in street fighting art. Hey, he needed some reason when some of the teacher asked him where he got the bruises, when he kept on limping, all the cuts and burn.

Naruto grab a fistful of Sasuke collar, "Spoil brat." Naruto hiss back. Sasuke growl lowly and about the snapped back when Konan interfere.

"That is enough. Uchiha, I'll appreciate that you decided to join my lesson, can you let go of Uzumaki collar and sit down." Konan say strictly.

Sasuke growl lowly and pushes Naruto away who let go of his collar a few second earlier. Naruto wobble a little before giving Sasuke a full force glare, he drop on himself on the chair and look ahead at the blackboard.

After English is Math's, during English class, Naruto knew that Sasuke kept giving him glare after glare which he ignored and he plan on doing the same on Math class. Math's gone without a hitch, Sasuke finally gave up on giving Naruto the glare and turned to his friend's. Naruto kept on wondering just why on earth that bastard didn't do that in the first place. Math's over and they had P. Exercise next, never in Naruto wildest dream that he could meet a teacher who is fully clad in green spandex and an old fashion bowl haircut. He almost flitch away when said teacher started hugging him, crying a river and sprout all about youth. He did however wince when the teacher hugs him a little too tight, again he pray to god that his blood would not slip thru the bandages.

"Ahh, a new youth join us today. You start next week. I'm Maito Gai sensei. Call me Gai sensai. What is your name?"

"Uzumaki Naruto." Naruto wheeze out. Gai nodded and finally puts Naruto down.

"Since you are new, just sit down and watch." With that said he started giving instruction and everyone groan loudly.

Naruto for the first time felt speechless and nodded. He walks to the benches and sit down rubbing the bruises on his ribs trying to soothers it.


In Japan, putting flower on the table of certain people indicate that said person pass away or dead. In Japan most bully did this to mentally bully them or something like that.

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