Happy birthday, opaque-girl!

Narcissa pursed her blood red lips after unconsciously licking them, as she waited for her fiancé's response. He'd been standing, staring at her, for at least several minutes now. Sure, the arranged married was exactly ideal, and she wasn't fond it, but she hadn't expected silence. Popping out her hip and placing her hand on it, she narrowed her cold eyes.

She had only come because Bella had asked – well, told – her to meet up with him. Bella had said something about it being for her own. Yeah, right. Narcissa frowned involuntarily as the thought of her older sister crossed her mind. She'd probably planned it this way – the awkward silence.

"Well, I guess I ought to be off then, if you aren't going to say anything," Narcissa snapped. He had never been this quiet at school. In fact, if she remembered correctly, he had always been one of the cockier boys of Slytherin, and to see him so quiet was slightly unnerving.

Turning on her heel, and moving to step away, she wondered briefly whether he would stop her. At least then she'd know that the visit hadn't been a complete waste of time.

"Black," Lucius muttered, effectively stopping her in her tracks.

"My name is Narcissa. As your fiancée, I'm sure you could manage to at least call me by my name," she said, smirking. There was a hint of disbelief in her eyes though. He'd known her for how long? At least fifteen years by now, and he still couldn't bring himself to call her by her name? Oh yes, she could see the marriage turning out brilliantly. He was silent again, much to her despair, so she added impatiently, "Well then, Lucius?"

"Narcissa," he forced out, choking slightly. "Nice to meet you."

"You've known me for fifteen years, you tosspot."

At this, Lucius frowned, as if counting the years in his head. "True."

"We can call it off, really," Narcissa deadpanned, getting rather sick of his little charade. "I'm sure Mother can find me somebody else to marry. You could marry Alice McEwan. She's a pureblood, isn't she?"

"McEwan?" Lucius spat in surprise. "Don't be ridiculous. We don't need to call the wedding off, don't be –"

"Ridiculous," Narcissa finished for him. "I'm not. You can't even look at me. You realize we're going to have to continue our family lines, don't you? Create a mini-Malfoy, so to speak."

Lucius paled. "W-w-wh-what?"

"Sex, Lucius," Narcissa said bluntly. "Surely I don't have to explain that to you? I'd heard that you were well-educated in that area, actually."

"I did… I mean, I didn't… I haven't…" Lucius grew red, and for a few moments, Narcissa smirked at the idea of making the Lucius Malfoy blush.

She sighed loudly, sucking air in through her teeth. "The wedding, Lucius. I can convince Mother to call it off."

The statement seemed to have returned Lucius to his normal state, and he said quickly, "Merlin, don't do that. Father would have my head."

"Well, suck it up, Malfoy."

Lucius smirked. "My name is Lucius. As your fiancé, I'm sure you could at least manage to call me by my name, Narcissa."

Shaking her head as she watched him walk away, Narcissa smiled slightly. Maybe things would work out, after all. Picking up her glass, she whispered under her breath, "Yes, Lucius. I'm sure I can."