A New World

Chapter 3

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Author's Notes: This chapter so short! And I promised longer chapters in the future, but I have a good reason for this, actually a few reasons. The first reason why this chapter is so short is; the difficulties of keeping everything straight, like the plot, and characters. I have forgotten some major scenes of code Geass with an exception a few. So I'll go back watching the first and second season before I continue.

Another reason and a major one is school. I'm leaving soon to my school. Summer already over… Darn it! I have to get up early on my scheduled day for an hour flight on the plane, and then another six hours on a school bus before I arrive at my destination. Sometimes, I hate my school is so far away, and I won't be back until the major holidays.

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Naruto was stuck between two choices. The first choice was leave C.C behind and rescue anyone at Shinjuku Ghetto. The first choice was a bad decision because of the disadvantages; such as Britannia knowing about his existence and C.C couldn't run at his level of speed. He was curious over C.C mysterious powers and if he leaves the girl behind, Naruto's clue to the fate of the Ninja was over.

The second choice was leave Shinjuku Ghetto behind, and return later after Britannia's objective was complete, but Britannians tended to kill everyone who defies them.

"Crap..." Naruto muttered.

C.C tilted her head at the blond. Her breathing returned to normal, and she wasn't tired anymore. The blond was a strange one, C.C guessed. But Naruto has some strange power within him that made C.C curious. The green haired women will have to follow the blond to figure out this mystery.

"Can you still run?" Naruto questioned.

C.C nodded.

"Alright... We're returning back to the Shinjuku Ghettos," Naruto said.

"What...? Why would you want to return there?" C.C questioned.

"Brittanians..." He answered. As if it answered everything.

Naruto ran towards the direction of the Shinjuku Ghettos, and reached the sub lower levels in fifteen minutes when he carried C.C behind his back.

A large explosion rocked the underground and Naruto was forced to use chakra to stay in position. Naruto wondered what type of battlefield the upper ground held for the underground to be shaken.

He exited the sewers and ran up the stairs. Once he was outside, he found himself in an alley, and he recognized the location he was in. The old man's place was nearby, to the south of his spot.

He guessed the old man's place was a good start to help out the civilians to evacuate.

"C.C, can you run from here?" Naruto said.

C.C nodded and got off Naruto's back. She had never seen anyone be so physically active that they could run for so long without getting tired. C.C wondered what type of training Naruto had to be in his state of strength.

"Good. We have to be careful not to be seen by any Britannian soldiers," Naruto continued to say. "Follow me." Naruto ran down the alley and reached the ruin streets of the Shinjuku ghetto. There weren't any knightmares visible to him and Naruto took that as a good sign.

He and C.C reached outside the Old Man's apartment. The door looked like it was physically opened with brute strength. The door lay flat on the floor. Naruto entered and what he saw sickened him.

The old man lay dead in the living room, blood pooled around him. Bullets holes were seen on the walls behind him, and Naruto cracked when he saw this.

The old man didn't deserve this. He was kind, a loyal companion with experience to politics (a rare find), but Naruto enjoyed his company more and his story before Japan was invaded by Britannia.

"C.C… We'll check the other building around here."

C.C saw the body, but didn't comment on it.

Naruto tried the buildings but what he found was the same problem. Britannian invaded into each of these homes, and massacred the people inside.

Chapter End