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Her Demon, His Angel

Chapter 1

It began like any other day young Mikan Sakura, year 5, was walking down the street with her two bodyguards, Tsubasa and Misaki, when she came across an alley. She stopped and looked into the alley to see a pair of crimson eyes staring back at her.

"What is it Ms. Sakura" Tsubasa said. "Oh um nothing" Mikan said then ran off into the alley. "Come back" Misaki yelled but Mikan kept running till she saw the owner of the crimson eyes that kept staring at her.

"Who are you?" Mikan said. The boy said nothing. Mikan smiled and said "hi I'm Mikan Sakura." The boy blushed and said "I'm Nastume Hyuuga."

"Why are you here all alone?"

"I have no where else to go"

"What about your parents?"

"I have none"

"What happened to them?"

"I don't know"

"Ms. Sakura where are you?" Misaki yelled. "Looks like you have to go" Nastume said. "Yah" Mikan said and held out a hand "your coming with me" she said. Nastume just stared at her. Mikan grabbed Nastume's hand and started walking, dragging Nastume behind her.

They came out of the alley and saw Tsubasa and Misaki running towards them. "Where were you?" Misaki said. "Who is he?" Tsubasa said. "Oh I went into that alley to find him" she said pointing at Nastume. "His name is Nastume he's coming home with us" Mikan said then started walking with Nastume.

"Wait what? Why?" Tsubasa said. "Nastume is coming home with us because he has no where else to go" Mikan said. "What about his parents?" Misaki said. "He has none" Mikan said. "Mikan he can't come with us" Tsubasa said. "Why?" she said turning around.

"Because he's not our problem and what would your father say?" Tsubasa said. "It's ok" Nastume said to Mikan. Mikan looked at Nastume then said "ok I'll ask daddy if we can keep him let's go Nastume" she said and starting walking again.

"No Mikan" Tsubasa said. "Run" Mikan said to Nastume then they started running. Tsubasa and Misaki started chasing after them. "There gaining on us" Mikan said. "Not for long" Nastume said then knocked some trash cans over.

Tsubasa and Misaki tripped and fell onto them. "Nice job" Mikan said. "Thanks" Nastume said. They got to Mikan's, went in and locked the doors. "This way" Mikan said and led Nastume to the basement. She knocked on the door. "Password" someone said. "Naru-chan pwease open up" Mikan said.

Narumi opened the doors and hugged Mikan "It's so good to see you Mi-chan why are you here? And who is this?" Narumi said. "That's Nastume and I need to see daddy" Mikan said. "Wait a minute" Narumi said and walked to a door. He knocked "what is it" someone said.

"Your daughter is here to see you" he said. "Bring her in" someone said. "Go on Mikan" Narumi said. Mikan walked through the doors with Nastume. "Hi daddy" she said. "Hello sweetheart what do you need?" Mikan's dad said.

"This is Nastume Hyuuga can he stay with us?" Mikan said. "What?" he said. "He has no parents and no where to go can he stay with us?" she said. "Mikan let me talk to Hyuuga alone for a second" he said.

"Ok good luck Nastume be good daddy" Mikan said then left the room. "Hi I'm Izumi Yukihira your Nastume Hyuuga right?" Izumi said. "Yes sir" Nastume said. "When did you meet my daughter?" Izumi said. "Today I was in an alley when Mikan came and told me to come with her" he said.

"You listened to her?" he said. "She was very forceful" Nastume said. "Hahaha just like her old man so uh Hyuuga I'm in a little business called uh what's a name you might know uh the mafia I'm actually the boss do you know what that is?" Izumi said.

Nastume nodded. "Good saves me some time I'm not going to lie to you Hyuuga I like you. There is something in your eyes that tell me your not afraid of anything so here's how it goes you can stay but you'll have to work for me does that sound fair?" he said.

"What will my job be Yukihira?" Nastume said. "Just call me Boss Hyuuga and lets see how old are you?" he said. "I'm 6" Nastume said. "One year older than my daughter perfect your job will be to be my daughters personal bodyguard sound fair?" Izumi said.

"Yes but what do I do?" he said. "You are to protect her with your life. You are to go to school with her and walk her anywhere she wants to go. You are to be her 24/7 understood?" Izumi said. "Yes Boss" Nastume said.

"Great you'll fit in well around here MIKAN" Izumi said. "Yes daddy" Mikan said coming in. "Hyuuga can stay" he said. Mikan ran up to Nastume and said "Yes you can stay, you can stay thank you daddy" Mikan said.

"He is also going to be your new bodyguard ok so he is going to go to school with you and be with you at all times ok" Izumi said. "Yay were going to be school buddies. We'll be together forever" Mikan said and Nastume smiled a bit.

"Sweetheart show Nastume around he'll be staying in your room ok and Nastume training starts tomorrow" Izumi said. "Ok Boss" Nastume said. "Ok Daddy" Mikan said and gave her dad a hug "thanks again" she said then grabbed Nastume's hand and went upstairs.

"I am just to kind" Izumi said. "Yah to her" one person said. "Did I tell you to speak? GET BACK TO WORK" Izumi yelled. "To kind huh?" Narumi said. "Shut it Narumi" Izumi said.

"Are you sure that's a good idea though Boss?" Narumi said. "Yes there's something about him I feel I can trust him with Mikan that or he's going to take her besides Mikan would have killed me if I didn't " Izumi said laughing.

"What happens if he does take her?" Narumi said. "Well in the Mafia business what happens when they betray there Boss?" Izumi said. "But he's just a kid" Narumi said. "Exactly so he will learn to obey me if he doesn't well" Izumi said.

"What about Mikan?" Narumi said. "She'll understand" Izumi said. "I hope so" Narumi said.

"Thank you Mikan" Nastume said.

"For what?"

"For saving me and taking me in"

"Your welcome Nastume"

"I promise to protect you forever" Nastume said.

"Ok enough let's play now because tomorrow Daddy's going to put you through hell"

Nastume gulped "Don't worry Nastume you'll survive…I hope…good luck" Mikan said. I'll protect this girl and her smile forever Nastume thought smiling.