BlackLynx17: Ok here's the last chapter to Her Demon, His Angel I hope you enjoy and thanks for readingBoss's P.O.V."Oh Yuka if you could see our daughter now. She's grown up to be a fine young lady" I said. "You sure your cool with this Izumi" Narumi said. "Yah deep down I guess I already knew she'd leave for him" I said. "Don't worry we'll be able to keep track of her and you'll be able to see her anytime" Narumi said. "Why's that?" I said. "When she walked in with Nastume I put a tracking device on her" he said smiling."You never change do you Narumi" I said. "Nope I guess not" he said then we started laughing. Mikan I'll hope you'll be happy cuz if not I'm taking you back.Her Demon, His Angel FINAL CHAPTER11 years later"Kaname wait up" a little 6 year old girl yelled chasing after her brother. "Hurry up Yuka I wanna see it" her 6 year old brother said. "It's not going anywhere" she said and stopped running to catch her breath. "Fine" he said and stopped so she could catch up. "Just remember if we get caught it's your fault" Kaname said. "Well bro if they haven't found us now i don't think there find us anytime soon" Yuka said. Kaname held out his hand "Come on were almost there then you can rest all you want" he said. Yuka grabbed it "I can't wait to see Mommy's and Daddy's house" she said as they walked Else..."NASTUME HOW COULD YOU LOOSE OUR KIDS?" a 28 year old Mikan yelled. "Pipe down will yah it's not my fault those kids are so sneaky" a 29 year old Nastume yelled. "Oh my god, oh my god, what if something happened to them like a car hit them, or they got kidnapped, or worst a gaint bird came down and picked them up carrying them away to a far off country where they-" "MIKAN nothing like that is going to happen especially the last one besides it's your fault for stopping to getting something to eat" he said. "WHAT NASTUME HYUUGA YOU TAKE THAT BACK IT'S NOT MY FAULT I'M GETTING ALL NERVOUS ABOUT BEING BACK HERE BESIDES YOU KNOW I EAT WHEN I'M NERVOUS" Mikan yelled. "Yah that's not the only time you eat" Nastume mumbled. "YOU KNOW WHAT-" "We should find the kids then finish this later" Nastume finished. "FINE" she yelled ans started walking away. "Where are you going now?" Nastume said. "To Daddy and tell him how MEAN you have been to me" Mikan said. "Wait Mikan your kidding right?...Mikan?...Wait up I'm sorry MIKAN" a scared Nastume said running after his the Izumi Residence"Kaname I think were finally here" Yuki said. "Yah but this place is heavily guarded i guess Dad wasn't kidding when he came from a mafia family" Kaname said. "Mommy too" Yuka said. "So what now how do we get it" Kaname said. "Like this" Yuki said then picked up a rock and threw it in a window. All the guards ran to the scene. "See now we just walked through the front door" she said. "I could of thought of that" Kaname said. "Well why didnt you then Kana" Yuka said. "Shut up and DON'T CALL ME THAT" Kaname said."Sometimes I can't believe were related" Yuka said walking to the door. "Yah and sometimes I can't believe your older than me BY 4 SECONDS" Kaname yelled. "Shh were at the door go knock" Yuka said. "I know I know" he said then knocked. The door opened to reveal a familiar 's P.O.V."WHAT? SOMEONE 'S ATTACKING THE HOUSE" I yelled. I must hurry and warn H- Ding-Dong Ding-Dong Who could be at the door at a time like this? I ran and opened the door to reveal to little kids. A girl and a boy. "If your here to sell cookies we don't want any" I said then was about to shut it till they said "RUKA-PYON" Huh only Mikan calls me that. "Ruka false alarm it turns out it was just a rock some kids must have been playing and who are those kids" an older looking Koko said. "Call the Boss call everyone were calling a converence in the living room in 5 minutes NOW" I yelled. Koko ran off scared out his life. "Mommy was wrong Ruka-pyon ain't gentle at all" the girl said behind her brother. "You little one and littler one follow me" I said. "Hey we have names you know" the boy said. "We don't have time just follow" i said and walked to the living room. "Stay here till I tell you to come in" I said then entered the room. I looked around it seemed everyone was here. "Ruka this better be a good explanation for this" Boss said. "Yah i was watching my soaps" Narumi said. "Trust me there is now everyone don't do anything rash now when you see this" I said. Everyone looked at each other confused. "Hey little kids come it" I said. "WE HAVE NAMES" the girl yelled as she came in with her brother. Everyone was shocked. "You- you have kids with someone else!" someone yelled. "WHAT NO!" I yelled. "Hotaru's gonna kill yah when she get's here with your son" Koko yelled. "THERE NOT MINE" i yelled. "Ruka I'm ashamed of you i liked Imai" Boss said. "WILL YOU ALL SHUT UP AND LOOKED AT THEM DO THEY LOOK LIKE ME?" I yelled. Everyone stopped and looked at girl had short brown hair and brown eyes while the boy had black hair to his sholders and crimson eyes. "Y-Yuka?" the Boss said. "Yes wait hey how do you know my name?" the little girl um Yuka said. "You don't think these are..." Narumi started "No they left remembered" someone said. "Hey little ones tell us your full names" Boss said. "Wait a second" one of them said then they huddled 's P.O.V."You don't suppose the is Gramps to yah?" I said. Kana looked back "he does look like him let's check" he said. We turned back around. "Excuse me are perhaps Izumi" I said. The man looked shocked. "Yah i am now who are you two" he said. We smiled and ran and jumped on him. "GRAMPA" we yelled. Everyone looked shocked so did Izumi. Normal P.O.V."Gr- Gra- WHAT!" Izumi yelled. Everyone was looking at the 2 squirts. "Don't worry Grampa we forgive you for not sending us anything for christmas and our birthdays since you didn't know about us" Yuka said. "But you can make up for that now" Kaname said. "Kana no he doesn't he doesn't even know us yet" Yuka said. "DON'T CALL ME THAT" Kaname said. "Well know I've seen everything" Izumi said. "Hey don't thay argue like two certain people we once knew" Narumi said. "Young one's what are your names" Narumi kids stared at him. "Dad was right he is a creep" Yuka said. "Yah Mom lied to us i think he's gay too" Kaname said. Izumi laughed his head off. "Yup that's Nastume's attitude alright" Naru said sulking. "Ok settle down now kids your name's" Izumi said. "Oh exuse our manners" Yuka said. "Were Kaname and Yuke Hyu-" "KANAME AND YUKA HYUUGA I SWEAR TO GOD IF YOU ARE HERE I'M GOING TO KILL YOU" a very angry Mom yelled. "Yipes they found us" Yuka said. "Already" Kana and Nastume came running in the room out of breath and pissed. "You two better have a good explanation for running off like you did" Nastume said. "Nastume?" Ruka said. "Oh my god Ruka how's it been man" Nastume said and gave him a hug. "I see you met my kids" Nastume said. Ruka laughed "yah they surprised us too" he said. "I see Mikan hasn't changed at all" Ruka said looking at Mikan lecturing her kids. "Yah still talks alot too" NAstume said before a book hit his head. "I heard that NASTUME" Mikan yelled."Mikan?" Izumi said. Mikan stopped and looked at her father. "Daddy?" she said then ran up to him. "DADDY I MISSED YOU" Mikan said. "ME TOO" Izumi said hugging her back. "I see you've mad me a grandpa" he said. "Sorry dad for dropping in on you like this they just wanted to meet there family and so did I" Mikan said. "MIKAN!" Hotaru yelled coming in the room. "HOTARU" Mikan yelled running to her but then stopped suddenly. "YOUR PREGNANT" Mikan yelled. Hotaru smiled "yah thanks to this goof" Hotaru said and puched Ruka. "Ow love you too hon" Ruka said. Nasume laughed. "Hey hon where's Nastu?" Ruka said."Here Dad" a little boy said walking inside. He had short blond hair and purple eyes. Yuka looked at him once then ran up to him. "Hi I'm Yuka Hyuuga wanna go play" Yuka said. Nastu blushed "Sure would your friend like to come too" he said. "Oh him he's my brother and i guess so but watch out he's kinda short-tempered" Yuka said. "I AM NOT" Kaname yelled."So Mikan how long your gonna stay" Hotaru said. "I don't know maybe a for a little while" Mikan said. "Or forever" Narumi said. "Ok it's settle Mikan welcome home guys get her things and put it in her old room and get my car ready I'm taking my grandkids shopping to make up for lost times" Izumi said. "YAY" they yelled jumping up and down. "Dad you were wrong Grampa's not scary at all" Yuka said. Nastume sweatdropped. "So Nastume said I was scary" Izumi said and smiled. "Hey Nastume let's go to my office for old times sake" Izumi said. "Um i would Boss but i have kinda-" Nastume started rambling. "OK EVERYONE DOG PILE ON NASTUME FOR HIS WELCOME BACK TO THE GANG" Koko yelled. Everyone did as told."Kaname i think I'm going to like it her" Yuka said dodging the people flying at her. It seemed her Dad was punching everyone who tried to jump him. "Yah me too it seems like we'll never get bored" Kaname said. And so Mikan and Nastume lived happily ever after with there two kids and family until the dreadful day when a 19 year old Yuka said "Mom, Dad, Auntie Hotaru, Uncle Ruka I have something to tell you...I'm pregnant" ..."I'M GOING TO KILL YOUR SON RUKA!" And so the story of the Demon and Angel 17: THANKS FOR READING FOR SO LONG GOOD-BYE