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"Goodbye Emmet!" I yelled, pulling Bella out the front door.

"Bye Edward. Bye Bella" He yelled back, loud enough for Bella to hear.

I should be mad at my brother for making uncomfortable sexual comments but my body refused to form any anger. Because Bella was laughing. And when Bella was laughing, I was physically incapable of doing anything but watching and listening to her.

Bella had been so tired this morning, refusing to open her eyes and officially wake up. "I'm sleepy Edward. Can't we just stay in bed today?"

"Do we really want to have to explain yet another absence to Charlie?" I asked. Honestly, I was more than willing to spend the day with Bella at my home. She had been very vocal in her dreams; whispering my name every few minutes. She should be allowed a sleep in, I reasoned with myself, and if she talks a little more in her sleep, well that's a bonus. But Charlie had been harsh recently. Insisting Bella attend school and work consistently – not that she had been slacking off at all. In fact, the only absences she had sustained had been caused by me. She was only allowed to sleep at my home on a school night because Alice had told Charlie that I was away, hiking with my brothers.

Bella's cheeks were flushed with her glorious blush. The colour set off her cream skin making her seem alive, vibrant. She continued to giggle quietly as I open her door and helped her into my Volvo. During the second it took me to run around and into the driver's seat, it had stopped.

As I revved my engine and pulled off, I felt like asking her to laugh again. Just so I could listen.

One of the greatest things about Bella's laughter was that I could rarely predict it; she would be talking and suddenly burst out laughing. Though I would try desperately to understand what she found so funny, she would just laugh harder and wave it off whenever I asked. The complete frustration I felt at being incapable of reading her thoughts was strongest in these moments. I ached to know what made her laugh; partly to know her that much better, partly to be able to replicate the situation so she would laugh again.

The sound her of laughter was light and the most incredible music for me.

My Bella, normally so quiet and reserved would lose herself; clutching her sides or covering her mouth, blushing furiously. I would never not be able to laugh along with her in those moments. It was better than anything Jasper could do; if she was happy and buoyant, it would directly affect my mood.

These laughing fits were unpredictable and uncontrollable. They took my by surprise and were the greatest gift. To see my Bella so happy filled my chest with love for her. I would never know when they would begin and I always wished they would last longer.

But then there were also her giggles and how they could completely unravel me. They were some of the sexiest sounds I had heard her make. Sultry, subtle, coy. Frustrating, addicting, gorgeous. Often her skin would be highlighted with just the tease of a blush. She would drop her eyes, being unconsciously flirtatious.

Truly, she did not realise how I reacted when she laughed. My mind went into overload on so many emotions. Happiness and humour to match hers. Love and desire. And when she stopped my mind would recoil in disappointment. My body would react physically; positioning itself as close as possible to hers. My lips would move of their own accord into a grin. She had no idea.

"What are you smiling at?" I looked over at the passenger seat to Bella, who was wearing a desirable smile herself.

"You" I answered.

She chuckled. Ah that chuckle. So laden with thoughts and implications. I was definitely getting better at understanding her train of thought and her expressions but that chuckle was very hard to decipherer.

I looked back over to her but her eyes were focussed out the window on the wet scenery. "What are you thinking about?" I asked that question without conscious thought these days.

"You" she smiled.

We pulled into the school car park in comfortable silence. Bella looked towards the school and sighed heavily. "At least it's Friday"

"I promise I'll let you sleep in tomorrow morning. There won't be any Emmet making noises outside our door" I frowned at the memory of his immaturity.

She blushes, immediately pushing all thoughts of Emmet away. Bella dropped her eyes down to her hands in her lap. "No its ok. I don't mind if you wake me up early"

I grinned at the invitation. But then I saw the dark marks beneath her eyes that Alice had tried to cover with concealer. "I've been keeping you awake too late recently"

She bit her lip. "No. You were the one telling me to sleep. I was the one refusing to sleep. It's my own fault."

I shook my head. She was always to keen to shoulder blame that was mine. But we were going to be tardy if we didn't go to class now. I opened the door and walked around, opening Bella's and holding her hand as we walked across the wet concrete.

As we stepped up onto the curb Bella slipped and begun falling backwards. I quickly slid my arm around her waist and took her weight, lifting her slightly and placing her back down gently. The whole sequence took only a second. Bella blinked, stunned before a slow blush burned on her cheeks.

"Opps" I laughed at her adorable expression. "Thanks" she said, looking down. I laughed harder. I was thankful for any excuse to touch her or hold her. And really, did she think I would just let her fall? She blushed deeper and took my hand, pulling me forward.

I was still chuckling when we walked into the first corridor, on our way to English. "I really don't see what's so funny Edward. I fall all the time"

I had the sense to stifle my laughter at her pout. "Your expression" I explained.

She rolled her eyes. "I wish you could slip, just once, so I could laugh at you and we'll see how you like it"

"I love your laugh" I said, eagerly considering the option. She couldn't just tease me with the treat of her laughter and not deliver. "Besides, I have fallen"

"Oh yeah? When?" The challenge was in her eyes and voice.

I grinned. "I fell for you. I fall in love with you every single day"

Bella's eyes grew wide and then, tantalisingly slowly, her lips turned up. Her smile was dazzling. And then she laughed. Her laughter was my third favourite sound in the world. I needed her heart to beat; its echo was crucial for my existence. I needed her love to live also. And her promises of love were very precious and valuable to me. Her laughter filled me with feelings that were indescribable.

"Edward" She laughed. I liked that; my name combined with her laugh. "Edward, that was really cheesy"

I was an addict, desperate to make it last. I leaned forward, my arms curling around her and lifting her. My lips attached themselves to her neck, kissing, teasing. I was rewarded with her beautiful giggles which I could feel vibrating through me. I kissed her again.

Bella. My Bella. You're my favourite.

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