Kidnapped by the Akatsuki

I do not own any of the Naruto charactors (Sadly). But additional one's like Alex and Misha are my own creation. Including their biographys and so on.

I woke up, somebody had thrown ice-cold water on me. I looked around, where was i? Who was this blue man?

"Where am i and who are you?" i asked him, trying to stretch, but failed when pain blossomed in my arms.

"My name is Kisame, i am a member of the Akatsuki. We have to go." The blue man replied.

"I'm confused, where am i? Why am i here? Go where?" Kisame grabbed my arm and quickly brought me to my feet. Knowing i would keep asking questions he taped my mouth shut. Then he dragged me by the arm to wherever he was taking me. I did not struggle, i stared at him, willing him to just let me go with my mind. Kisame saw me staring out of the corner of his eye, but he continued to ignore me.

Eventually, we came to a door, Kisame stopped me, he looked at me and smirked.

"I'm going to take your tape off now. When i do, you will not talk unless talked to. Don't cause us any trouble, kid." I just carried on glaring at him as he took my tape off and led me inside.

Inside, a group of men and one women were sat down. They had been talking, until me and Kisame walked in, then they all shut up. The women with blue hair shook her head and guiltily said

"Oh Pein, she's just a kid" i grimanced. A man with piercings and orange hair smiled "i know. A very powerful one." He said in a pleasently sinister voice. I stepped forward, but before i could go any further a heavy hand grabbed my bruised shoulder and pulled me back. I screeched in response. It hurt! what happened to me? Pein studied me,

"You must have questions Alex, please, go ahead and ask" I stared at him, then looked at Kisame. Kisame nodded.

"What am i doing here, and where's here?" i asked, all the Akatsuki members looked at Pein, he coughed and they all looked away.

"Well, were the Akatsuki, and were at the hideout, and your here because we brought you here."

"Why?" i asked getting annoyed.

"Well" he grinned "i can't tell you that" I thought, where was i before? The last thing i remember was being on a mission with Gaara.

All the Akatsuki members were staring at me, i looked at every one of them.

"Well, if you won't tell me, i'll force it out of you." The Akatsuki members were silent for a moment before the outburst of laughter. I scowled, they thought i was joking?

"I like this kid's spunk" said a white haired man, who had so much gel on it was unreal. Another man with long blonde hair said "I feel like she's already one of us, un." That hit me, hit something inside of me that made me burst.

"One of you? I'll never join you!" I remembered everything, the Akatsuki a group of S ranked criminals who killed innocent people.

"I'm afraid, you have no choice" Pein said seriously "we chose you"

I struggled to keep myelf stood still, when i really wanted to attack and completely scream my head off. Kisame noticed this and bent down and said,

"Don't do anything recless." Suddenly everything went very fast. I grabbed Kisame and flung him at the other Akatsuki's. They moved out of the way quickly. Somebody grabbed me from behind, so my arm's and leg's were pinned to their body so i couldnt move.

"F****** hell! You didn't have to go physco b**** on us!" white hair said appering in front of me. Whoever had hold of me, lifted one hand and whacked me across the head. My mind went black.