Remembrance, Imouto's Tale

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He's just another face in the crowd. He's nobody special, and yet, my eyes will always search him out.

How could he blend in with the crowd? How could anyone believe that he was just another face?

Though he slouches as he walks, and sighs as he talks, he still manages to outshine all who surrounds him.

I've seen him march, I've seen him crawl. But, no matter what, I've never seen him truly surrender. There've been times when he'll sigh and let everyone think that they won, only to someday realize that he'd never been fighting against them to start with.

He mumbles and he grumbles, but he'll always be there to lend you a hand if you're ever to ask. One hand, just an ordinary hand, but if you take it, it feels as if you can do anything. You can touch the sky and level the mountains, but you can't bring yourself to think that, because you're just too happy that he's holding your hand.

He captures your heart and shows you his dreams. The impossibilities seem so real when he speaks of them. How could you not believe when those eyes seem to smile at your very soul?

He's just another face in the crowd, there isn't really anything special about him.

So, why does it seem so heartbreaking, to see that downcast face and those empty eyes?

How long has it been since the last time his eyes smiled at my soul? What did it feel like to be able to touch the sky and level the mountains?

I pray that I may recall, and I know that I'd give anything to give that back to him. That which was stolen from him, crushed by the cold world that surrounds us.

His passion has died.

His slouch is the walk of a condemned man, his sighs are those of surrender. There is nothing about him which shines, and he blends in perfectly with his surroundings.

His hand feels just like any other hand. There is nothing left of the one who would never lose, the one who would always be there to lend a hand if you just asked.

I've given up on praying for fortune or health, so, if there's anyone out there that still listens to me.

Please, return my precious brother to me.


A/n: This one plays out back before the series started, back when Sasaki shot down all of Kyon's beliefs in the supernatural. Anyways, I hope that it was enjoyable.