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'Hey' - Talking normal

'Hey' - In mind

(Hey) - Pokemon talking, they can't talk but you get the idea

This is my first story so bare with me.

All the digidestined's partners are the same, I'm not going through them all as its a waste of time. If you want to know the partners watch the show.

Near Pallet Town

Ash is in the fields outside Pallet Town with his trusted friend Pikachu as well as Monferno, Buizel, Gible, Staraptor and Sceptile in preparation for his next journey.

"Gible, Draco Meteor" commands Ash . The little land shark jumped in the air glowing a bright orange before firing a small orange orb in the air which then fired multiple shot in all directions. "Awesome Gible, your improving all the time" commented the young trainer, "(Thanks boss)" squeaked the small pokemon. "Alright everyone return". Ash returned all but Pikachu to their pokeballs. "Ready to head back buddy" Ash asked, "(You bet)" it agreed as it hoped onto Ash's shoulder before heading home.

On the way back to Pallet Town dark clouds began to gather over Ash as a sudden storm rolled in. "(I gotta bad feeling)" warned a concerned Pikachu, Ash if understanding his partners worry said "I know buddy, something isn't right". Just then lightning started striking the ground all around them preventing them from running anywhere, it was then one bolt struck them and in a flash of light they disappeared.

In The Digiworld

In the Digiworld, the new digidestined Davis, Yoeli, Cody, TK and Kari were on watch for Ken the Digimon Emperor waiting for a possible attack on the world, Kari's mind however was elsewhere. Yoeli the walked up to the child of light, "Is something troubling you Kari?" she asked. "It was...that dream again" Kari replied, "Dream?" wondered TK. Gatomon then decided to speak up on Kari's behalf "Yeah, poor Kari has been having the same all weak, it just wont go away". "What was the dream about Kari?" asked Patamon landing on TK's head. "There was a dark force destroying everything, the there was... someone...a boy I think standing in its way, he was badly hurt but he refused to stand down". "Did you recognise him?" asked TK.

Me: man talk about jealous

TK: what do you mean?

Me: come on we all know you wish it was you, admit it your in love


Me: so you say

TK: Patamon...

Me: you even think about it I'll put you in a roll with Davis's sister

TK: (immediately pales) ok

Me: good boy, now where were we...

"No I haven't seen him before" replied Kari in a hushed voice, she was still visibly shaken by whatever she saw in this dream. Just then Davis shouted "Hey Guys look at this", they all look to see black clouds in the distance, the a beam of light shot down from the before disappearing. "Well that was brief" Cody stated bluntly. "What do you think Davis?" asked his partner Veemon, "We'll check it out it maybe Ken". Everyone nodded before making their way to the location.

Ash was just waking up and was in complete shock to his new surroundings, but that wasn't his main concern. "Pikachu, Pikachu where are you?" he called, "(I'm ok)" it sounded as it popped out of Ash's back pack. "That's a relief, wait a sec" he reaches for his belt to check all his other pokemon are still there "good their all here. Now I guess we look for someone to tell us where we are". he wondered. Just then an explosion was heard not far from where they had landed. "(That maybe a start)" squeaked the rodent, "That can't be good, we better take a look" said Ash as he towards the scene.

"It's so good to see you again digidestined" chuckled Ken as he atop Kuwagamon under the control of his dark ring. "Ready Veemon" asked Davis, "Sorry" interrupted Ken as many Flymon appear swarming the children taking their D-3s in the process. "This is very bad" uttered Cody, Armadillomon came next to him "I guess Armour Digivolving is outta the question". Ash meanwhile was watching what was going on from a distance. "So your positive that's not a pokemon buddy?" asked the trainer to which Pikachu just nodded. Ash had already made a decision "I don't know about you buddy" he grabs a pokeball from his belt "but I'm not gonna stand by and watch this", "(Me neither)" it agreed.

Ken gave another chuckle before he gave the order "Alright Kuwagamon finish them". That was it, the big red beetle then charged the group. All them were prepared for the worst when blur hit the insect digimon at high speed sending it off course. When it flew past it slowed down and the children and their partners took a good look. It was a bird, but not one the had seen before, it was almost as big as they were,

Me: except Cody

Cody: hey...

Me: don't worry Cody I'm not insulting you, I save that for Davis

Davis: hey...

Me: did you hear that loud racket Cody?

Cody: loud is an understatement

Davis: grr (storms off)

Me: moving on...

It had a grey body with white highlights on it's front and face, a yellow beak and an almost spiky hair on it's head with a red tip on it.

"Is that a digimon?" wondered Yoeli

"If it is, I haven't seen it before" replied Gatomon

"What about you Patamon" TK asked his Partner

"Sorry TK but I haven't seen before either" it replied

"Alright who dared to attack me?" demanded Ken

The bird flew to ledge at the edge of the forest where his master was waiting "Good job Staraptor" commented Ash. "You'll regret attacking me like that" shouted an annoyed Ken, Ash just looked up at him and grinned "You think you can back that up tough guy". The digidestined look at the new arrival, a little amazed that showed no fear against Ken.

"Is this a friend of yours Yoeli?" wondered Hawkmon

"No, I haven't seen him before" she replied

"Well whoever he is, It's good he showed up when he did" said a relieved TK

"Is that..." Kari looked at the trainer intently, going over every detail about him before her eyes widened in realization "Th-that's..."

End of part 1

Do send comments on what you thought, I apologize if this was too short but it is my first story, they maybe longer or shorter depending on what ideas I have. If you wish to put any ideas forward please do and I will consider them, thanks for reading.

Remember I do NOT own Pokemon or Digimon, all rights go to their creators and publishers.