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'Hey' - Talking normal

'Hey' - In mind

(Hey) - Pokemon talking

This is Special length chapter as a treat for Christmas so do enjoy

Ash and TK were walking down the street towards Izzy's apartment, Ash was still a little worn out but was able to be up when needed, "You looking forward to meeting the others Ash" TK asked

"Yeah" he replied "although I do hope they're not like Davis, I've got a headache as it is" he finished, TK just chuckled and said...

"I know what you mean, he can be so loud he could wake people up from a coma" Both just laughed and continued walking on. Meanwhile at Izzy's apartment Tai, Kari, and Izzy were waiting when Matt, Sora, and Joe walked in.

"How's it going guys?" asked Tai

"We've been good, just preparing for the next concert" answered Matt

"I've been interested in this new kid Kari mentioned" spoke Sora "Can you tell us a little more about him?" she asked Kari

"Well, I know a little about him" admitted the child of light "but I do know that I can trust him" she finished

"Well?" asked her brother who's face was even though inside he was nervous, can't blame him though not many people could get Kari's trust let alone this easily

"It's hard to explain, when he battled Ken he was fierce but controlled, yet wont let anyone around him come to harm" said sister spoke

"He sure is brave taking on the Monochromon as well with cracked ribs according to Joe" spoke Izzy referring to what said friend had told them

"It's not just that" Kari continued "when I was with him and TK it was like they had known each other for years, he's so kind and friendly" she finished

"He must have a few friends back home" said matt with a smile, the door to Izzy's room was opened and TK and Ash walked in.

"Hey guys" said TK

"Hey TK" replied his brother

"Guys, this is Ash. He's the one who save our skin big time in the digiworld" TK introduced, the trainer bowed and said "It's a pleasure to meet you all"

"To you as well, thank you for protecting Kari. I'm her older bother Tai"

"I'm TK's older brother Matt"

"My name's Sora, it's nice to meet you Ash"

"The name's Izzy"

"You've already met Joe and another friend of ours is Mimi who lives in America" Tai clarified

"Right, by the way, where are Davis, Yoeli and Cody?" asked Ash

"They're making sure Ken doesn't attack again" replied Izzy

"How are your ribs Ash? Kari asked the trainer

"They're OK, so long as I don't stress myself" he replied, it was then Tai noticed a bandage on Ash's left arm and asked "Did you hurt your arm as well?"

"Actually" said TK "this is the reason we're here, do you wanna show them Ash?"

Ash nods and begins to take off the bandage revealing the crest, except Kari and TK the other digidestined were shocked before feeling a strong presence emitting from the young trainer causing them to stutter a little

"Y-you're a d-digidestined" Tai managed to say

"And that crest, which is it?" enquired Matt

"Hmm, maybe Genai might know" suggested Izzy who turned to his computer

"Kari, who's Genai?" asked Ash

"He's a resident of the digiworld and watches over it to some degree" she answered

"OK, stand back guys" spoke Izzy

Everyone does so and a blinding light erupts from the computer, when it fades the stood Genai in a white robe. "Hello again digidestined, how've you all been?" he asked

"We've been good Genai, did you get my message?" Izzy asked

"I did" replied Genai "may I see this crest?" he asked

"Of course, my name is Ash" the young trainer said

"Nice to meet you Ash" spoke Genai, Ash then held out his arm for Genai to look at the crest. As he studied the crest he became intrigued "My, my Ash. You've been given a very unique crest indeed" he said with a hint of surprise, Ash just looked at the man confused before Genai finished "this is the Crest of Determination"

"Determination?" quizzed Tai

"Yes" answered Genai "legend says that this crest takes the form of whatever nature the chosen digidestined has. My guess is that taking the shape of a shield means that Ash's nature is a protector of those precious to him" he explained

"Now that's cool" Matt smiled

"Incredible" Sora said in awe

"Here Ash" Genai reached into his robes and pullde out a D-Terminal "This is a D-Terminal, now you can keep in touch with the others" he finished

"But what about his digivice?" asked Izzy

"He doesn't need it because of his crest" answered Genai, Ash again looked at Genai for an answer "your crest has a few special powers. You'll how to use them when the time comes" he clarified. Suddenly Izzy's computer started to flash like crazy "What's going on?" said boy asked. Then a hologram of someone appeared in front of them and it was someone they weren't to fond of...

"Ken" scowled Kari

"What do you want?" growled Tai, he wasn't too impressed with what Ken tried to do to his sister to say the least

"Sorry for the interruption" said Ken impassively "but I haven't come to fight this time"

"Then what is it?" asked an angry TK

"A message for him" Ken answered pointing to Ash who just showed no emotion in return "I was impressed but your display of strength when we first met" the emperor continued

"And your message?" said Ash not wanting to dance around the subject, Ken just smirked before continuing...

"To the point I see, Very well. I want to meet you in person at the park across from Hightonview Terrace at six o'clock and we'll have a nice little talk, alone" he finished before the hologram faded away, Izzy was first to speak...

"I don't like it" he said

"Me neither" agreed Sora "I don't think he intends to..." Sora was then interupted

"I'm going" spoke the trainer, everyone in the room looked at him surprised

"Are you sure Ash? I mean it could be a trap" spoke a concerned Kari, Ash just shook his before replying "It wont be, otherwise he wouldn't have suggested somewhere public. Besides there's something I need to find out"

"What's that Ash?" asked Sora

"There was something off about him when we fought, but I cant be sure till I meet him. Anyway Hightonview Terrace is where Tai and Kari, so they can keep an eye on me from a distance" suggested Ash, and Tai agreed...

"Good plan, I suggest TK stay with us as well. Him and Kari work well together" he stated getting nods from both of the mentioned as Genai prepared to return

"Ash I trust your judgement but do be careful. In the meantime I'll be finding a means for you to return home" said Genai, "Thank you" replied Ash as Genai took his leave.

"Tai, Ash, TK and I will head back and meet up with Davis and the others and tell them what happened" Kari spoke earning a nod from her brother, the three then left

"It's amazing" said Tai "I've only known Ash for an hour or so and I already like him"

"I'm with you there Tai, he's rash just like you" said Matt earning a grumble from Tai

"But there's also qualities from Kari and TK in him as well. He's kind and full of life" finished Sora

"He must have made a lot of friends back home, it's gotta be hard being separated from them" pondered Izzy, they all contemplate why Ash was called by Ken and what he wanted with their new friend. In the meantime Kari, TK and Ash had arrived at the school when Davis, Yoeli and Cody returned from the digiworld. They were all briefed on what happened with the crest and Ken, Davis of course wanted immediate action

"Well what are we waiting for?" he called

"Didn't you listen Davis?" said Yoeli "He wanted to speak to Ash"

"It'll be problematic if we all went" agreed Cody

"And why's that?" asked Davis a little frustrated

"Because we don't need you trying to pummel Ken in public" was Ash's sarcastic answer causing Davis to just 'hmph' before Ash continued "Listen, TK, Kari and Tai will be watching just in case. So don't worry too much" he finished

"Fine" sighed a defeated Davis, "He'll be fine Davis, just have a little faith" said Cody which Ash thanked him for. A little while later Kari, TK and Ash arrived at Hightonview Terrace and walked into Kari's room where Gatomon, Patamon and Pikachu were waiting.

"Hey guys" greeted TK

"Hey TK, Ash, Kari" returned Patamon

"Hey guys" spoke Gatomon

"(Hey)" chirped Pikachu

"How you all been?" asked Ash, who started to pet Gatomon who found it enjoyable and began to purr

"Seems you found Gatomon's soft spot Ash" giggled Kari

"Don't tell him Kari" replied Gatomon with a blush of embarrassment, Kari just kept giggling until she noticed Ash looking at some pictures on the wall

"Is this all of you guys when you were younger?" he asked pointing to the picture of the originals, Kari nods "Yeah, that was after we saved the digiworld once before. The girl with the pink hat is Mimi" she replied

"Yeah and it all started on a camping trip" continued TK, Ash noticed a drawing of what looked like a wizard "Kari, can I ask what this is?" he asked, he soon wished he didn't as he saw Kari and TK's saddened looks along with their partners

"That is Wizardmon" Kari started "we didn't have a photo of him...he gave his life to protect me and Gatomon" she admitted Ash was taken aback from what he heard, he lowered his so no one could see his eyes as Kari continued "It was during a battle here on Earth against Myo-" she stopped when a hand grasped her shoulder, when she looked it was Ash's hand. She then noticed the pained expression in his eye when he lifted his head. Seeing Ash look like that upset her

"It's OK Kari, you don't have to say anything more. I know exactly what you went through" assured Ash

"What do you mean Ash" asked TK

"I lost my Dad in front of my eyes when I was six" the trainer admitted, Kari's eyes went wide with shock at this confession, Kari felt tears brewing in her eyes and then hugged the trainer. TK was shocked at learning Ash too had lived without a Father, only unlike him Ash wouldn't be able to see him.

"I'm so sorry Ash" Kari managed to whisper

"It's OK Kari, I brought up Wizardmon. I should apologize to you" said Ash

"It's alright, don't worry about it" replied Kari

Ash just let Kari hold him while she quietly cried on his shoulder while TK placed a hand on his other shoulder as a sign of support. Sometime passed before Tai returned along with the news that Matt, Sora and Izzy would be on hand just in case Ken tried something. Ash nodded in agreement and Tai gave Kari his telescope. Ash was now leaning against a tree in the park with Pikachu on his shoulder, Tai, Matt, Sora and Izzy were at a safe distance away around Ash while hidden and Kari and TK watched from the apartment. Pikachu let out a growl when it saw Ken arrive

"I see your early" Ken said in superior tone

"Rather be early or on time" replied Ash undeterred

"Interesting, your not like the others" stated Ken

"Well I wouldn't say that. So, what is it?" asked Ash

Ken just chuckles "Straight to the point I see, very well. I've had sometime to reflect on our encounter and I realise that my dark rings and spirals are no longer efficient, so I've taken a different approach now" Ken explained causing all the digidestined in the area to think

"A new approach?" thought Tai

"I've instead created my own digimon" continued Ken

"A new digimon?" thought Matt

"Is that even possible?" thought Izzy

"However, there is a problem. I need some to be able to fully test it's abilities" smirked Ken. Ash knew where this was going "And I'm guessing that's me" he spoke. "Yes" said Ken "You're a lot more composed in the heat of battle than the digidestined" he finished

"Don't do it Ash" thought Sora, Ash however "If I accept I'm risking capture. But if I refuse he could let what ever he has loose on innocent digimon" he then remembered what he also came here for "Let's find out" he then spoke out "Are you confident in your creation? If so what are you proving doing this? he asked

Much to everyone's surprise Ken took a step back and hesitated to answer the questions, one look in the eyes told Ash all he needed to know "So that's it" he thought while Ken then smirked "Well, you can bring the digidestined as well, not that it'll make difference"

Ash noted that Ken avoided the second question but decided against pushing it and chose to wrap things up "Where and when?" he asked

"The desert one week from now" Ken answered "I'm done here now, when we next meet I hope to see you at your best" he said

"Same for you" Ash replied as Ken took his leave. Once he was out of sight the digidestened came over to Ash

"You sure about this man?" Matt asked first

"No choice, whatever he's created he can easily release on the digiworld" replied Ash

"True, but it's still risky" reasoned Izzy

"I know but it's not my decision alone" said Ash

"You want to let the others decide?" asked Sora

"Yes, it's not my place to decide" the trainer answered

"Your wrong Ash" said a male voice

"Your one of us as well" said a female voice

TK and Kari then appeared revealing they were around the area as well

"Kari your suppose to-" "I know brother" Kari had cut Tai off , then TK continued "But we didn't want anything to happen to Ash. Ash, me and Kari agree with you. Whatever Ken has in store for us we'll defeat it together"

"TK, Kari thank you" Ash spoke gratefully

"Ash, you and TK are welcome to spend the night and help determine a plan of action" Tai offered. They accepted and everyone decide to let the others know tomorrow before heading home, little did they know that a slice of good fortune was about to head their way.

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