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Hello, I am Stella Yoshida. I do not like the idea of a Host Club but still I find myself walking up to the door where the Host Club is located. I walk up to the door. It's the entrance to the Ouran High School Host Club. I don't see the real value in the club. I rather join the Karate club or even the Newspaper club-which by the way could leave the school and no one would notice their absence.

Well I'm not here to join but see why they are so popular. A lot of my classmates comment on how wonderful the boys are. So I decide to check them out. I open the door and get showered in roses. I look at them, most of them I know their names because my father does business with them. Two of these idiots are actually in my class. The prince and shadow prince, I cringe, not able to believe they're in my class.

Haninozuka and Morinozuka, cousins, also 3rd years who, are very close. Haninozuka family trained my family's police force. Ootori Kyoya and Suou Tamaki are in my class. My father doesn't get along with their fathers and therefore does not do business with them. Hitachiin twins, first years, also very close. My sister interns for their mom.

I then look over to the last person who I don't know the name of. "You, what is your name," I say pointing to the girl in disguise. I know she is in disguise because my siblings do this all the time (dressing up like a guy, weird I know but it still happens).

"Fujioka Haruhi," she says.

"Commoner," I exclaim laughing egotistically. 'Come on why do they have a commoner in their club, there's only supposed to be elite children and that's all,' I think to myself.

"Name Stella Yoshida, born in Egypt, and has a lot of siblings," Kyoya informs them.

"How many to be exact," Tamaki asks, curiously.

"She has fifteen siblings," Kyoya replies.

They look at her amazed. This is the so called Stella Yoshida they all think, the one who can scare the living hell out of even a grown man. The only one who isn't is Haruhi who is confused. "Why are they all staring at this girl," she wonders to herself.

"I don't like being looked up," says Stella coolly looking over Kyoya's shoulder.

"Your father does not like my father or Tamaki's father, your mother is Egyptian while your father is Japanese," says Kyoya continuing without hesitation.

"Your father doesn't like the chairman," asks Haruhi.

Stella says coolly, "No, he doesn't because of how they are in general."

"Actually," says Hikaru.

"Her sister is an intern for our mom," says Kaoru.

"But she is not as cold as Stella," they both say.

"Ayame has always been a really happy child," says Stella calmly.

"The Yoshida family have a police force as we Ootori family do too, though the Yoshida's police force is more located in Egypt than Japan," says Kyoya.

"Anything else," she says.

Kyoya is quiet.

Honey-senpai decides to go up to Stella and ask her something. "Would you like some cake Da-chan," asks Honey.

"Sure," she smiles following Honey to a table.

While Honey and Stella eat cake Tamaki walks over to Kyoya who is typing furiously. Kyoya is trying to forget, what just happened there with Stella but with little luck.

"Pretty isn't she," says Tamaki sighing. "Don't you think?"

"Tamaki please leave me be," Kyoya mutters, typing even faster.

"You like her," exclaims Tamaki, way too loud for comfort.

Stella looks at them but says nothing, Stella gets up and as she goes out the door she turns around and says, "See you around Ootori."

"What does she mean by that," say the twins.

"I don't know really," says Kyoya still a little dazed.

As Stella is walking towards her limo she thinks. Her thoughts are mostly, if not all about Kyoya Ootori. Dakota looks at her.

"What's up," he says.

"Nothing, just thinking," Stella says.

"What about?" says Dakota.

"School," she lies.

Dakota laughs and says, "Yeah right, you thinking about school someone must have stolen you and replaced you with someone else, an impostor."

Stella sticks her tongue out, not saying anything.

Hope it was worth your time.