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The next day Stella told her siblings, who she'd picked to be in the club, what type they were. Amara and EL stared at her, they did not say anything.

"What is wrong with you two," Stella finally said, annoyed with their silence.

EL shrugged, "It's nothing, really."

Amara looked away from her sister in attempt to hide her feelings. Stella finally caught on and said, "Are you two annoyed about the types you got? Did you two want the little devil types?"

EL rolled his eyes and said in a calm voice, "Why would I want to be that type, the twins would kill me if I was that type for the competition."

Amara looked at her sister with a grin on her face, "No, I am fine. I rather am the type you assign me which is the cool type while you are the shadow king like your boyfriend."

Stella laughed with a nervous edge to it. "It's not like I made my type the same as my boyfriend on purpose. It just seemed to work."

Amara rolled her eyes, "Yeah and I French kiss EL on purpose to get Hikaru's attention you know because it just seems to work."

EL stood up and walked out of the room that they were in, not wanting to hear anymore.

Stella glares at the girl before she returns to normal. "Okay, everyone I need to have a theme for our cosplay. Oh and also later today the Ouran High School Host Club will be doing their little event in Grandfather's orphanage."

Amara groans, "I hope he isn't there."

"Who is that," Katashi asks, curiously.

"Marc," Amara replied. "He is one of the oldest ones there being sixteen, he is like five foot five and has a major crush on me. Plus he is Italian or maybe he's Russian, I don't remember."

"Why is he so bad," Katashi asks, looking at the younger girl.

"To put it simply, he likes to do inappropriate things and is very willing to French kiss me with force if need be," Amara says with a shiver.

"He's awful then," Katashi said. He then looks at Stella, "Does Marc do that to you?"

Stella shakes her head, "No, he only does that to Amara, who is to his liking."

"Why don't you have a problem with what he does to her," Katashi asks, annoyed.

"She exaggerates, that's why," Stella informs Katashi.

EL finally walks back into the room, sitting down next to Amara, "Yeah, she loves to exaggerate like how she said she would have to French kiss me to get attention from Hikaru Hitachiin. Though I bet if she did that to me, he wouldn't say anything at all."

"Really?" Amara questions, looking at her younger brother.

EL grins, "Yeah."

Amara huffs and leaves the room. Stella looks down slightly embarrassed and says quietly, "Raise your hands if you would want to see that."

After a while no one raises their hands and they get back to planning what they were going to do the next day for the club event. Later that day they go to their Grandfather's orphanage, which was originally his mansion. A teen girl walks up to Stella; the teen's cheeks are flushed.

"Hi Najmah," the girl says, hugging her.

Stella smiles, "Hi Natalie. Do you have a crush on one of them?"

Natalie shakes her head quickly, "I was running and that's why I'm like this."

Stella laughs not believing the girl, she the whispered in the girl's ear, "Is it Honey-sempai, Mitsukuni Haninozuka?"

Natalie looks down, as she blushed. "Yes, Najmah."

Tristen tapped his foot impatiently, "Are we ever going to get inside?"

Stella rolled her eyes at her brother's impatient comment. "Yes, we are Tristen."

They soon walk over to the room where they were going to have the hosting be. Stella guessed that Tamaki would have a hard time communicating with his guests because of the language barrier. When they walk in Stella is shocked at how everyone is laughing and enjoying themselves as if the language barrier wasn't even there.

Stella walked over to Kyoya and said, "What did you do? Also, how does everyone understand each other?"

Kyoya looked at his girlfriend with a smile, "They, the hosts, know some Arabic to host their guests."

"You got to be kidding me," she replied, in shock as she looked at them while her own host club settled in to be hosted as well. "Remember my father and grandfather is going to come over as well."

"I remember that," Kyoya told her.

"Okay," Stella replied. She looked at their costumes and smiled. The hosts looked like they were in a Cairo market with the costumes they wore. Haruhi looked adorable in her outfit, Stella noted to herself. "Great choice on outfits, I see everyone had a little research trip to the market."

Kyoya nods, "Yes, that's true. When Tamaki seen what they wore, he just had to have those outfits so the twins designed the costumes for today."

"That's nice to know," she said with a smile. "Will you host me today, Kyoya?"

Kyoya looks up from his notebook with a smile, "I would love to host you today."

Meanwhile Amara and EL were at the twins' table. Amara and EL translated a little of what the twins were saying to the other guests. Hikaru looked at Amara, every time she spoke Arabic to the guests. EL watched his sister as well.

"How can you speak so fast, Amara," Hikaru asked, looked at the girl slightly confused. "I mean, you translate really fast."

Amara shrugs, "I'm used to translating for people, no big deal."

EL nods, "That's true."

At Tamaki's table Tristen was sitting there quietly as he observed Tamaki. Tamaki looked at Tristen and he finally said, "Are you enjoying your trip to Egypt, Tristen-san?"

Tristen nods with a smile and says in Japanese, "Yes, I am Tamaki-kun. My trip, so far, has been an enjoyable one."

Dakota and Ayame are both at Honey's and Mori's table. The two were having a great time. Some hours later, they get to eat. When everyone is served they pray then begin to eat. Amara sits next to EL and looks around the room nervously. A person covers her eyes, and says, "Hi Amara. Did you miss me?"

"Marc, please leave me alone," Amara said, her eyes still covered.

"But you're so fun to mess with," Marc said, calmly.

Stella looked at Marc, who had a mischievous grin on his face. She then looked at the twins; Kaoru was eating his food peacefully not looking at Marc while Hikaru was fuming over the boy.

"Are you two old friends," Tamaki asks, as he looked at Marc.

Marc smiled at Tamaki and replied, "Yes, Amara and I are close friends."

"No, we're not," Amara countered.

After a minute of them going back and forth Hikaru shouts, "Why don't you leave her alone already?"

"I don't want to," Marc said calmly.

Hikaru got out of his seat, ready to hit Marc.

"Marc," a weathered voice called.

"Yes," Marc said as he looked at the speaker.

"Leave my granddaughter alone," Stella's grandfather said his weathered voice stern.

Marc looked at the floor. "Okay," he replied, quietly before taking his seat.

"Mr. Mubarak, how did we do today," Tamaki asks as he looked at their grandfather.

"Well you attended to us with great care, I like how you all acted," Mr. Mubarak, Stella's grandfather, said.

Mr. Yoshida looked at Tamaki unconvinced, "You boys could have done better but for being where you were you did well."

Tamaki smiled at the praise. "Well I am so very happy to be able to stay here."

Mr. Yoshida nods and continues to eat his food. Later that day Stella is resting in her room when she hears a knock on the door. She closes her eyes, quite tired. The person knocks on the door again, making Stella annoyed. "Come in," she said, in annoyance.

Kyoya walked in with a smile. "Hi Stella."

Stella looked at her boyfriend, "Hi Kyoya. Why are you here?"

"I wanted to see what you thought about today," he told her with a smile.

"I thought, it was very nice," she said. "I can't believe that we might lose." She closed her eyes as she sighed quietly.

Kyoya walked over to her desk chair and sat down. "Why do you think that you are going to lose?"

"I have a feeling that's what is going to happen," she explained. "Also, remember that Amara's birthday is in two weeks. With her birthday is also the end of Ramadan."

"Ah, I see. Are you excited," Kyoya asks.

"A little but not a lot," she told him.

"Why's that," he questions.

"Well it's because I won't be able to see my family from here in a while." She explained in a calm voice as she stretched herself out on her bed.

Kyoya nods then says, "On an unrelated note, would you like to go on a walk with me?"

She looked at Kyoya and said, "Kyoya, when have I ever said no to a walk?"

"Well I haven't asked you that," he says quite calmly.

"Well not you have," Stella said, with a smile as she sat up. "So when do you want to go, Kyoya?"

"Now," he replied, with a small smile. "I want to spend time with you more often." He stood up and took Stella's hand in his. "I love you Stella, I always have."

Stella smiles, shyly as she tried not to think about her previous feelings about the boy. "I love you too."

When we go out of my room I see my aunt smile at me. We soon go outside and as we walk I close my eyes briefly as I feel the warmth of the sun on my skin. "So where are we going?" I ask as I open my eyes.

"A place I wanted to see with you for a long time," Kyoya replied as he squeezed my hand gently.

I stop walking and I looked at him. "Are you taking me to my mother's grave?"

"Well, yes." He replied.

When Kyoya finally convinces me to go I stand at my mother's grave looking at it sadly. I was very young when my mother died and still I feel an overwhelming sadness when I think about her or even hear stories about her. I knew she loved my siblings and my father a lot. I know.

"How did your mother die," Kyoya asks softly, while he stood close to me. He looked at my mother's grave alongside me, providing emotional support.

"My mother died because she was extremely ill, I don't know of what though," I tell him, quietly. As I look down at her tombstone a cool breeze ruffles my hair and I remember all the years I could have spent with my mother visiting Egypt and other countries.

"What did your mother look like," Kyoya asks his voice barely above a whisper.

"She was pretty," I manage to say before I begin to cry.

"How pretty?" he questions, as he hugs me.

"She looked like a mix between Amara with her dark eyes, Ayame with her light brown skin and like me with her dark black hair," I tell him, knowing he seen all three of us before.

"Your mother must have been very pretty then," he replies.

"Yes, very pretty," I tell him as I stop crying. "My mother had so many guys flocking to her doorstep when she was my age that my grandfather had to make them all leave after a while."

Kyoya laughs, "Would you have been like that if you stayed in Egypt?"

"Maybe," I say with a shrug, "I left Egypt when I was young so I don't think so. Ayame is like my mother though, guys usually flock to her."

"Well, I'm glad you are mine," he said.

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