My life was great. I was hear with my dad.

Until one long afternoon after school, I got the news.

My dad was in a bad accident.

He got hit by a car.

Eventually he died in hospital later that night at 11.47 the 5th of June.

So now I'm going to La push, Washington.

Leaving my old life and starting with my new one.

I'm going to miss my old home and most importantly I'm going to miss my dad.

The one who looked after me through everything.

When I had bad dreams he was there to tell me they weren't real and that no one could ever hurt me, because he would be there to stop them.

My mom wasn't exactly a 'mom'.

A mom is suppose to be someone who cares for you to make sure they're there for you. Some one to baby you.

Some one you can call a mom.

The only mother figure I ever had died when I was 5 and that was my nana Marie.

She died from the deadly disease cancer.

My dad promised me he would always be there for me, and now he can't.

I stand here looking at my new future with my long lost sister Emily Young or soon to be 'Emily Uley'

Would my life be better or worse?

I know where ever I go, I am going to miss my father ' Shayne'

Even if I'm half way across the world I will miss him with all my heart.