Obsession of Dracula

Disclaimer: Not really sure if this is necessary since tons of people have written Dracula tales. However call it habit from Labyrinth tales. So let me say I didn't write any of the original things books, movies, etc. This is my Dracula Tale.

Obsession of Dracula

Chapter 1


Dracula entered the Theater to watch the Shakespearean tale "Macbeth". Casually he began walking toward the stairs when a flash of bright pink caught his eye. Slowly he looked toward his right to see a woman that appeared to be in her early twenties in a long formal bubblegum pink formal dress with an empire waist.

"Beautiful," he commented to himself looking at the brunette woman with sparkling medium blue eyes. As if hearing his comment, the young woman looked his direction, and into the Count's dark eyes.

"Ready Katie?" The count heard a man with darker brown hair ask. Dracula watched as the woman smiled at the man and nodded. Putting her arm through his the couple began walking up the stairs.

Dracula stayed where he was for a moment observing the woman in her shimmering pink dress. Although she was human her movements were graceful. Pleased the vampire began to ascend the stairs himself. He had minions but not a companion; at least not a true one. The count decided then he would observe the woman before making a final decision on whether or not to take her.

The vampire casually followed the couple before taking his seat to observe. While he had come for the play; the woman named Katie was far more appealing.

As the performance took place on the stage Dracula watched the woman that had caught his attention. He clearly found she was not afraid to let the performance draw her into the story. Katie appeared to have imagination as well as sensitivity. She was beautiful and while she may have dabbed at her eyes during a couple of scenes she composed herself as a lady; while another woman, not far from Katie, practically wailed; annoying the count to no end.

By the end of the performance Dracula had made his decision. Katie would be his; even if it required killing the man sitting next to the beautiful girl.

Dracula watched as Katie began leaving the Theater with her male escort. Discreetly he followed the couple. The vampire did not rush, there was no need to. No one ever escaped the dark lord once he set his sights on them.

Calmly the Count walked out of the building and down the steps of the buildings' entrance. He scanned the street to find Katie was being led by her companion down the street. He smiled as he watched the couple rounded a corner and disappeared into a nearby ally.

Author's Note: I know this is a short chapter but the next one will be longer. I also want to say I will probably continue the story writting in Both Katie and Dracula's point of view. I have other vampire tales but this is my first Dracula tale. Feedback is very appreciated. Rating will increase to M. I am leaving it at T at the moment simply because it will be seen by more people.